Jojoba oil for face: the best recipes for home cosmetics

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Jojoba oil is a truly unique product with a thousand-year history, which earned the respectable title of Liquid Gold. It is one of the most effective lipid components of modern natural cosmetics. Jojoba oil for the face can be used alone or in combination with other ingredients. The universal properties of the oil make it an optimal means for skin care, allowing to solve many cosmetic problems. Today we will tell you some original ideas for preparing home facial cosmetics based on jojoba oil and a variety of natural ingredients.

  • Video about jojoba oil production
  • How useful jojoba oil for facial skin
  • Home cosmetics for the face based on jojoba oil
  • Refreshing face mask
  • Lip balm
  • Milk compress for oily skin
  • Moisturizing facial oil
  • Tighteningmask with a smoothing effect
  • Nourishing mask for problem skin
  • Nourishing oil for the care of mature skin
  • Smoothing oil for the skin around the eyes
  • Action of natural oils on the skin

Video about the production of jojoba oil

How useful jojoba oil for the face skin

  • Improves the condition and slowing down aging of any skin type. Returns the tone of the lost elasticity, fading, flabby skin with pronounced signs of aging.
  • Superbly moisturizes, nourishes, softens, increases the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, removes peeling, smoothes fine wrinkles and significantly reduces deep wrinkles.
  • Has a soothing and harmonizing effect, therefore it is effectively used for the care of sensitive skin, prone to redness, rashes and constant irritations.
  • Beneficial effect on the condition of problem skin, affected by acne, acne and comedones - helps to get rid of the existing ones and prevents the appearance of new ones. Does not clog pores. Normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands. With regular use, foci of inflammation gradually reduce, and then completely disappear.
  • Has a curative effect on the skin with such diseases as dermatitis, eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis.
  • Ideal for the care of delicate and delicate skin around the eyes - deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the eyelids, protects against the negative effects of external environmental factors, reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, smoothes shallow "crow's feet" in the corners of the eyes.
  • Improves texture and complexion, promotes better absorption of vitamin D skin cells by exposure to sunlight, and helps prevent possible skin irritations after facial hair removal.
  • Suitable for lubricating weather-beaten, over-dried and chapped lips.

Home cosmetics for the face based on jojoba oil

Refreshing face mask

Avocado pulp mixed with grated cucumber. The resulting mass is enriched with 1 tsp.jojoba oil. Stir until a uniform consistency is obtained. Apply to the cleansed face, neck and décolleté zone. Leave the mask for 15-20 minutes. Rinse your face with warm water. Suitable for all skin types. Perfectly moisturizes and refreshes. Cucumber perfectly cleanses, narrows enlarged pores and tones up the skin. Jojoba oil and avocado intensively nourish, moisturize, make the skin soft and tender.

Therapeutic lip balm

5 cocoa butter dissolved on a steam bath. Add 40 ml of jojoba oil, 10 ml of calendula oil, 10 gnathic beeswax and 10 drops of vanilla oil. All mix and cool. Ready balsam stored in the refrigerator and used as needed to care for the lips. Cacao and jojoba oils perfectly nourish, moisturize, soften, revitalize, tone up the skin and perfectly protect the lips from weathering. Bee wax moisturizes and, together with calendula, helps restore the delicate skin of the lips. Balm perfectly helps with dry, chapped, chapped lips.

Milk wrap for oily skin

To 50 ml of warm milk add 20 ml of jojoba oil, 2 drops of bergamot oil, 1 drop of geranium oil, 2 drops of sandalwood oil, 3 drops of lavender oil, 2 drops of myrtle oil. Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Wet a clean wide linen or gauze cloth( gauze folded in several layers) in the resulting mixture. Attach to the face. When it cools down, replace with a new cloth moistened with a mixture. Repeat several times. After the procedure, rinse your face with water at room temperature and rub it with an ice cube. Compress is preferably done after cleansing the face. After the compress, the massage or nourishing mask will be especially beneficial on the skin. Compress very well affects fatty, acne prone skin. Has anti-inflammatory, soothing and antiseptic effect.

Moisturizing facial oil

Use vegetable oils as a base: 50 ml of jojoba oil and 50 ml of almond oil. Add 10 drops of geranium oil, 10 drops of rose oil, 2 drops of sandalwood oil and 5 drops of lavender oil to the resulting base. Mix well until a uniform creamy mass is formed. Use to moisturize the skin. Delicate jojoba and almond oils perfectly moisturize, soften, nourish the skin, and together with the selected complex of essential oils also contribute to the smoothing of wrinkles.

Tightening mask with a smoothing effect

1 yolk mixed with a tablespoon of jojoba oil, 1 tbsp.freshly squeezed lemon juice and a teaspoon of liquid honey. Stir until a creamy mass forms. Apply to a pre-cleaned face. Leave for a quarter of an hour. Rinse with lukewarm water. Egg yolk contains a large number of substances useful for the skin. Jojoba oil provides deep nutrition and hydration. Honey, rich in phytohormones and biologically active substances, perfectly softens, stimulates blood circulation in the skin, smooths the complexion. Lemon - refreshes, whitens and tones. The mask is excellent for sagging, fading skin. With regular application, significantly increases the elasticity and elasticity of the skin of the face.

Nourishing mask for problem skin

Mix 1 tbsp.jojoba oil with a couple of teaspoons of black cumin oil. Put on the steam bath. Stir well until the wax is completely dissolved. Enrich with 5 drops of bergamot oil, 2 drops of juniper oil, 2 drops of rosemary oil and 1 drop of basil oil. Stir to a homogeneous consistency. Apply to pre-cleaned skin. Leave for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. The oils of jojoba and black cumin have excellent antiseptic, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties. Perfectly suitable for caring for problem, inflamed, oily skin. Together with the selected composition of essential oils with regular use contribute to the normalization of the sebaceous glands.

Nourishing oil for mature skin care

Use 50 ml of jojoba oil as a base. Add 2 drops of geranium oil, 1 drop of rosewood oil, 2 drops of lavender oil and 4 drops of sandalwood oil. All the mix well. Apply to well-cleansed face and neck. Perfectly moisturizes, nourishes, slows down the aging process. Jojoba oil, enhanced by the action of geranium, lavender and rosewood, contributes to skin turgor and wrinkles.

Smoothing oil for the skin around the eyes

2 tsp. Jojoba oil mixed with a couple of teaspoons of avocado oil. The mixture obtained is enriched with 2 drops of mint oil and 2 drops of fennel oil. Ready mix can be stored in the refrigerator in a sealed jar. Use daily in the morning and in the evening. Apply a small amount of the mixture on the eyelid skin, lightly patting the index finger pads. The delicate texture is perfectly absorbed. Light oils of mint and fennel are ideally suited for the delicate skin around the eyes and help to smooth wrinkles.

The action of natural oils on the skin

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