Mask for the face exfoliating: rules of application and recipes

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Exfoliating face mask is a great way to care for the skin. It is quite simple, but not inferior in effectiveness to more complex procedures. The need for it, as a rule, appears in the winter and summer. How is this explained? At this time, we suffer the most from extreme weather conditions - cold frost, a ruthless piercing wind and a scorching scorching sun. All this is a serious test for the skin. How to mitigate the consequences of negative impacts? This is helped by effective home masks, which will be discussed in our article.

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Contents of

Skin peeling
  • Skin peeling masks
  • Milk based remedy
  • Therapeutic mixture with vegetable oil
  • Carrot and oil mask
  • Video recipe for oatmeal and rice masks
  • Gentle scrub with baking soda
  • Forest nuts for skin
  • How to achievemaximum effect
  • Face preparation
  • Proper use of masks
  • Reasons for skin peeling

    If you constantly feel dry skin, then one of the first reasons can be dehydrationcells. It occurs f

    or various reasons. Among them - changes in the environment, some diseases and a lack of water consumption. The last reason can be reflected both on health in general and on the condition of the skin. Therefore, throughout the day, be sure to drink clean water - at least 1.5 liters per day.

    In some cases, the cause of peeling may be skin diseases or malfunctioning of the internal organs. So do not delay the visit to the doctor, perhaps you will need not masks, but chemist's creams and medications that are taken inside.

    Recipes for exfoliating masks

    After trying a few masks, you can choose the one that will be most effective for you.

    Means based on dairy products

    Nourishing mask with milk cream and butter is used for strong peeling of the face. The ingredients are taken in equal proportions and mixed well. Then a teaspoon of the mixture should be mixed with pre-ground oat flakes. The resulting composition is evenly applied to the face, but it is desirable to give special attention to problem areas.

    The duration of the procedure will depend on the degree of the problem and can fluctuate within 20-40 minutes. After the expiration of this time, the mask needs to be washed off. Use for this not ordinary water, but the remnants of slightly warmed milk.

    Therapeutic mixture with vegetable oil

    Magnificent exfoliating face masks at home can be prepared on the basis of linseed or olive oil. It is enough to take 1 teaspoon of this product and shift it with ground oat flakes. The resulting mass is gently applied to the skin and is lightly massaged.

    Please note! When dry skin on the face may appear areas with painful cracks. They need to be treated with a curative composition prepared from sea buckthorn oil and aloe pulp. Each component has excellent regenerating properties and promotes healing of wounds, scratches, cracks, and also removes irritation caused by peeling.

    Carrot-oil mask

    This compound can be used in case of such unpleasant sensations as tightness of the skin. It is prepared from grated fresh carrots and olive oil( approximately 1h spoon).The resulting mixture is uniformly applied to a clean face and allowed to stand for 30 minutes. Wash off the mask with a cotton disc moistened in warm milk.

    Video Recipe of Oatmeal and Rice Mask

    Gentle scrub with baking soda

    This mask is made with crushed oatmeal and baking soda that are diluted with water. All components are taken in the same proportion, for example, 1 tbsp.spoon. The mixture is rubbed into the skin of the face with light massage movements, and after 7-10 minutes it is washed off.

    Important! During cleaning procedures, try not to wash your face with tap water. Wash off masks and makeup, using warm boiled water, warmed milk, herbal decoction or a special cosmetic tonic.

    Forest nuts for leather

    This is a universal cleaning method that is suitable for any type of skin. Well chop 3-5 kernels of hazelnut, add to it 1 tbsp.spoon of any vegetable oil and 1 tbsp.spoon of orange juice. This mask is not recommended to keep on the face for more than 15 minutes.

    How to achieve maximum effect

    Face preparation

    Skin to masks must be prepared. This contributes to better penetration of substances that enter the mask from peeling skin on the face. This is a peeling or gentle scrub. They are also called "exfoliants" - the means that help purify the skin from dead and dead cells. Without this process, a further fight against peeling of the skin and its dryness can be ineffective. The purpose of the peelings is to clean the epithelium, whose dead layers interfere with the penetration and action of lotions, tonics, nourishing and moisturizing creams.

    As such cleaning agents, you can use coffee grounds, soaked wheat bran or oat flakes. A fine sparing of the scrub is the fine welding of black or green tea. After preparing the skin of the face, you can go directly to the masks.

    Correct use of

    masks. No matter how good the composition of the mask is, its effect is largely determined by other factors.

    • Before you apply the mask, rip and clean the face beforehand. So you let the active substances penetrate deeper into the skin and cleanse the pores well.
    • If the exfoliating face mask is prepared at home, then do not make it with a margin for the future. Remember that the components must be fresh, otherwise the composition will lose its useful properties. It is enough to prepare the mixture for one procedure.
    • Masks should be applied to the skin with light massage movements. Their goal is to gently cleanse the skin and in no case harm it. Therefore, if during the procedure you feel a burning sensation, immediately wash off the applied compound.
    • Do the procedure in a relaxed environment, when there is an opportunity to relax yourself and do the same with the muscles of the face.
    • To wash out medical compositions it is necessary very accurately. Do not rub the skin - so you will avoid her irritation and redness.
    • If the facial mask for exfoliation leaves a feeling of dryness of the skin, then apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream on it. Well eliminate this state of tonic, lotions, as well as thermal water. With regular use, these drugs give a very good effect.
    • It is important not to forget that you can moisturize the skin no later than 1 hour before going to the air. This is especially true in the cold season, otherwise the skin will begin to peel even more.
    • Masks will bring tangible benefits only when you do them regularly.

    If you apply the tips outlined in this article, then the weather changes will not affect your appearance. Let your skin be as long as possible young and healthy!

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