Masks of banana: the best recipes for the face from wrinkles and pimples at home

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Beautiful skin attracts the admiring looks of others, makes the eyes more expressive, gives confidence to their owners, and just lifts their spirits. And most of the products in the kitchen are capable of bringing us to perfection. It is even better to use them in a complex. For example, a banana mask with the addition of other ingredients simply "make" the skin shine.

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  • Use of bananas for external use
  • Important nuances of procedure
  • The best recipes for face
  • For tired skin
  • For tone alignment
  • "Medicine" for mature ladies
  • For dry skin
  • With acne
  • Banana pleasure for hair
  • Video recipe for banana maskfrom Olga Seymour

Benefits of bananas for external use

Beautiful and delicious exotic fruits bring great benefits to the body. They are a storehouse of vitamins A and C, potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium, contain malic acid, proteins, carbohydrates, tannins. Thanks to these qualities, bananas are used in professional cosmetology and home ca

re for their beauty. Self-cooked banana masks are able to fix defective skin, and make healthy even more beautiful.

Procedures solve a number of problems:

  • relieve irritation;
  • reduces wrinkles;
  • moisturize dry skin and matt greasy;
  • allow you to forget about pimples and traces of the post-acne;
  • accelerate metabolic processes, remove toxins from the epidermis;
  • cleans pores;
  • levels the skin tone, giving it a light, healthy glow.

You can use banana masks at any age for different skin types. The only contraindication to use is the intolerance of overseas fruit, but it appears in very few people. The main thing is to choose the right ingredients.

Important nuances of the procedure

There are almost 40 varieties of bananas, but not all can benefit our body. And it does not matter whether they are intended for food intake or external care. And for the effectiveness of the procedure you must follow certain rules:

  • To make a mask from a banana, you need to choose a medium-sized fruit with a yellow skin, without rot and other defects. Beauty can only be provided by fresh ingredients in the composition of the prepared product.
  • The basis of the mask is a banana, softened with a fork or in a blender.
  • The agent on the face is applied in 2 layers and remains for an action within half an hour( this is almost twice as long as other similar procedures).At this time it is better to be in a horizontal position.
  • Remove gruel is more convenient with a damp cosmetic disc, then wash with cool water.
  • You can spend sessions at home up to 2 times a week. The best result will be coursework procedures for 1-1.5 months.

The best recipes for the face

The banana itself can refresh and rejuvenate the face. To do this, it is not necessary to knead it - just use thin pieces of fruit. But the best effect will have a remedy prepared with the addition of other ingredients.

For tired skin

Make a flabby skin supple mask will help with banana and honey. One tablespoon of goodies is enough.

This is important! Before the procedure, it is worthwhile to conduct a sensitivity test, so that later you do not have to deal with allergies.

The same function is performed by a banana mask and grated potato( the proportions are approximately the same).

For leveling the tone

In the prepared basis is to add finely chopped parsley and kefir. Cream, yogurt or milk will help to make the skin "fresh".

"Medication" for mature ladies

To return the skin to youth and radiance will help wipe the home made cottage cheese. The composition of the banana mask from wrinkles includes egg yolk( you can use chicken and quail eggs), honey, steamed oat flakes. Recipes can be applied differently, alternating or connecting together suitable components.

For dry skin

Add 1 teaspoon of cosmetic oil( peach, olive, almond, grape seeds or wheat sprouts) to the prepared banana gruel. You can do just cream or sour cream of high fat content.

with acne

You can rid yourself of acne with a banana-lemon mask. Citrus juice should be freshly squeezed( about 1 teaspoonful).As a substitute for this task, apple cider vinegar is quite manageable.

That's interesting! To improve the result, a preliminary steaming of the face over the herbal decoction will help.

Banana pleasure for hair

Priceless fruit composition is a real find for restoring the structure of hair. The only negative point in the procedure is the difficult removal of the mask. But to avoid this is not so difficult.

  • Cooking mixture is necessary only with a blender( the plug will not work).You can add dairy products, honey, egg yolk, sea salt. The number of ingredients depends on the length and thickness of the hair.
  • When using any recipe as an additional component, you must include olive oil( 1 tablespoon).
  • After the exposure time( 20-30 minutes), do not flush the banana mask with shampoo.

To restore the health of the hair, it is sufficient to conduct weekly sessions. The curls will become silky and will acquire a healthy shine.

You can take care of yourself and achieve excellent results at home. But the procedures( for the face, body or hair) should be carried out with a certain periodicity.

Video recipe for a banana mask from Olga Seymour

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