Mask of yeast from acne: recipes and rules for home use

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Many people in my life had to deal with the problem of acne. One lucky enough to leave the problem in adolescence, others are familiar with it and now. Acne rash or acne is a cosmetic defect that people face at any age. Inflamed skin and pimples in the most visible places spoil the mood and cause self-doubt. In pursuit of radiant, healthy skin, women use drugs that do not justify themselves. Often the use of simple ingredients gives an unexpectedly stunning result. A mask of yeast is an example of such a remedy.

  • Healthy body - a guarantee of beautiful skin
  • Useful masks on yeast
  • Chemical composition of
  • Indications for use
  • Rules for the use of hydrogen peroxide
  • Video recipe: rejuvenating mask for yeast
  • Masks from yeast from acne
  • Recipes for different skin types
  • Video- the recipe for the preparation of a budget mask for acne

Healthy body - the guarantee of beautiful skin

It is important to remember that the treatment of the disease should be c

omplex. Extremely external effects on the skin may not be effective enough. It is necessary to identify the causes of inflammation and eliminate them. Hormonal disorders, disruptions in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, bad habits - not a complete list. The consequence can be purulent rashes and unhealthy complexion.

It is worth remembering that rational nutrition, rejection of bad habits, healthy sleep - the necessary conditions for the treatment of the disease. When problems of an internal character are solved, it is possible to start cleaning and caring for the affected skin. Masks from yeast are very well proven. Applying also hydrogen peroxide, we get a very effective remedy for the treatment of acne.

How useful are the masks on yeast

Chemical composition

Yeast is a unicellular fungus, used by humans for a long time. In addition to direct application - for baking - they are widely used in cosmetology. Yeast has a unique chemical composition, due to which quickly and effectively improve the skin condition. They contain such useful substances:

  • vitamins of group B - update, tone the skin;
  • amino acids - help the production of collagen, promote elasticity;
  • vitamin E - promotes cell regeneration;
  • vitamin H - moisturizes the skin;
  • microelements( potassium, calcium, iron, copper zinc) - are involved in metabolic processes, improve the overall condition.

Indications for use

Masks from yeast are effective in many cases. Owners of oily skin help to remove inflammation, remove shine and narrow pores. Perfectly cope with purulent pimples and comedones.

Withering mature skin of the mask will return elasticity, will make it tight and elastic.

With the formation of scarring, the appearance of red spots, the product improves the complexion, making it dull.

Rules for the use of hydrogen peroxide

The drug is a strong oxidant that allows it to fight microorganisms that cause inflammation. In this case, peroxide can damage the skin cells, causing a burn. Use only in diluted form. May cause an allergic reaction.

It's important to know! A hydrogen peroxide-based agent should not be used more than once a week.

Video recipe: rejuvenating mask on yeast

Masks from yeast from acne

  • With hydrogen peroxide

Mix two tablespoons of yeast with hydrogen peroxide( 3%) until the desired consistency. The received mass to process only the amazed sites! After a few minutes repeat the procedure. After a three-fold application, the skin should be cleaned of the mask and rinsed with cool water.

  • With lemon juice

Spread a tablespoon of yeast with warm water. Add 0.5 tablespoon of lemon juice. Put the cleaner on a clean face for 15 minutes.

  • With kefir and clay

Mix two tablespoons of dry yeast with warm water. The resulting mass must be fermented for 30 minutes. After that add the following ingredients: 10 teaspoons of honey, kefir and blue clay. Apply the mask for 10 minutes, rinse, rinse the face with herbal decoction.

  • With rye flour

For the preparation, take one tablespoon of yeast and rye flour. Blend the mixture with warm water until smooth. Leave the mixture for 10 minutes, then apply to clean skin. After 20 minutes, rinse. The mask helps to get rid of black spots.

  • With egg, butter and honey

Diluted yeast mixed with egg yolk, one tablespoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of honey. Mixture in the form of thick sour cream to put on the face. After 15 minutes, rinse.

Recipes for different skin types

  • With

vegetable oil Yeasts are effective not only in combating acne and inflammation, but also have a positive effect on dry and fading skin. A tablespoon of the product should be mixed with warm olive oil or other oil. Kasha should be applied for 15 minutes. After the procedure it is not advisable to use the cream.

  • With fruit juice

Tablespoon dry powder dilute fruit juice( apple, grape).To give the chance to wander. Apply the mixture for 15 minutes.

  • With cucumber juice

Yeast-based products help to get rid of freckles and pigmented spots. Mix two teaspoons of diluted yeast with the same amount of cucumber juice. Apply the mask for 20 minutes. After the procedure, it is recommended to use a cream.

Masks based on yeast are universal and easy to use. They are suitable for people of any age with any type of skin. The received products are safe and due to natural components practically do not cause side effects.

Video recipe for preparing a budget mask for acne

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