Mask for hair with cognac and egg against falling out and for growth

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Dreaming of luxurious and long curls, and your hairstyle is more like a hurricane-stricken dandelion? What to do? Shave his head naked, drink soothing drops or walk in a hat? None of these options will not come in handy when you find out what a home hair mask with cognac and egg is capable of.

  • Video: master-class from a fan of mask with cognac and egg
  • Mechanism of action of mask
  • Bonuses after course
  • Basics of application
  • Book of recipes
  • The simplest mask
  • Moisturizing compound
  • Procedure for shine return

Video: master class from a fan maskwith cognac and egg

Mechanism of action of mask

The usual cognac that we use during the holidays, imagine, also an amazing medicine for hair. He is capable of much( we will also talk about this), but in the first place among the useful properties - the activation of hair growth. This fragrant drink miraculously warms the scalp, thereby creating a so-called greenhouse effect and improving the blood circulation

of tissues, so the available hair begins to grow faster, and the sleeping - in the form of bulbs "wake up", like a butterfly from a chrysalis.

A similar effect has several more ordinary products, such as, for example, red peppers, mustard, onions. According to users, cognac is still the most optimal choice, as it has no side effects, for example, such as the smell after the onion mask or burns that result from inaccurate handling of pepper or mustard.

The egg, in turn, is an excellent make-up for the hair, especially the "newborn".Why this combination? Of course, you are free to do yolk-based procedures in other interpretations, but only cognac can enhance the useful properties of the egg.

Why? Again, due to increased blood flow to the "scalp", when the skin perceives any incoming funds much better, absorbing them like a sponge. You will see, having made literally some masks for hair from yolk and cognac, that even your models will envy your hair.

Bonuses after the course

"Length is good, but for me - not the main thing" - you state, after reading about the beneficial properties of cognac and eggs in the hair mask. Meet the other pluses that will be awarded after the passed course:

  • increase the volume of ringlets;
  • obedience of hair( styling can be done less often, strands will be combed easier);
  • shine return;
  • silky;
  • reduced brittleness;
  • brightness enhancement of color.

Basics of using

Before you learn how to prepare a hair mask with yolk and brandy, get acquainted with the basic rules of the procedure:

  1. For the mixture, choose only fresh products. Cognac should be from a reliable producer, eggs - fresh and possibly home, as well as other products that you want to include in the composition. Of course, you need to buy ingredients in a proven place.
  2. The test is the first thing you need to do. Even if you have never had an allergy from the products contained in the mask, when taken orally, it is not a fact that the skin reacts positively. Prepare the mixture for the selected recipe and apply a drop of gruel to the skin behind the ear - in the place where we usually like to "wear" perfume. After a quarter of an hour, investigate the reaction. The skin does not itch, does not redden, there are no other visible reactions? So, we can continue.
  3. Ingredients prepare immediately before the procedure. For storage( even in the refrigerator), the hair mask containing yolk and cognac is not intended.
  4. Weight is applied to unwashed but carefully combed hair.
  5. Depending on the recipe, you can process the strands, meanwhile goal # 1 is the scalp.
  6. Treated curls need to arrange the so-called "sauna" effect. To do this, cover the head with a film( bath hat or package), and then with something warm( a winter hat, a terry towel).
  7. Removing the leftovers, use a contrast shower( warm and cool water).Such an action will strengthen the effect of the procedure.

Worth paying attention! The mask for hair from cognac and eggs gives the locks a pleasant chocolate shade. Meanwhile, this news may not like bright blondes. But some users say that changing the color in a period of up to a week is even interesting. You decide!

Recipe book

The simplest mask

Take a pair of spoons( canteens) of proven cognac and olive oil. Mix in a glass container. Add a fresh yolk to the mass, rub it. Treat the scalp, cover with cellophane and a towel. Rest for an hour. Wash and enjoy the result!

Moisturizing Composition

Hair not only grows poorly, but gets sucked from dryness? So, ringlets urgently need makeup. Take a "mask" for hair with brandy, egg and honey."Sweet Trinity" in just a few procedures resuscitating your head, and you will return a wonderful mood.

So, how to cook? Connect according to the soup spoon( or two, if the curls are long) of intoxicating beverage and natural honey. Add 1-2 yolks( preferably buy home eggs).Stir and process the strands, starting with the roots. Wait half an hour, rinse.

Procedure for returning shine

Love when hair overflows? The shine of curls is associated with health? There is a recipe for you - a mask for hair with brandy, eggs, coffee and butter. First, brew natural coffee( 1 small spoon of ground grain for 2 of the same spoons of water).Give the basis of minutes 7 to brew. Then add to the slurry one dessert spoon of cognac and olive oil, as well as yolk. Then follow the script of the previous recipe.

So, with what mask for the hair you will begin to get acquainted with the new technique?

By the secret of

Our reader has recommended a remedy that cures wrinkles better than any "folk" mask and does not concede on the effectiveness of salon procedures: it nourishes the skin, smoothes wrinkles and removes bags under the eyes, and the effect is pronounced after 3 rd application.

We were pleasantly surprised by its history and the result that we managed to achieve without bottex and surgeries - the face was 12 years younger! Therefore, we want to share a link to the entry in her blog, where she shows and tells how she managed to achieve this. We hope that it will be useful to you. Read more & gt; & gt;

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