The best face masks for your skin by your skin types: rules of procedure and recipes

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The miraculous capabilities of face masks have been open for a long time, just now undeservedly forgotten. Ask your moms, grandmothers, review Soviet films and you'll see that you used to practice a healthier way - a natural way of skin care."It was so simple in those days that there were no high-quality products, from which the counters are now bursting" - you will rightly notice, and, unfortunately, will be mistaken. Procedures based on natural products by force of action are no worse than the use of expensive creams, and even about the difference in price and can not speak: perhaps, thanks to this savings, save yourself a fur coat-dream. Are they intrigued? Then get acquainted: the best face masks for skin types.

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Contents of the

Guidelines for the use of
  • masks Recommendations for the procedure
  • Recipes for different types of skin
  • For fat
  • For dry
  • Collection of masks for all occasions
  • Video recipe for facial masks
  • Short form:

    mask application rulesBefore you start to get acquainted with the recipes, you should learn the basics: how and when it is better to make facial masks, how many to keep them, what to wash off and so on.

    Recommendations for the procedure

    As cosmetologists say, the best face mask is correctly made, based on a proven recipe. On effective compositions, we'll talk later, but for now learn the rules for the use of masks:

    1. Full course is the basis of success. As a rule( depending on the recipe), to achieve the desired result, you need to go through a cycle of 10-15 sessions. If you decide to pamper your skin without waiting for serious problems - for health, but just keep in mind that the part is also not worth it, because your face will not withstand the serious onslaught even if useful substances. The "golden mean" in this plan is 2 procedures a week.
    2. The duration of the mask is as important as its composition. Strictly adhere to the terms specified in the recipe you have chosen. It is not necessary to keep the mixture on the face for longer to strengthen the effect, otherwise you risk reaching the opposite result. Typically, the duration of the procedure varies between 15-30 minutes.
    3. Before applying the composition, you must free the skin of cosmetics and dirt. It will not be superfluous to steam up the face, then the effectiveness of the mask will increase.
    4. In the process of making mixtures in strictness, follow the recommendations of the selected recipe.
    5. Prepare the preparation immediately before the procedure to use immediately.
    6. To avoid allergic reactions, carry out a test with each new formulation, applying a droplet of the mixture to the wrist area. If you do not see the redness, irritation or burn after half an hour, you can continue.
    7. During the procedure, do not strain the muscles, the person needs complete rest. Speak, laugh, sing is allowed only after a beauty session.
    8. The remnants of the product should be washed off with either normal, mineral or filtered water( always warm).
    9. After the procedure, cosmetologists are advised to take advantage of the usual moisturizer for your skin.
    10. At the end of the course of procedures, it is recommended to change the recipe, as the skin gets used to the same composition and the effectiveness of the mask is reduced.

    It is worth paying attention! What is the best, best face mask? First, based on a properly selected recipe - "sharpened" for a specific problem. Secondly, taking into account seasonality, since in winter and summer the means can differ in the action and composition.

    If for you the best face masks are purchased, then apply them strictly according to the instructions, and we will return to home recipes.

    Recipes for different types of skin

    For fat

    The owners of this skin type are concerned about the increased production of sebum, glitter, inflammation and acne on the forehead and near the nose. But not everything is so bad, because it is oily skin that remains young for longer, because of the abundant natural lubrication, wrinkles bypass it. And if you still take on the "weapons" the best face masks, then automatically, as they say, "in the ladies".

    So, what are we holding the course for? First of all, narrow the enlarged pores to remove fatty gloss and pimples.

    • Yeast mask

    A slice( the size of a cherry) of fresh yeast should be dissolved in lemon juice and put on for 20 minutes. Wash off the leftovers, as you remember, with warm water. You can use a cotton disc.

    • Protein mix

    Whisk the protein( if you choose quail, then two).Dip a cotton swab into it and lead it over your face. When the layer dries, apply a second, third. Then leave this protein "cake" for 15 minutes alone. How to wash off - you already know.

    • Strawberries with curds

    Imagine, this delicious berries with curd can be taken not only inward. Take the strawberries and bazaar cottage cheese in equal proportions, mash to a consistency of mashed potatoes. Apply the composition according to the scenario of the protein recipe - in several layers.

    • Clay mask

    Everything is pretty simple. Buy a bag of blue clay. Spoon the powder dilute with water until the density of homemade sour cream, then add a teaspoon of oil( peach or olive) to the mixture. Apply for 20 minutes.

    • Apple Ingredients

    Small apples grind or grind them in a combine. In the mashed potatize a few pinch of fiber, mix and apply for 20 minutes. But the apple remedy should be washed off with cool water.

    • Cleansing mixture for oily skin

    Mix 1 tbsp.fresh milk and gelatin, as well as a tablet of ordinary activated carbon. The resulting gruel is heated( on a couple or in a microwave oven).Further - under the scenario of a protein mask.

    For dry

    This type of skin is special - tender and sensitive, prone to irritation, peeling, dryness, and, consequently, the appearance of wrinkles. Even the remnants of the mixture with dry skin is recommended to remove not water, and milk, infusion of herbs. Masks for sensitive skin are a real medicine. Only it is necessary to choose the composition of mixtures correctly, giving preference to such ingredients as honey, butter, oatmeal, dairy products. Do not forget about the herbs, leaning on mint, chamomile, string, nettle.

    So, the best face masks at home for dry skin.

    • Honey-honey mask

    A tablespoon of honey should be heated, not boiling, in a water bath. Then pour in as much milk, crumble the crumb of black bread and add an ampoule of chemist's vitamin A. Apply. The duration of the procedure is a quarter of an hour.

    • Egg-oat mask

    This mixture is one of the best face masks with dry skin. The recipe is very simple: rub a soup spoon of flakes with yolk and apply the composition for 15 minutes.

    • Mint recipe

    For this mask, you must first prepare a mint broth. Leaves of mint( it is better to buy a pharmacy option) pour boiling water, proceeding from proportions of 1: 3, bring to a boil and cook the infusion of minute 3. Cool the liquid, drain, soak the gauze, which should be applied to the face for 15 minutes.

    • Potato Nourishing Mask

    Pour a little warm milk( to the state of liquid mango) and a few drops of glycerin in the mashed potatoes. Stir the mixture well, apply on the skin for 20 minutes. To wash off structure advise infusion of a camomile which can be prepared, following the instruction on a drugstore packing.

    • Dill mixture from wrinkles

    Need a spoon of finely chopped dill, in which you need to pour as much olive oil and a couple of pinch of oat flour - to the consistency of gruel. The mask of dill is applied for 20 minutes, washed off with milk.

    Collection of masks for all occasions

    Let's start with a nourishing mask suitable for all skin types, without exception.

    • Universal food

    Grind the celery and mix it with oatmeal, sour cream and homemade cottage cheese. Proportions are equal, you can take each ingredient on a spoon.

    • Anti-inflammatory mask

    If the skin is prone to irritation, peeling off, it is weather-beaten, then try this recipe: mix fresh cottage cheese with the decoction of chamomile until a creamy mass is obtained. Apply the compound for a quarter of an hour.

    • Clarifying mask

    Fresh parsley to grind( you need 2 tablespoons of detailed greens), mix with honey( about 1 tablespoon) and a few drops of lemon juice. Keep this mixture on your face for a quarter of an hour.

    • Recipe for improvement of tonus

    Mint leaves grind, take 2 tablespoonssuch greenery and mixed with olive oil and oat flour( 1 tablespoon).The density of the mixture can be adjusted by means of flour or oil. Apply the compound for 20 minutes.

    • Rejuvenating mask

    Third of a banana to mash with a fork, add in puree yolk and a teaspoon of market honey and sour cream. Keep the rejuvenating composition on the face for 15 minutes.

    Which mask from the presented collection is the best, it's up to you - after the first test.

    Video recipe for face masks

    In secret

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