How to get rid of bags under the eyes: we search for the reasons and means for those wishing to clean swelling

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Many women in their appearance most do not like bags and swelling under the eyes. For them, the question of how to get rid of bags under the eyes is the most important. This cosmetic defect is one of the first visual signs of aging, therefore the desire to get rid of this cosmetic defect as soon as possible or to delay the moment of its appearance is peculiar to every woman. The reasons for the appearance of circles under the eyes may be different, and therefore the methods of their elimination will also differ.

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Reasons to appearedema of the eyelids

The most difficult case of correction of this cosmetic defect is a hereditary predisposition to the formation of fatty hernias. Between the thin skin of the eyelid and the subcutaneous adipose tissue there is a special membrane, and if it is thin, the fatty tissue passes through it, forming "bags".It is impossible to eliminate fatty hernia with home procedures, and a surgical procedure called blepharoplasty is used to correct this cosmetic defect.

However, in the vast majority of cases, the appearance of bags under the eyes is associated with flaws in nutrition and lifestyle in general. Chronic lack of sleep or food allergies can trigger the formation of swelling around the eyes, and excess salty foods or drinking alcohol causes the binding of fluid in the body;edema is particularly noticeable in areas with a thin and delicate skin. Another cause of fluid retention in the body is hormonal restructuring in the last phase of the monthly cycle. Thus, the methods and solutions for removing bags under the eyes depend on the cause of the appearance of this cosmetic defect.

How to get rid of bags under the eyes

In an effort to remove bags under the eyes, in the first place, you need to adjust the diet and sleep: do not gorge at night, sleep, give up alcohol. Further, it is necessary to follow the change in its physical state in accordance with the phases of the menstrual cycle. If the bags under the eyes have a pronounced tendency to appear in the second phase of the cycle and just before the critical days, one should take as a rule the admission of these days of mild diuretics. Cowberry mors, a decoction of cowberry leaf, diuretics will help remove bags under the eyes and improve the physical condition as a whole. A light effect of drainage is provided by eye exercises, which are all the more useful if you have to work a lot at a computer or do small work in a slope.

Sometimes we create favorable conditions for the appearance of bags under the eyes. Do not forget that the delicate skin around the eyes requires special care.

Do not buy too active moisturizing creams around the eyes, they retain a lot of fluid in the skin, cause swelling. Do not leave the night cream until morning on the face, it should be removed with a cosmetic napkin 2-3 hours after application. If you have bags under the eyes, it is better to leave the skin without any effect. Do not get carried away before going to sleep with tea and generally liquids. Before you go to bed, ventilate the room well, because fresh air improves metabolic processes and provides a sound sleep.

Folk remedies for bags under the eyes

There is a mass of folk recipes to get rid of bags under the eyes. Our grandmothers knew how to clean bags under the eyes with compresses and lotions of herbs. The easiest way is to regularly massage the zone around the eyes with ice cubes. This simple procedure saturates the upper layers of the epidermis, preventing the appearance of fine wrinkles, and also tones the small muscles, not allowing them to sag. A pronounced effect can also be provided by contrasting water procedures, that is, the alternation of rubbing with ice and the imposition of warm compresses in the form of cotton swabs soaked in a warm chamomile broth.

In addition to compresses from chamomile broth from bags under the eyes will help packets with sleeping tea brew. Tannins contained in tea, activate muscle tone, and in addition, have a vasoconstrictor effect. Compress from cooled tea bags is superimposed on the eyes for 10-15 minutes;the result of this simple cosmetic procedure is a refreshed look, a reduction in redness of the eyes and elimination of swelling around the eyes.

Vegetable masks have an important role in the prevention and elimination of bags under the eyes. To prepare the mask, you can use fresh parsley, grated raw potatoes or fresh cucumber. Fresh fresh herbs should be ground before the appearance of juice, wrapped in a layer of gauze and applied to the zone of the lower eyelid for 10-15 minutes. After the procedure, the person should be rinsed with cool water, and then apply a thin layer of nourishing cream on the problem area to restore fat metabolism.

Below we list a few effective home remedies for circles under the eyes.

Compress from mint

Pour 2 tablespoons with two cups of boiling water, put on a weak fire for 5-10 minutes. Cool the broth to room temperature, strain, soak the cotton swabs, for 10 minutes, attach them to the eyes. Do you have sore eyes? Put the tampons in a warm broth, apply to the eyes for 2-3 minutes, repeat the procedure several times.

Masks and lotion parsley

Parsley is considered the most effective tool that helps to cope with bags under the eyes. From it you can do compresses, lotions, masks.

For the mask you can use finely grated parsley roots. They make a gruel, which is applied to the eyes for 20 minutes. Then wash the mask with warm water. Efficient use of parsley leaves. They can be finely chopped, pour boiling water, insist for an hour, and make lotions for ever.

For the mask, you can grind a teaspoon of green parsley and two teaspoons of sour cream. The mixture is applied for 20 minutes to the eyelids, and then washed off with warm water.

The simplest mask from boiled potatoes

For it it is enough to weld potatoes in a peel, to cool and cut in half. Half of the potatoes to attach to each eye, hold for 30 minutes. It is desirable at this time to take a horizontal position.

Cucumber from bags under the eyes

With puffiness on the skin, the eyelids are placed with cucumber circles. The effect can be seen only with the regular use of this method. Cucumber can be rubbed on a grater, mush on the eyelids.

Mask-cream from circles under the eyes

For it you need a pumpkin, cucumber, honey in equal proportions. The flesh of cucumber and pumpkin should be rubbed on a fine grater or blended in a blender, add a slightly warmed honey, stir well. Mask-cream is applied under the eyes or on the skin of the eyelids for 15 minutes before bedtime. It is advisable to make a mask 2 times a week. Spend at least 10 procedures, then you will definitely feel the effect.

Home mask with clay

It will require cosmetic clay, potatoes and sauerkraut. A bit of potatoes grate on a fine grater, add finely chopped or scrolled on a meat grinder of sauerkraut and cosmetic clay. The amount of clay should be such that the mask is conveniently applied to the skin of the eyelids. The mask is kept on the skin for 5 minutes, after the face is rinsed with cold water, the face is wiped with ice cubes.

Use caution when applying any masks. Perhaps the tool will not work for you, so first check it on your wrist or elbow.

Contrasting Herbal Compresses

For them, you can use sage grass, parsley, birch leaves, horsetail, dill, chamomile or just tea. A teaspoon of herbs pour half a cup of boiling water, let it brew and strain. It is most convenient to insist the broth in the thermos. The filtered infusion should be divided into two parts. One part needs to cool and apply first a hot compress, and then a cold one. The remedy should be used half an hour before bedtime every day for a month. Then the bags under the eyes will significantly decrease, and maybe even disappear altogether. Contrast compresses are very effective.

Mask of bread and milk

It perfectly nourishes the skin around the eyes. Cut a piece of wheat bread with warm milk, apply the mixture on the skin in a uniform layer. Hold the mask for 15 minutes, then rinse with water. This is an excellent mask not only for the skin around the eyes, but for the entire face and neck, as well as the decollete zone.

Home lotion around the eyes

For one hundred grams of boiling water, take two tablespoons of a mixture of mint, dill or parsley, sage, lemon balm. Herbs should be in mixture in equal proportions. In the infusion should be added glucose tablets, which are pre-ground. After cooling the infusion, activated carbon( one tablet) and 6 drops of glycerin are added to it. The resulting solution should be well stirred and filtered. The infusion is stored in the refrigerator for up to 10 days. It must be used to treat the skin around the eyes three times a day.

Video recipe for rapid control of edema

In secret

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