Masks at home for the face: tightening and correcting the oval

May 20, 2018 10:30 | Face

An old saying teaches us to cherish the honor of a young man. With regard to the care of your skin, this advice is no less relevant. Begin regular procedures for the face, neck, hands are recommended after 20 years of age. In this case, it is sufficient to use nutritious, moisturizing, cleansing, tonic or bleaching agents. And since the appearance of a hint of the first wrinkles, a mask at home for a face lifting should be part of the usual weekly schedule. Maintaining tonus, elasticity, elasticity of the epidermis, you can delay the loss of youth for decades.

  • Features of home lifting
  • How to make anti-aging masks
  • Home remedies after 30 years
  • Mask for skin tightening after 45 years
  • Video prescription of pull-up mask based on starch

Features of home lifting

Deciding which masks toFacelift start using, it is important to choose the best recipes. First, the option should be suitable for a specific type of skin, solve its main problems. Secondly, the components

used should be as accessible as possible, as the composition will have to be done frequently. If there is a problem of allergies to any products - this must be taken into account, and do not apply them.

Some tools give almost instantaneous effect, but not lasting long. The action of others becomes noticeable gradually, with regular application. You can try different options. And only after that stop at the recipe, which seems most effective.

If there are no special recommendations, mask for tightening the face skin the first couple of months are applied twice a week. And when there is a visible effect, it is enough to conduct the procedure for prevention once a week( alternating with other types of care).

In the process of exposure to any mask for facelift, the face oval can not be talked. It is necessary to lie, and stay in a relaxed state. Do not allow movement of facial muscles. Otherwise, instead of getting rid of wrinkles, you can get some new ones. The session will take up to half an hour - a time that can be fully paid for and rest.

To apply face mask( for braces, like any other) - the epidermis must be prepared. Beforehand to wash off cosmetics, to use skrabom, it is better too from natural components.

How to make a mask pull-up anti-aging

Home care does not negate the use of branded quality cosmetics for the lifting effect. Visiting a cosmetologist will also contribute to the preservation of a good state of the epidermis. And yet, the use of natural products is considered the most gentle option of exposure. Providing mature skin with the right substances, they do not damage it with chemical derivatives.

Home remedies after 30 years

With a combined skin type or fat-prone, a good effect will give a recipe:

  • 1 egg white hen;
  • honey liquid( 1 tsp);
  • wheat flour( 1 tsp).

Foam is beaten from egg whites( so that you can whip better, you can add a little salt and lemon juice).Honey and flour interfere with the foam. Having made a uniform mass of the consistency, it is applied for half an hour. The composition is washed off with warm water. The moisture is dipped in a cloth or paper.

For the skin of a dry or normal similar to the effect mask for the face tightening is done as follows:

  • 1 yolk;
  • aloe vera juice( 1 tbsp.);
  • olive oil or sea buckthorn( 1 tbsp.).

All ingredients are mixed. The composition is applied to clean skin. It lasts for 20-25 minutes. It is washed off by flowing warm water.

The following mask for a facelift at home can be used for skin of different types. However, some of the ingredients are different. Take:

  • honey natural liquid( 2 tsp);
  • clay powder pharmacy or cereal flour( 1 tsp);
  • freshly squeezed citrus juice( 1 tbsp.).

Powder of clay must be diluted with a small volume of water, to obtain an average density of the mass without lumps. If there is no clay, you can take the flour, dilute it with water and bring to the form of a liquid test. In the received mass is entered honey. The citrus fruit juice is poured. The components mix well. This mask is applied for facelift, especially carefully covering its lower part and chin zone. The composition lasts 15 minutes. Then it is washed off with water. Must use a moisturizer.

For dry skin it is better to take the juice of the sweeter fruit - mandarin orange. Clay buy red or pink. If flour, then rice or oatmeal( cooked or grinded in a coffee grinder of rice or oatmeal).

With normal skin or a tendency to fat, juice is used more acidic( lemon, grapefruit, orange).Clay is chosen black, green, blue, white, yellow. Flour is suitable wheat.

Masks for skin tightening after 45 years

At this age, the procedures with components such as white cabbage and sea kale, egg whites, kefir, cream, honey, berries and fruit with acidic pulp will help improve the elasticity of the epidermis and lift the face contour. Some formulations suggest the use of gelatin, essential oils( roses, sandal, geranium, fennel, etc.), pharmacy vitamin E.

With a tendency to dryness and sensitivity, it is possible to prepare such a remedy with an excellent natural lifting effect:

  • gelatin food( 1 tsp.);
  • 1 fresh cucumber;
  • green tea( 2 tsp);
  • infusion of chamomile( 2 tsp);
  • fresh aloe juice( 1 tsp).

Cucumber rubbed on a fine grater. The resulting mass is pressed slightly, the juice is drained separately. A mixture of warm green tea, chamomile infusion, cucumber juice and gelatin is made. The composition is heated, and when it becomes thick, it is poured into the juice of aloe and cucumber. After mixing, the product is applied and kept for 20 minutes. You can repeat sessions twice a week.

Withering skin is revitalized by the following gelatinous face mask( for braces, nutrition, prevention of inflammation):

  • gelatin food( 10 g);
  • glycerin( 10 g);
  • honey( 10 g);
  • zinc oxide( 5 g);
  • water( 65 mL);
  • wide bandage.

Gelatin is poured cold water and left for an hour for swelling. The remaining constituents are triturated into a homogeneous mass. When gelatin is swollen, everything mixes up. Before being completely dissolved, it is heated on a water bath. From the wide bandage cut three strips of 30 cm in length. Dipped in gelatinous mass. Strips are superimposed on the face: the first - on the chin and the lower part, the ends are oval smoothed to the temples;the second - densely covers the forehead;the third - through the middle part, to the ears. Half an hour later, the lining is removed. It is necessary to wash with cool water.

Effective facials for the face at home, tightening and nourishing, are obtained from a powder of sea kale mixed with honey and slightly warmed with natural cream. A similar effect will also be provided by a composition of whipped raw protein mixed with a spoon of warm liquid honey. The procedure in each case lasts from 15 minutes to half an hour.

Do not expect that masks at home for facelift will be a complete replacement of plastic surgery. If there are irreversible changes in skin tissue, there will be no magic help from homemade cosmetics. But you can cope with the initial signs of wilting, a slight decrease in the tone, slightly "swam" the outline of the face. The main thing is to start the care with some favorite recipe, to observe regularity. Single measures of long-term result can not be given.

Video recipe of a pull-up mask based on starch

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