Masks for dry skin of the face - the best recipes of moisturizing compounds

May 13, 2018 18:30 | Face

Dry skin, always brings trouble. It constantly needs to be nourished, moistened and protected from external factors. But not so terrible is the problem, as it is sometimes presented. If you learn correctly and in time to look after your face, then you will look great. It's about masks for dry skin.

  • Causes of a lack of moisture
  • Proper care: advice from dermatologists
  • The best recipes for masks
  • Nutrient mixtures
  • Masks for very dry facial skin
  • Video recipes for home face masks for dry skin

Causes of lack of moisture

Of course, before eliminating dryness, you need to find outits causes. And they can be not so little, as it seems at first glance. So, the dryness of the skin of the face can cause:

  • disruption of the sebaceous glands;
  • age changes;
  • problems of the nervous system or gastrointestinal tract;
  • frequent and incorrect peeling;
  • effect of sun, wind or frost;
  • use of chlorinated water for washing;
  • lack of vitamins.

In general, if you know exactly what your face is drying and flaking, you can quickly determine which mask for dry skin you need to apply. It is possible that to determine the causes of lack of moisture in the epidermis, you will have to visit a therapist and dermatologist.

Proper care: advice of dermatologists

You will go to doctors or not to go - it's yours. But these tips for face care will be useful even for those who do not have problems with dry skin. In warmer seasons, simple "basic" facial care is enough, and in winter dry air provokes flaking, itching and even small cracks. If there are the first wrinkles, then it will be more noticeable in cold weather, which will greatly spoil your mood. To eliminate all these troubles, observe the rules described below.

  • Learn how to take a bath properly. Remember! From prolonged contact with water, the skin dries even harder. Even if you really like to soak in foam, try not to wet your face.
  • Cosmetologists recommend in general to refuse washing. Pick up a micellar water or moisturizing milk. Just try to choose means without the maintenance of alcohol, perfumes, retinoids and acids. If you really wash, then only cold water. And use a towel only to impregnate the moisture, but do not wipe the skin.
  • Instead of lotions, use creams and ointments that are able to retain the moisture emitted by the skin. Such means are called emolentes.
  • Do not allow the skin to dry by a fire, a fireplace or an electric heater. Stay away from these heat sources and moisten the air by any means.

These simple tips will help to avoid problems with lack of moisture.

The best recipes for masks

Prepare a mixture for a mask at home is very simple. Rereading a lot of recipes, do not try on yourself all at once. Start with the availability of ingredients and your own preferences. If you do not like the smell of some fruit or you have an allergy to it, then, naturally, you should not add it to the mask.

Nutrient mixtures

In winter, for dry skin of the face, the mask must be nutritious and vitaminic. Therefore, everything is fresh, juicy and useful. Hollywood stars are very fond of masks from fermented milk products. Fat curd mixed with the same fat cream or sour cream and a thick layer applied to the face and neck. After 15-20 minutes, the mask is washed off with warm water. The main condition - the products must be fresh.

  • The following mixture not only nourishes, but also whitens the skin. Sour cream and finely chopped parsley are mixed in different proportions, applied to the face and washed off in 20 minutes in circular motions. The leaves of parsley will also serve as a soft herbal scrub.
  • Gorgeous mask-scrub will come from homemade mayonnaise and oatmeal in equal proportions. Only flakes should be grinded first in a coffee grinder. If the mixture is too thick, add a little strong black tea to get the right consistency. Hold for 15 minutes, rinse with cool water.
  • Cucumber "fresh" is a hit of all time. Easier and more effective mask for dry skin of the face has not yet come up. Cucumber can be cut into circles or grated, applied to the skin without any additives and washed off after 20 minutes. You can add a few drops of lemon juice and a little cream to the cucumber mixture. For washing, use a decoction of rose hips or chamomile.
  • The mask of avocado tightens and tones even fading skin. To prepare the mixture you need to mix one spoon of avocado pulp, as much grated carrot, egg yolk, a teaspoon of honey and cream. After stirring the composition well, apply it on the face and neck with a thick layer. After 15 minutes rinse with warm water.
  • Oatmeal can not only be a scrub. If it is poured with hot milk and insisted for 10 minutes, you will get an excellent nutritional composition. Flakes need no more than one tablespoon, milk - four tablespoons. Hold the mask for 15 minutes, rinse with water( not hot).

Masks for very dry facial skin

Very dry skin often flakes and even crack. Therefore, it should not only be nourished, but also moistened. Their main ingredients are different oils and other fatty foods. Such mixtures are absorbed rather slowly, so they are recommended to apply in their spare time or before bedtime. But more often two times a week you can not moisturize the skin, so as not to turn the fat glands into another direction and not suffer from excessive fatness.

  • The simplest variant of moisturizing is olive oil in its pure form. It must be heated to heat, applied to the skin and left for 30-40 minutes. Then soak the rest of the oil with a napkin.
  • Yeast mixture is also an excellent moisturizer. One spoonful of fresh pressed yeast should be diluted with a spoonful of creamy fat, one yolk and olive oil to bring the mass to the desired consistency. Apply the mask immediately after cooking for 20-25 minutes. It is washed off with a warm lime decoction or water.
  • Yeast mixture can be diluted with one oil. Olive, but linseed, peach or wheat germ oil is best suited.
  • A mixture of sour cream and wheat germ oil in equal proportions is applied to the face and neck. After 20 minutes it is washed off. Such a simple composition can whiten the skin and give it vitality.

Whatever recipe you choose, learn how to behave properly during the procedure. First: know how to relax and shut up, while your face is moistened or nourished. Secondly: be pedantic - do face masks for dry skin regularly for a month. Then the result will please you. Be beautiful and love yourself!

Video recipes for home face masks for dry skin

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