Mask for the face with aspirin: home recipes

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Home cosmetology is becoming more popular. Having woken up from the bewitching beauty of bright jars and high-profile brands, many realized that the composition of most expensive means is quite simple, which means that they are not so difficult to replicate at home and even adapt properties for specific problems. One of the substances commonly found in the list of ingredients of drugs for acne is acetylsalicylic acid. The more familiar name for this medicine is aspirin, which can be found in any home medicine cabinet. Face mask with aspirin, made by own hands, will not yield to the effectiveness of an expensive purchased product, and for its manufacture you do not even need to buy anything extra: all the necessary products are already in the refrigerator.

  • Aspirin properties in topical application
  • Aspirin mask: application rules and recommendations
  • Indications for use
  • Contraindications
  • Cooking technique
  • Popular facial masks based on aspirin
  • Mask from couperose
  • Matting for problem and oily skin
  • Refreshing agent for problematic and oily skinnormal skin
  • Whitening mask with clay
  • Nutritional formula with jojoba oil

Properties of aspirin in external application

Aspirin - salicylic ester of acidss vinegar, one of the most popular painkillers, sold in any pharmacy without a prescription. We habitually take the coveted pill from any kind of pain, with fever, cold symptoms and other seemingly insignificant diseases, without going to the doctor and not thinking about the mechanics of the drug's action.

Actually, aspirin is one of the greatest achievements of pharmaceutics, and its inventor for the discovery of a unique composition made from willow bark, even received the Nobel Prize. To use aspirin outside very few people will come to mind, although acetylsalicylic acid appears on the packaging of many tonics and compresses of acne, and aspirin has the same properties - anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, blood-thinning, vasodilating.

This explains the principle of the mask for the face with aspirin.

Aspirin mask: application rules and recommendations

As with any pharmaceutical product, aspirin has contraindications in addition to its positive effect. You need to get acquainted with them before you are ready to prepare and apply facial masks from aspirin.

Indications for use

Mask of aspirin for the face is optimal for problematic skin prone to salting and acne formation, remove redness and hide the closely located skin surface of the skin, refresh and rejuvenate the epidermis. Acetic, like all acids, has the properties of bleach, so it shows in the leveling of complexion, suitable for the prevention of a typical "mark" of smokers - redness of the nose.

A winter-masked face mask with aspirin will peel, giving the opportunity to quickly update. A porous skin prone to dirt, such a procedure will allow to clear and get rid of sebaceous plugs, often the primary cause of acne and teen acne. The pathological or temporary fat content after application of such a composition will be replaced by velvety smoothness.


Acid is a drying agent, this must be taken into account when creating funds. However, this problem is easily removed. Correct this property of the composition can be added to crushed aspirin honey, the face mask in this case will be applicable to both age skin and on dry.

Mask for face with aspirin and honey is not suitable if there are fresh scratches on the surface of the skin. Blood-thinning properties and the ability to dilate blood vessels will lead to a prolonged bleeding injury, and the aspirin itself, from which the face mask consists almost a third, will pinch the injured areas. In the presence of abrasions and damages, it is necessary to wait 2-3 days for cosmetic procedures, after waiting for complete scarring.

People with an increased tendency to allergies can not individually approach such a facial mask, aspirin and honey can cause reactions equally, so before applying the composition on the skin of the face, it is necessary to conduct a test at the elbow bend in the area with the tenderest skin. Wash off the composition 10 minutes after application, you need to make sure that the skin area does not turn red, does not begin to peel and itch. In this case, you can safely use the tool.

After treatment with excessively acidic preparations, the skin is sensitive to ultraviolet light. Face mask from aspirin and honey is applied for 15 minutes just before bedtime, excluding sun rays within 6-8 hours. The next day, if you can not exclude walks in the bright sun, you can use a cream with a UV filter.

Cooking technique

For the preparation of an aspirin mask, any form of drug release other than effervescent may be suitable, but with the tablets in the glaze it will be necessary to remove the coating. It is quite easy to do this. Before use it is necessary to make sure that the tablets have not expired and the packaging, which causes doubts in integrity, is not damaged, the briquette is not damp and has a uniform color. Use for the mask of the remains, which it is a pity to just throw away, is unacceptable. Such precautions are necessary, since a spoiled product will not bring anything but harm to the skin.

Like all acid-based products, aspirin is best ground in a wooden mortar without contact with the metal. This is done immediately before use. To use other drugs of a similar effect, even containing acetylsalicylic acid, it is impossible, any additive can drastically change the properties of the drug and cause unpredictable reactions.

Popular face masks based on aspirin

Mask from couperose

Vascular mesh on the face can be removed with a mask of aspirin with kefir. On two ground-up tablets you will need half a teaspoon of kefir of any fat content. Kashitsu put as point, and on the entire face except the areas under the eyes. Wash off after 10 minutes.

Matting compound for problem and oily skin

Aspirin is prepared from aspirin with water, applied in circular motions according to the principle of scrubbing and left for 5-7 minutes, washed off with warm water.

Refreshing agent for normal skin

A teaspoon of honey mixed with two ground-up aspirin tablets. The composition is aged on the skin for 15 minutes and washed off with warm water.

Whitening mask with clay

Dry white or blue clay is mixed with crushed aspirin in the proportion 4/1.It is diluted with water to the consistency of sour cream, it is used both as a scrub and as a mask.

Nutritional formula with jojoba oil

One tablespoon of jojoba oil is added with the powder of one tablet of aspirin. The composition is heated on a steam bath and applied hot. It is washed off with warm water without soap after 15 minutes.

Opponents of homemade cosmetics in support of their opinion recall the short shelf life of such drugs and the need to closely monitor their feelings in order to avoid allergic reactions and individual intolerance. The advantages are obvious: in order to reduce inflammation or refresh your complexion, it is enough to open the first-aid kit, the means for preparing a mask with aspirin is always at hand.

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