Gelatin mask for the face - recipes for instant skin renewal at home

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Mask-films are less common in home cosmetology because of the rather troublesome way of preparation. Gelatin mask for the face, although it consists of inexpensive ingredients, but it takes more time for preparatory work. But the effect is worth it: an impenetrable gelatin film creates unique conditions on the surface of the skin, allowing tissues to remove unnecessary trace elements and assimilate necessary ones.

  • Effect of gelatinous face masks
  • Mechanism of operation of masked films
  • Cleaning
  • Suspension
  • Power
  • Correct removal of gelatin mask
  • Recipes of gelatin-based masks
  • Video-tip: prescription of pull-up gelatin mask

Effect of gelatinous face masks

Any gelatin maskconsists of two main components: the gelatin itself and the nutritional formula. The effectiveness of the mask is provided by both these components. The active compound is selected depending on the purpose of the mask, and gelatin, rich in collagen fibers, affects the elasticity and

tone of the skin. As a result, the gelatin mask for the body and face can be useful for a variety of skin problems, for example:

  • dryness;
  • sagging;
  • presence of black dots;
  • looseness and open pores;
  • addiction to the formation of acne.

Mechanism of operation of mask-films

Gelatin masks for the face are unique in their structure and effect. The mechanism of their action is different from most popular home recipes.


The gelatinous mass applied from the liquid to the skin on the skin dries up. Between the surface of the skin and the formed film there is no air gap, so a vacuum effect is created. It literally drains from the open pores all the accumulated domestic dirt, sebaceous plugs and slags. Therefore, the gelatinous mask from acne shows an excellent result even with the first application.

For young skin, cleaning with a gelatin composition can be more stringent. To do this, the film simply pulls off the skin with sharp movements, and on it, like sticky scotch, there are all the keratinized skin particles. It is often impossible to carry out such cleaning, but monthly application in combination with a good protective cream will allow the skin even in frosty months not to coarsen, keeping softness and tenderness.


The effect of the braces, so necessary to the age skin, is achieved by the mechanism of gelatin drying on the skin. The gelatin mask from wrinkles is pulled together and causes the skin to take the prescribed form. Active substances at this time saturate the tissue. Single effect is not so clearly visible, but with regular weekly use, the gelatinous anti-wrinkle mask gives an effect comparable to mesotherapy. A prerequisite is the fulfillment of rules for removing the mask-film from the age skin.


When applying a mask of the usual consistency, some of the composition evaporates, which greatly reduces the efficiency of the procedure. Especially, if we are talking about volatile substances, for example, essential oils. Under the gelatin film, this process is eliminated, the composition completely disappears into the skin, having a beneficial effect. Nutritional gelatinous facial masks are superior in performance to analogs, even with a completely identical composition. Having determined your own type of skin and the goals for which the gelatin mask is prepared, the recipe is selected individually.

Correct removal of gelatin mask

Cosmetologists refer to the practice of masked films at home with caution. This is explained by the greater risk of damage to the skin due to improper use of the formulations. Gelatin masks when pulled from the face entirely, as it is often shown in foreign series, stretch the skin. This leads to early formation of wrinkles and aggravation of existing ones.

Specialists warn that this technique is only possible with a young, elastic skin. After 30 years, the film from the face must be removed only by dissolution. For delicate removal of the mask, it takes a long time to wet the surface with warm water, softening gelatin. The process is laborious, but only it guarantees no side effects.

Gelatin-based masks

The principle of pre-preparation of gelatin is unique for any type of masks. A teaspoon of crystals is filled with a triple volume of water for half an hour for swelling. The mass is heated in a water bath until the grains are completely dissolved. The finished composition is added to the mixture prepared for the mask.

  • Refreshing with milk and cabbage juice

Gelatin mask with milk perfectly refreshes tired skin. In the prepared gelatin solution in advance, add 2 tablespoons of milk and cabbage juice. This mask will remove redness and itching from inflamed skin, and also prevent the effects of UV burn from prolonged exposure to the sun.

  • Rejuvenating with glycerin

For two spoons of diluted gelatin, the same volume of glycerin is taken. Both substances are heated in a water bath before mixing. The composition adds a teaspoon of honey, after which the mass is thoroughly mixed.

  • From acne and acne with protein

The composition includes equal amounts of gelatin and egg white. From the problem areas, the mask is pulled off in a dry or slightly dissolved form. A few drops of tea tree oil in the composition will enhance the effect.

Gelatin masks are effective not only for the face. It is recommended to apply the same composition to both the neck and the zone of the second chin. This will tighten the outline and return a clear outline to the face.

Video-tip: recipe for a tight gelatin mask

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