Refreshing face mask at home: subtleties and rules of "kitchen" cosmetology

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It is difficult to meet a woman who is completely satisfied with her appearance. Bbw dreams of losing weight, and thin - to get sexy shapes. Blondes are repainted in brunettes, and they pass all the circles of the hairdresser's hell in an attempt to become blond. Demand for ironing for hair is no less than for curd bars and hair curlers, and the queue for a beautician for the procedure of cleaning and bleaching the skin is comparable to the queue in the solarium. Lovers of sunburn are hardest: the dark complexion of the face is old, and keeping it bright in the summer sun is extremely difficult. And when tanning is accompanied by weathering or a natural tendency to freckles, not to mention pigment spots or scars, it is absolutely necessary to take urgent measures to lighten the skin. However, you should not immediately look for a business card of an expensive beautician, a simple and effective facial mask is refreshed at home made in a few minutes of basic products.

  • Clarifying foods
  • lemon or lemon juice
  • Cucumber
  • Dairy products
  • Soda
  • Figure
  • Pharmaceutical preparations for whitening masks
  • White clay
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Gidroksimetilhinoksalindioksid or dioxidine
  • combination of components for brightening masks
  • Video recipe of Chinese mask of pigmentspots

Clarifying food products

Having asked about the manufacture of a mask for lightening the skin of the face, open the fridge and carefully fromwe learn its contents. Many of the simplest products have the natural ability of chemical discoloration.

Lemon or lemon juice

No doubt, this is the most popular "bleach".You can watch the action of lemon even with tea drinking, throwing a slice into a cup with strong brewing. The same action lemon juice has and freckles with pigmented spots, highlighting giving a gray-brown shade of melanin. It is important to remember that a clarifying face mask with lemon is prepared only from freshly squeezed juice, and not from a solution of citric acid, and the ratio with water should not be more than 30%.

Pure juice can cause burns and allergic reactions on the delicate skin, adding to the hated freckles painful redness and dryness. Lemon crust, left after preparation of the mixture, will also be useful. When cleaning their inner side of natural nails, a natural French manicure will long remain dazzling white, since the oils contained in the zest perfectly repel any dirt, and the acids whiten the free edge of the nail itself.


Cartoonists like to portray housewives with cucumber slices on their faces. This is not surprising, because it looks like the fastest refreshing face mask, and therefore the most popular among the lazy. Cucumber really does wonders, quite explainable by chemistry. Niacin and phylloquinone, in abundance contained in this vegetable, have anti-inflammatory properties, cooling redness and removing swelling, and folic acid discolored pigment spots and acne. In addition, the cucumber has no contraindications to use, which can not be said about many other facials that lighten the skin.

Sour-milk products

How the facial mask brightens on the basis of fermented milk products is also easily explained by cosmetologists. The reason for miracles is lactic acid, and the zinc supplementing it also has the properties of an anti-tart cream.

And a face mask refreshing from the remnants of yesterday's milk will give odds to a similar product from imported yoghurt, abundantly flavored with dyes, fragrances and preservatives.


On the benefits and harms of soda for the skin, arguments will never cease. Supporters of this method insist that this is one of the fastest ways to cleanse the skin of contaminants that are deeply hammered into the pores. At the same time, sodium bicarbonate strongly degreases and overdoes tissues, so a clarifying face mask at home from soda is not suitable for dry, sensitive and aging skin. The temporary lightening effect in this case will very quickly be replaced by peeling and a feeling of tightness. After applying such a cardinal means, it is mandatory to apply a greasy face cream

. Fig.

. Rice gruel or a dense rice decoction is a good absorbent, as many housewives know, it is rice that rescues a salted soup. Masks for the face refreshing at home are made mashed digested rice without adding other ingredients and on the skin are applied warm.

The effect is comparable to the result of soda lotions: the area of ​​pigmented spots and freckles considerably pales, black dots disappear.

Pharmaceuticals for whitening masks

Part of the components for cosmetology handmade can be purchased at any pharmacy. Of these consumable products, facial masks clarifying at home are much cheaper than similar compositions of factory production. Even the recipes themselves can be spied on packages, then repeated them in their own kitchen.

White clay

This is the basis for preparing a significant part of professional bleaching agents. In addition to a good result, refreshing face masks from clay are versatile and hypoallergenic.

White clay is sold as a dry mix and stored almost unlimited time.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Lightening of hair by this method was actively practiced, even in beauty salons. The same processes occur in the skin. Like other acidic compounds, it is not suitable for dry and aging skin, but it gives a pronounced result even after the first application. A solution of 3% can be used in pure form, without diluting with water.

Hydroxymethylquinoxaline dioxide or dioxydin

Injection solution sold in ampoules has active antibacterial properties, therefore the mask on its basis perfectly saves from redness and inflammation on the skin of the face. After use, it is desirable to fix the result and return the skin elasticity with a thick cream.

The combination of components for clarifying masks

Online resources will prompt hundreds of whitening face mask recipes, but they can be invented independently, knowing the basics of combining components.

Poorly mixed with other ingredients of soda, dioxidine, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. As a diluent, only water can be used, and as an thickener, oatmeal or clay. Aggressive effects of these drugs can be mitigated by applying after the procedure of fat cream. For sensitive skin, such masks can be used pointwise, curing the composition of only the surface of the scar or mole.

Dairy or sour milk masks are well combined with vitamin complexes and honey. To thicken the mixture, potato starch, as well as oatmeal or rice flour, will work well.

Masks based on fruit acids or vinegars can be used without dilution, according to the principle of tonics, but for dry skin they are harmful. The result without side effects will give them a combination with curdled milk, whey or decoction of chamomile.

Does not require dilution of cucumber, cabbage and parsley juice, but for better absorption you can use thickener in the form of starch or oatmeal. However, the cucumber can simply pass through a meat grinder and enrich the composition with any essential oil.

It is important to remember that the effect of masks is not visible immediately, but after 7-10 applications at an interval of a week, so it is not worth counting on lightning-fast dissolution of freckles or birthmarks. But the refreshing effect of the mask is noticeable almost immediately, and the feeling of cleanliness and softness of the skin, rid of the excess layer, will bring pleasure.

Video recipe of Chinese mask from pigmented spots

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