Fruit face masks at home: the range of applications and options for recipes

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Fruit is our favorite treat since childhood. Perhaps, these sweet gifts of nature - one of the few gastronomic pleasures, when the delicious is also useful. Skin, by the way, no less than our stomach needs such a dessert, but sometimes we are greedy or lazy, keeping it on a "hungry ration."Should I be surprised at the early appearance of wrinkles and all sorts of skin problems? Learn how to make fruit mask for the face at home, and you will be able to stop the time, keep the beauty of the skin and excellent mood.

  • Video tour of the world of fruit masks:
  • doctor-cosmetologist says Fruits - in actual fact become
  • Box of fruit recipes
  • Instant mask of strawberry
  • Banana recipe: old age - no
  • Universal mask of orange

Video tour of the world of fruitmasks: the doctor-cosmetologist

says Fruits - in actual fact become

Before you start making masks from vegetables and fruits, it will not hurt to get acquainted with the "official duties" of these gifts of nature.

Let's start?

  1. Apple - fruit comes from the very paradise, as we know. Excellent freshener, moisturizer and face cleaner. A unique "ensemble" of apple ingredients makes it a universal tool suitable for owners of different skin types. Paradise fruit can be used as a puree, and slices, and in the form of juice.
  2. Apricot is one of the best fruit-moisturizers of the skin, and it also returns a natural color to the face.
  3. Banana. Thanks to the antioxidants contained in it - one of the most effective anti-aging agents. Another component of the banana - vitamin E returns to the face velvety and smoothness.
  4. Currant is the No. 1 weapon in the fight against pigmented spots.
  5. Sweet cherry is an excellent cleaner. For dry cover choose a sweet variety, for oily skin - sour cherries.
  6. Peach is a popular component of many crockery to preserve the beauty of the face. Still, because this sunny fruit not only cleans and softens the skin, but also removes signs of fatigue. If a job is scheduled after work, take peaches on the "armament".
  7. Strawberry. Such a fruit mask in the expanses of the former Soviet Union enjoyed a crazy popularity, you can ask your moms and grandmothers. Aromatic berry is an excellent moisturizer and means for improving the complexion.
  8. Cherries. Tough berry - a thunderstorm of blackheads. For oily skin, cherry is simply salvation, and cherry juice is one of the best tonic.
  9. Pineapple, in its usefulness, can compete with fairy-tale apples. The concentration of antioxidants in this southern fruit allows him to fight virtually all wrinkles, even the deepest ones. Meanwhile, one must take into account that pineapple juice by its saturation sometimes needs to be diluted with other ingredients, and skin owners prone to irritation and allergy are better off looking for this gift to nature with a less aggressive alternative.
  10. Lemon is a good remedy for pigmentation. The juice of this fruit whitens the skin, narrows the pores and fights with foci of excess fat release. However, with it, as with pineapple, due to the increased acidity of the pulp, you must handle carefully.
  11. Orange - a universal fruit can be said to be suitable for any skin. The abundance of vitamins and essential oils in it make the skin velvety and fresh.
  12. Grapes - a storehouse of vitamins and a source of phosphorus - not only perfectly cleanses the skin, but improves its turgor, it returns a natural complexion.
  13. Raspberry is a remedy for moisturizing and freshness of the skin.
  14. Kiwi, in which a "collection" of vitamins and organic acids is collected, is very useful for skin health. This fruit cleanses, and tones, and improves the elasticity of the skin.
  15. The pear containing the disinfecting elements acts as a soap and anti-acne remedy - "two in one".

Caskets of fruit recipes

Now that you know what are useful face masks from fruits and vegetables, you can go to the recipes. Ready? Choose fruit or berries for the season and stay beautiful and attractive!

Instant Mask from Strawberry

Begins the "procession" of the best fruit masks for the face strawberry composition - the flagship of home beauty salons, as you already understood. To prepare the mixture, choose the most juicy, ripe berries, check if there are any rotten ones among them.

So, prepare such products:

  • strawberry;
  • home honey;
  • milk;
  • cotton wool;
  • glass bowl;
  • plug.

Cut 3 large berries with a fork. Add a small spoonful of honey to the strawberry puree. Stir and for 10 minutes, apply a slurry on the face, you can treat and neck. At the end of the period with the help of massage movements, remove the berry residues with a cotton disc moistened in warm milk. If everything is done correctly, the reflection in the mirror will surprise you, since the effect of this mask for a face from fruits is instant, and what strawberries are capable of, you already know.

This is important to know! Do you like any recipe? Do you want to try it? First, do an allergy test. A piece of fruit - the "main character" of the recipe or an already finished mask, put on a gentle area in the area of ​​the elbow bend. After 10 minutes, check the skin reaction. If there is no irritation, red spots, itch, then you can put such a composition in your "collection" of home cosmetic procedures.

Banana recipe: old age - no

It is necessary to recognize that rejuvenating fruit face masks are most in demand. Probably, it is superfluous to explain why, because our mentality is difficult to correct - often we start to do something only when we see the first wrinkles. It's good that there are bananas that are always ready to compete for your youth. An additional advantage of this overseas fruit is its complete safety, whereas, for example, the same strawberry can cause allergy.

For a recipe, you need to choose a mature, but not ripe banana. Next, cut the fruit into several pieces, so that it is more convenient to stretch it with a fork. After grinding, pour cream into the slurry( a few spoons).Then, stirring, pour a little flour / starch - so that the mass has a consistency of sour cream.

The finished compound is applied by layers - each subsequent after the drying of the previous one. As the mixture ends, cover your face with gauze and rest for half an hour. Remove the remnants of beauticians advise cotton pads, moistened with water. The course of treatment for wrinkles includes 10 procedures performed at intervals of every other day.

The universal mask of an orange

As you already understood, a sun fruit is a universal remedy, so do not be afraid that your skin will react with some whim.

It is worth paying attention! To prepare an orange mask, it is recommended to buy fruits with a light orange, not particularly thick skin, for example, the famous "Valencia".In it, the maximum concentration of vitamins.

For the most simple orange mask you will only need orange fruit juice, naturally, fresh, and not cold. Before the procedure, apply a nourishing cream on the area of ​​the eyelids to protect the delicate skin from the fruit acid. Further everything is simple: take a gauze napkin, dip it into juice, squeeze a little and carefully put it on your face. The same can be done with the neck. Check that the gauze is snug to the skin tightly. Minute 20 lie down, enjoy your favorite music. Then remove the gauze and rinse your face with cool water. The tide of freshness, beauty and wonderful mood is assured to you!

Fresh fruit face masks at home - a real "wand-zashchalochka."Use the miraculous powers of nature and stay young and beautiful!

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