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It's stupid to talk once again about the benefits of berries, every child knows that this is a source of vitamins and trace elements, that the use of berries has a beneficial effect not only on mood, but also on health. Only we represent, first of all, these gifts of nature as a delicious dessert and much less often as a cosmetic means, despite the fact that face masks from berries are perhaps the oldest cosmetic means. Even at the time when there were no concepts of "flavonoid" or "microelement", and doctors and aestheticists did not write hundreds of works on the effect on the skin of organic acids, illiterate village ladies experienced the unique, so far actual recipes. Modern medicine and cosmetology fully confirms the wisdom of applying fresh berries in home cosmetology.

  • Cosmetic properties of berries
  • Selection of berry masks for different skin types
  • For fat
  • For dry
  • For pigmented
  • Morning refreshing masks
  • Laws of home cosmetology
  • Video recipe for rejuv
    enating berry mask

Cosmetic properties of berries

The effectiveness of the mask for the face of berries is explainedchemical composition of the main component. All berries are rich in vitamins, of which the skin is most needed:

  • A, responsible for the elasticity of the skin;
  • E, giving elasticity and tonus;
  • C, controlling the processes of wilt and collagen production;
  • group B and K, affecting pigmentation;
  • PP, accelerating cell renewal;
  • D, responsible for rejuvenation.

In addition to vitamins, a rich complex of trace elements and minerals, a set of flavonoids and ethers, is found in berries. It is impossible not to mention the special form of liquid that makes up a significant percentage of berry juice. Processed and purified by the plant moisture is easily absorbed and human skin, without the need for additional cleaning and transporting agents.

For better application and enhancement of the effect of the mask of berries for the face create a mixture of berries with a base, which is most often the most common food products: oil, egg white or cream. For the mistress there is a choice, to take advantage of offered in assortment the tested recipes or to create own on the basis of knowledge of properties of various berries. Perhaps, invented personally berry face mask in the future will make a furor in cosmetology.

Selection of berry masks for different skin types

The berry season is quite large. Even in the middle band, it takes at least 4 months from the ripening of honeysuckle to the reddening of cranberries. At the same time for the preparation of cosmetics you can use not only fresh harvesting, but also frozen berries, which makes it possible to use the optimally suitable product all the year round. It is only necessary to decide which of the berries is most suitable for a specific type of skin and solves individual problems.

For oily

Oily skin needs drying, so it is perfect for berries with sourness. All that in dessert obviously needs sweetening in this case will do the best. First of all, cranberries, viburnum and mountain ash come to mind, honeysuckle, raspberries, blackberries will suit their maturity. The latter also has excellent perishing properties. Potassium and sodium, which is rich in honeysuckle, relieve redness and reduce the brightness of the venous net peculiar to smokers, the same effect has a drop of lemon, if it enrich the composition of the finished mask.

As a basis of white cosmetics for oily skin, you can use dairy products or whipped. The latter option is especially attractive for age skin, which has not yet begun to dry out much, but has become more flabby. As a matting component, potato juice is perfect. The use of oil as the most popular basis for home masks, in this case is not relevant, however, harm from such a mask, too, will not be.

For dry

Dry skin needs nutrition and hydration, and a fat base for the mask is ideal. It can be fatty cream, any vegetable oil, honey or aloe juice. You can apply face masks with an oil content both cold and heated in a steam bath, which will speed up absorption and enhance the effect.

From berries to a mask for dry skin, you can safely add gooseberry, black currant, elderberry and grapes. If the dryness of the skin is associated with aging, then the berry, which must necessarily be part of the mask, is a sea-buckthorn. If, in addition to other problems, slow healing of lesions is observed, and the skin is often flaky, then it is necessary to add a blackberry rich in magnesium and potassium. A thick mask of strawberries with sour cream will return a pale dry skin color and a healthy color.

For pigmented

Excellent whitening of the dog's skin and gooseberry, they can be taken as the main ingredient if freckles and pigmented spots cause inconvenience. If the cause of redness is inflammation, then you can add grated blueberries to the composition. Strict contraindication in this case - acid masks, which only aggravate the situation.

The face mask of berries can contain both vegetable juices, and herbal decoctions, and infusions. To make the composition not too liquid when adding, for example, cucumber juice, which is famous for its bleaching properties, the mixture can be thickened with a spoon of cottage cheese or ground oatmeal. Starch will do.

Morning refreshing masks

Masks made from red berries are definitely useful, but they do not have to be applied just before leaving home. Some uneven skin color will be observed for several hours. Therefore, "morning" berries, which not only help to wake up, but also hide the traces of lack of sleep, you can safely call gooseberries, grapes and white currants. You can use them even without adding additional components, simply by wiping the cut with a large berry skin, like a cotton disc with lotion.

The laws of home cosmetology

The most important advantage of berry masks is the minimum of consequences even with the best selection of the composition. This allows you to experiment without risk of consequences for the skin and wallet. To prepare one serving, only a few berries are required, which are often simply kneaded in a bowl by a spoon. Making a large volume of the composition is not practical, since natural products have too little shelf life.

The rest of the rules of home cosmetology are quite simple.

  1. Dishes and tools should not oxidize the composition, so it is better to use wood or plastic.
  2. Fresh berries are thoroughly washed before use.
  3. Grapes and gooseberries are peeled off before rubbing.
  4. Frozen berries should be thawed naturally and the number of frosts should be minimized. For this, berries are divided into small portions before freezing.
  5. The berry mask is applied softly on massage lines without strong skin tension, the area around the eyes remains free.
  6. The mask is washed off with warm water and the face does not rub very much when wiped. It is enough to clean the moisture with a paper napkin.

Home cosmetology is a useful, pleasant and profitable hobby. Dividing a portion of appetizing dessert into berries "for internal use" and "for outdoor use" you can combine business with pleasure: the pleasure of eating delicacies with cosmetic procedure.

Video recipe for rejuvenating berry mask

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