Whitening facial masks: home remedies for healthy skin color

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Evenly light, healthful and fresh skin looks more attractive than the most skillful make-up. It is this effect that stylists try to achieve, carefully covering all the unevenness of the color with layers of concealer and foundation. Unfortunately, only the infant can boast of a natural porcelain skin color, for the adult this effect is already unattainable: the sun, air and water separately and in a complex they wind, dry and burn, depriving a healthy species. A natural tendency to freckles and pigment spots, teenage acne and allergic reactions contribute to the destruction of the ideal picture. For any of these problems, face masks for whitening and clarifying are recommended to be applied regularly. After all, these are the most affordable drugs for prevention and treatment. It is not necessary urgently to run to the store for a smart jar with the logo of the untwisted brand, folk medicine knows dozens of ways to restore healthy skin color at home.

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    Causes of skin pigmentation problems

    Before determining which whitening face mask is required,change the skin color and determine the starting point of these processes. The most popular reasons for skin discoloration are:

    • skin dryness, including age;
    • acne, acne, acne and other inflammatory reactions;
    • freckles and pigmented heel;
    • household pollution;
    • tan.

    Effective face masks whitening can help with any of these problems, but a conscious choice of a particular recipe will give a more noticeable result and shorten the time to achieve it.

    Skin peeling is often caused by natural causes: temperature changes, adverse environmental conditions, unsuccessfully chosen cosmetics or care products. Age skin, which is no longer able to actively regenerate on its own, suffers the most from these factors. Alas, for this type of ineffective and many whitening masks: face masks on the basis of clarifying compounds, but do not start the processes of renewing the skin, will give only a momentary result, extremely short-lived.

    Skin contamination and inflammatory processes, as well as acne, can be a result of one of the other problems. Exceptions are only rashes caused by internal problems. The prescription of a whitening mask for the face in this case should include also antiseptic ingredients.

    To combat pigmentation spots and freckles, as a rule, the most aggressive means are used: whitening face masks in this case should react with melanin, a natural dark pigment. From the composition it is required not only to extinguish the excessively produced substance, but also to penetrate into the subcutaneous layers to the depth of its occurrence. Whitening facial masks from pigment spots are used with great care and without departures from the recommended formulation.

    Methods of skin lightening

    An integrated approach to solving the problem is the key to success, the most effective whitening facial masks are able to remove the upper flaky skin layer, and start the recovery processes, and "extinguish" the excess melanin. The action caused by the composition depends on the ingredients involved in the mixture.


    The simplest and most effective way to update the top layer of the skin is scrubbing. Even for normal skin type, this procedure is recommended at least once a month. In addition, the most effective whitening mask for the face will not give a full result, if it is applied over the cornified layer of the epidermis. The problem will be solved by preliminary cleaning of the face with a peeling sponge or washcloth or adding abrasive particles to the mask. In their role can act grinded oat flakes, dry berries or nuts.

    Such a scrub mask for the face whitening effect will give already with the first application. The use of coarser particles, such as shells of nuts or salt, as part of whitening masks is not recommended, in combination with aggressive substances they can damage the skin.

    For black spots or excessively contaminated pores, a sticky coat for clothes can be used. Gelatine masks that dry on the skin and are removed with a film, stretch and remove the sebaceous plugs, visibly clearing the skin visually. Such cleansing is a good prevention of acne, but it is contraindicated for age-related skin, since when it is pulled it stretches.


    The most commonly used ingredients in the preparation of whitening masks are available:

    • curd and other fermented milk products;
    • juice of radish, cucumber, parsley, cabbage, lemon;
    • hydrogen peroxide;
    • clay;
    • ascorbic acid.

    Whitening face mask from pigment spots will be effective only when one or more of them are added to the mixture, since only mechanical cleaning will not be enough to neutralize melanin plaques. The most effective are bleaching masks for the face with hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice, necessarily natural, but they are also the most aggressive, respectively, are banned from frequent use and are not recommended for dry skin types.

    Whitening face mask recipes

    Regardless of the composition, whitening masks are applied no more often than twice a month, and for dry skin no more than one. For insurance against allergic reactions it is recommended to check the composition at the elbow bend, holding it on a delicate skin for 10-15 minutes. Itching and burning will tell you that the specific composition is not suitable.

    • From lemon and turmeric

    As an effective natural antiseptic turmeric is actively used not only in cosmetology, but also in medicine. A mask made of a mixture of lemon pulp and this spice, mixed in a proportion of 5 to 1, is applied with a cotton swab or a very thin layer of a brush. The area around the eyes is not captured. When kept for 15 minutes, slight tingling and warming effect are acceptable. The mask copes well with both teenage pimples, speeding up their warming, and with bright pigment spots.

    • With yoghurt and oatmeal for dry skin

    Grinded oat flakes serve as a soft peeling, and fatty yogurt gives a whitening effect. The mask is applied in a thick layer, then the skin is massaged for 3-5 minutes in circular motions. For oily skin, yogurt can be replaced with yogurt or yogurt, which will remove the sebaceous shine, adding the skin velvety haze.

    • With lemon and honey

    This mask not only reduces the brightness of freckles, but also actively nourishes the subcutaneous layers. In liquid or pre-dissolved honey, freshly squeezed lemon juice is added.3 teaspoons will need 5-6 drops. After 15 minutes after application, the composition is washed off with warm water.

    • With peroxide of hydrogen and cottage cheese

    For 100 grams of cottage cheese 3-5 drops of hydrogen peroxide are required. For ease of application, you can add a few spoons of olive oil or egg yolk.

    Homemade whitening facial masks are an effective tool, so when you experiment with them, you need to follow several rules. First, the mask is applied not only on the face, but also on the neck in order to avoid the appearance of a visible border. Secondly, after using a caustic compound, the skin should be protected from direct sunlight for at least 12-15 hours. The third mandatory condition is the application after the procedure of a greasy cream, which temporarily replaces the removed top layer.

    With these rules, the effect obtained from the use of whitening masks will be long-lasting and without negative consequences, and the reward for the labors will be freshness and an ideal complexion.

    Video procedure for whitening the skin of the face

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