Masks from red spots after acne at home: simple recipes

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There's hardly anyone who has never had acne. During puberty with hormonal races, they appear even on the skin, which until this point did not deliver to its owner any problems. Even young men begin to be interested in methods of getting rid of this scourge, not to mention the girls. Moreover, it is at this age that the assessment of one's own appearance and its comparison with the image of the idols is quite serious. At this time, and appears on the dressing table of a teenager first cleansing foam and mask from spots for acne. However, having studied the composition of most of the products with such indications, it is easy to understand that it is not difficult to prepare them at home, and the look at the price tag only strengthens in the desire to try to do a mask from red spots after acne in the home.

Contents of

Contents of
  • Reasons for the appearance of acne and red spots
  • Prevention of skin defects
  • Acne maturation stages
  • Methods of process acceleration
  • Treatment of red spots after acne
  • Antibacterial preparations for skin
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Regenerating formulations
  • Clarifying masks
  • Video recipe for clay masks for removalspots after acne

Reasons for the appearance of acne and red spots

In addition to the hormonal appearance of acne provokes a number of factors:

  • seborrheaak inherited or acquired disease of the skin;
  • hyperkeratosis and lack of regular skin cleansing with this deviation;
  • disorders of the digestive system;
  • nerve shocks and stressful situations that increase sweating;
  • environmental problems of the region of residence;
  • irregular hygiene procedures or work associated with increased contamination or gas contamination of the environment;
  • allergic reactions to cosmetic or pharmaceutical preparations.

The appearance of acne is not insured by people of any gender, age and lifestyle, the mask from red spots from acne may be required both for the girl during the first menstruation, and for the adult man working in an industrial enterprise. Spots from pimples can be avoided only with the proper organization of prevention of the appearance of acne and their removal.

Prevention of skin defects

If there are many methods to prevent the formation of acne, then there is only one method to prevent the formation of painful bright spots after them: to give the pimple to mature on its own until the last stage. This does not mean that it does not need to be pressed at all, as many resources advise. This means that it is necessary to interfere with the development of the pustule in time, after the end of the inflammatory process.

Acidification stages of acne

The maturation period of acne on average is 3-4 weeks. During this period, the pimple from an unobtrusive swelling is first formed into a red painful compaction, then a subtle white point is transformed and then into a dense ball with purulent contents. An attempt to open the pimple at any of these stages is fraught with an inflammatory subcutaneous process and the formation of a scar at the site of the autopsy. In this case, even the best mask from red spots after acne will be powerless to remove the mark.

Safe opening or extrusion of acne is possible only at the last stage, which is characterized by a decrease in tension in the subcutaneous formation and flabbiness of the skin around it. In order not to put up with an ugly stain, especially if it jumped out on the face, the aging process can be accelerated, reducing to 4-5 days.

Methods for accelerating the process

There are several methods to accelerate acne warming. You can limit the compresses from cotton wool, soaked in hot water, you can increase the amount of washing with warm water. In the water for compresses, you can add a couple of spoons of sea salt. Fans of the bath can appoint for this period her visit. It provokes aging of the pimple and aloe juice, recommended by any grandmother for each wound or cut. Fixed with a patch for the night slice of aloe will accelerate the formation of the abscess and pull it closer to the surface of the skin. Of pharmacies, Vishnevsky and Levomekol ointment show good efficacy.

To apply during this period, antiseptic drugs are not worth it, they will slow the maturation of the pimple, without solving the problem.

Treatment of red spots after acne

If the pimple still was squeezed out or accidentally damaged at an early stage and a bright red spot remained on the surface of the skin, then you can get rid of it by home methods without leaving part of the budget in the pharmacy. It is necessary to know what processes occur in this period in the subcutaneous layers in order to eliminate the negative.

An effective facial mask against acne spots should solve several basic tasks: disinfect the remaining sinus from the pimple and exclude the possibility of recurrent inflammation, restore the skin and remove redness. Accordingly, the components that make up the face mask from spots after acne should perform these functions.

Antibacterial drugs for skin

Any antibiotic found in the medicine cabinet can perfectly cope with the function of eliminating bacteria in the cavity of the former pimple. A pounded streptocid tablet or boric petrolatum can be added to almost any face mask composition from acne spots. Of medicinal herbs suitable calendula, a strong broth which in this case will be the best tonic for the skin. Another little-known, but effective trick is the use of "Vizin" eye drops for these purposes.

Anti-inflammatory drugs

Anti-inflammatory drugs that are not inferior in efficiency to factory ones can be found in your own refrigerator. This effect has ginger, any algae, green tea, avocado oil and olive oil.

The latter can be used as a basis for a mask against red spots from acne, and the first in a steamed and rubbed form is added to it. A quick anti-inflammatory effect gives a mask from spots after acne from badyagi.

Regenerating formulations

Masks from spots after acne, accelerating the regeneration process, able to quickly repair damaged skin layers should contain a good set of vitamins, trace elements and fats. The egg yolk, cream, sour cream is perfect as a base. A fruit mask can be made on the basis of banana gruel.

Lightening masks

Quickly get rid of redness will help an ordinary cucumber or fresh parsley. Before adding to the mask, it is necessary to thoroughly wipe it off, while specialists in folk medicine insist on this method of grinding, which does not involve cutting the product. So the plant will give more juices, and the mask from the spots from acne will be most effective. Use common bleaching methods based on lemon juice or peroxide is possible only with complete scarring of the lesion, otherwise the mask will quite strongly pinch the skin, which will lead to even more irritation and redness.

Make an effective mask against redness from acne is not difficult: all components are easily combined and do not require exact compliance with proportions. If the problem of acne occurs too often, then a visit to a cosmetologist for detailed diagnosis and consultation is necessary, the reason for their formation may not be as harmless as it seems at first glance.

Video recipe for clay masks for removing spots after acne

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