Vacuum facial massage: the truth about fabulous rejuvenation + photos and video

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Many of the home therapies our grandmothers have used have sunk into oblivion when medicine began to move forward with leaps and bounds. But not all of them died definitively, some reincarnated in a new incarnation. To such old ways that are used in a new way, it is possible to classify banks that have been used to treat colds, back pain and a number of other diseases. Now this procedure is known as vacuum massage of face and body. But for what it is needed and how effective, we will consider further.

  • What is facial vacuum massage
  • How it works
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Scheme for home use
  • Video session for vacuum massage
  • Important moments

What is vacuum facial massage

This procedure is presented as a facial skin treatment vacuumwith the help of special equipment. It can be carried out either by hardware or manually.

The first option is available only in salons and beauty centers. The device consists of a main panel that draws

air, as well as the hoses that run from it, to the ends of which are attached to different sizes of the nozzle. The force of the vacuum effect can be controlled directly on the apparatus itself.

The second option is carried out manually using either silicone cones or glass pipes with rubber pears at the ends. You can conduct the procedure yourself and at home, but only after a detailed review of the technical aspects. The force of the vacuum effect is regulated by the force of pressing the rubber pear or the top part of the silicone jar.

Principle of operation

As with most existing massage techniques in this case, the whole effect is a consequence of force action on the dermis tissue. Careful study increases the tone of weakened muscles, increases blood circulation and lymph flow in tissues, speeds up metabolic processes, and also destroys fatty compounds.

  1. Muscle tone is increased by passive action, which can not always lead to significant improvements. In difficult cases, cardinal measures are required( special gymnastic exercises are to be performed).
  2. The picture shows one of the most effective exercises. Pressing your chin to your chest, count to 20 and press as hard as you can. Repeat all 5-6 times with a break in one minute.
  3. Strengthening blood circulation and lymph flow leads to a faster saturation of tissues with nutrients. In addition, minor traumatization of the capillaries( forming hematomas) provokes the body to immediate restorative actions. It is during these processes that the development of "elements of youth" - collagen and elastin.
  4. Adipose tissue is reduced by physical destruction of its joints. During the massage, under the influence of the applied force, the cells are destroyed and their particles are easily burned by the body.

Noticeable improvements in the dermis state are also due to the use of a variety of essential oils during the procedure. They can saturate the skin with useful vitamins, delay the evaporation of moisture( improves the water balance), and also have antiseptic effects.

Indications and contraindications

No cosmetic procedure can be shown to absolutely everyone, just as it can not be applied without the threat of adverse consequences for absolutely everyone. In this case, the following are the indications.

  1. Age from 30 years( holding at an earlier age can be justified only if there are several of the following signs).
  2. Decreased turgor and elasticity of the fabric.
  3. Decrease in the volume of facial muscles( with age, the muscles become thinner and elongated, which entails changes in the contours of the face).
  4. The dermis of the dermis.
  5. The appearance of the second chin.
  6. Unhealthy skin color.
  7. Increased dryness of tissues.
  8. Presence of facial or static wrinkles( both superficial and deep).
  9. Puffiness, bags and bruises under the eyes.

Contraindications for the procedure include:

  • any diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • skin disease, as well as its even minor damage;
  • is too close to the surface of the dermis;
  • presence of thrombi;
  • presence of both benign and malignant neoplasms;
  • any inflammatory processes.

In addition, there are a number of individual indicators that can be called by your doctor as contraindications. Be sure to consult him before starting a course of this type of massage.

Scheme of carrying out at home

Nothing very complicated technique of home vacuum massage does not represent itself. There are two main rules that will help to conduct the procedure qualitatively and without complications: careful study of all manipulations and practice. In addition, there is a strict ban on premature increase in the force of the vacuum, as well as on the manifestation of fantasy in terms of inventing new, unpublished until this day, movements.

The most favorable moment for a session is considered the time after taking a hot bath or shower. This is explained by the activation of a more rapid metabolism in tissues. If for some reason you can not do this, then you can replace the full water procedures with an ordinary steam bath( hide yourself with a large towel above the hot water tank).After that, collect together all that is required during the massage: antiseptic( you can have a simple alcohol), cotton wool, paper napkins( preferably cosmetic, not table-stamping - it can scratch the skin a little), butter( pick up at your discretion), cans.

Wipe the rims of the baits with an antiseptic, and then apply a small amount of oil to the surface of the face. It should not just be smeared, it is better to rub it with light massage movements. So you will prepare the person for more active actions, which will follow.

Take the nozzle with the largest circumference and attach it to the bottom of the chin. With one hand, hold the skin, the second hold along the jawbone to the very ear. Repeat the movement three times and go to the other side. We attach the nozzle to the center of the chin and just stand for 20 seconds. We rise a little higher and move the nozzle from the middle of the chin to the ears, then - from the wings of the nose to the temples, after - from the temples to the upper line of the forehead. Apply the jar to the cheekbones and stand for 20 seconds.

Change the nozzle to the one that has a diameter of 2 cm. The direction of movement of the can: from the nose and top to the line of hair growth. After that we pass to the area above the eyebrows, we move from them all also upwards. The eyebrows can also be processed, but without fanaticism.

Take the nozzle with the smallest diameter and proceed to the processing of delicate and sensitive areas. First, we take the area around the mouth: from the center to the corners of the lips. We pass to the nose: from the tip of the nose and up to the bridge of the nose, again from its tip to the corners of the wings. The area around the eyes is treated like this: from the inner corner of the upper eyelid to the outer, from the outer corner of the lower eyelid to the inner. Especially deep wrinkles can be treated additionally, but not with prolonged movements, but with simple attachments for 10-20 seconds.

Be careful with the area around the eyes, in no case do not apply excessive force. The first 2-3 sessions should last no more than 5 minutes, after which time can be increased to 10 minutes. The force of vacuum for the first time should also be negligible, as the skin becomes accustomed to such an effect, it can be gradually increased. For therapeutic purposes( not prophylactic), the procedure is carried out three times a week, in particularly difficult situations - daily. The length of the course does not have a certain framework, it all depends on how quickly the improvements begin to show. It is undesirable to completely stop the use of such a massage. After a satisfactory result has been obtained, conduct a session once a week to maintain skin tone.

Video-session of vacuum massage

Important moments

As muscles are tightened due to passive work, the effect will never be stunning. In addition, the result will be extremely short-lived without ongoing prevention. If there is a desire to achieve a more meaningful victory, put in your daily routine daily gymnastics, which will load the muscles and improve their tone through active study.

On many video vacuum facial massage you can see how a lot of oil is applied to the face of patients. This is acceptable only in the case of a hardware massage. At home, with the help of a hand tool, you can not achieve the same vacuum force, so excess oil will only interfere with the quality retraction of the skin into the cavity.

Almost all the positive feedback about vacuum facial massage can be attributed to the category of truthful, not fictitious for the purpose of advertising( except for absolutely fantastic, where for one session the woman looked younger for 40 years).This procedure will help to significantly improve the condition of all layers of the dermis: from the surface to the deepest. And especially valuable is the fact that there is an opportunity to do it on your own without going to expensive salons.

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