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Peeling at home is a very useful procedure for the skin. It will help to regain smoothness and velvety face, rejuvenate the woman. The most common chemical, mechanical, physical peelings. At home, you can only do mechanical peeling, as well as mild peeling with acids contained in fruits.

Why do I need deep cleaning?

The dirt accumulated on the skin adversely affects it, promotes premature aging, the appearance of inflammation, acne and acne, and also makes it difficult for skin breathing. After cleansing, the face becomes more smooth and tender, the pores are less visible, and the growth of new cells is accelerated, which promotes rejuvenation. But here it is important to remember that in no case should exfoliating agents be used in place of daily cleansers from cosmetics and dirt!

Deep cleansing should be done no more than once - twice a week, otherwise the skin may become too thin, vulnerable to infections. Even if the skin is very oily, do not clean it too often - the "confused" sebaceous glan

ds will begin to produce even more fat. If the skin is thin and dry clean it should be no more than once every two weeks, and to ensure that the irritation does not start. It is best to use gentle cream on the cream base, which includes wax. With oily skin, the exfoliation procedure should be performed more often - about once a week. If the skin is young or normal, peeling should not be abused, it is best to use products that gently cleanse the skin. But for mature skin, peelings and scrubs with a stronger effect will do.

Peeling with scrubs( mechanical peeling)

These products contain microscopic particles that can be plant, mineral or artificial( polyethylene granules, sea sand, ground apricot stones, healing clays, wax).Experts recommend giving preference to scrubs with artificial or mineral particles. It is believed that ground pits or nutshells( also a commonly used ingredient) can scratch the skin, since they have sharp edges.

How to apply a scrub?

First of all, you need to thoroughly clean the skin of dust, grease and makeup with your usual means. Then wash with warm water. It is recommended to make a steam bath. A prerequisite for a good cleansing with scrub is pure soft skin. Light movements scrub applied to the face on massage lines. The skin around the eyes is not affected! It can be processed separately with a soft massage brush. The fingers should be slightly dampened to facilitate and speed up the process. Also for the application of the product are used latex sponge, a brush for massage. It is necessary to hold a scrub on the face for about three minutes. Then the treated skin is gently massaged, again on massage lines, to enhance the effect of the procedure. After that, the scrub is washed off with a lot of water, the face is wiped with a tonic. On the skin there may be slight irritation or redness, so you need to use a nourishing cream. After peeling, a face is usually applied to the face, you can make it yourself from natural ingredients. For people with sensitive skin came up with special soft scrubs - gommage, usually they include aromatic oils, algae, wax, etc. Gommage is applied in the same way as a regular scrub. Then during the massage, he rolls his hands, simultaneously grabbing dead skin cells. This method of cleaning is usually suitable for most women, even if they have thin or dry skin. But if the skin is mature, gommage can stretch it, so you should use it with caution.

Peeling folk remedies

At home, you can carry a soft fruit peeling, more precisely contained in them acids. Fruit acid helps dissolve dead cells. Dairy products, such as yogurt, are also useful in this respect. It is important to remember here that these products are suitable for gentle care on a daily basis, and not for cleaning out cosmetics and strong contaminants. Masks of fruits( or their juice) should be applied to clean, skin. Suitable for peeling - apples, melon, raspberries, strawberries, apricots, lemon, etc. The main thing is that the used components do not have allergies. Excellent cope with exfoliating curdled milk, whey, colorless henna, as well as special cosmetic clays. All these substances are also good because they do not contain chemicals, and in addition to cleansing they nourish the skin, saturate it with vitamins, and improve the complexion.

We use a brush for peeling( brossage)

You can make a peeling with a massage brush. Such a procedure will not only remove the dead cells, but will also be a good massage, which will bring the skin a double benefit. Clear the face should be the same as before applying the scrub. Then apply exfoliating remedy and rub your face with a brush. You can use a rotating brush.

If you have a very thin, skin or face has acne, sores, irritation, cleansing procedures should be done rarely and with great care! In some cases, it is best to abandon them altogether, especially if the skin is very dry or sensitive, as well as with neurodermatitis of telangiectomy, ulcers, herpes - in general, any skin diseases. The solid particles contained in scrubs and peels will only further exacerbate the irritation, and the procedure itself will not do any good!

Doing peeling at home

The procedure will help you remove sebaceous plugs, rejuvenate wrinkled and aging skin, stimulate the outflow of sebum, smooth out scars and scars, if present on the skin, to remove soft wrinkles and pigment spots. In addition, home peeling improves the metabolism in the skin and activates immune cells.

Home peeling is done with simple food products. This coffee grounds, soda, cooked small salt "Extra".Consider simple recipes for home peelings.

  • Salt peeling

It excellently exfoliates dead cells, removes coarse layer, removes pigment spots. The skin becomes smooth, you can say "satin".

Take one tablespoon of sour cream or one teaspoon of shallow salt. Mix the ingredients. Distribute the composition throughout the face with light circular motions, rubbing the skin lightly with salt. If your skin is dry, salt it in half with baking soda. And if the skin is very thin, add more and a tablespoon of oatmeal, then the peeling will be very gentle. You can add another teaspoon of olive oil( or any vegetable).

Salt peelings can be used for the whole body or for those areas where the skin is peeling. After removing home scrub, apply a face or body moisturizer or cosmetic mask. To see the result from the use of salt peeling, the procedure must be carried out regularly, at least three times a month. It is not recommended to do such a peeling more than once a week to avoid the opposite effect.

Please note: salt peels can be used for the neck and neck area with caution. First, it should be done no more than once in 3-4 weeks. Secondly, the skin needs to be smeared with a nutritious cream immediately after removing the scrub. It is better to do the procedure before going to bed, then during the night the upper layer of the skin will have time to recover and rest.

It is not recommended to use salt scrubs during the hot season. After all, the skin is overdried and regularly undergoes direct sun exposure.

  • Oat flakes and almonds for peeling

For this gentle peeling you need to take 2 tables.spoons of oatmeal or cereal( you can grind oatmeal in a coffee grinder), peeled almond kernels( also ground in a coffee grinder).Separately mix a mixer with a teaspoon of cream with a drop of rose oil and a teaspoon of tea leaves( can be replaced with boiled water).Having combined both compositions, it is necessary to give to be insisted about 15 minutes.

Before applying scrub, moisten the face with a tissue that is moistened with water. Apply the product on face and neck, slightly warming it in your hands. Well, if the scrub remains on the skin for at least 15 minutes. After that, the scrub is washed off with warm water, and the skin is rubbed with lotion. Do not forget to apply moisturizing or nourishing cream.

This scrub can be used not only for dry and normal, but also for oily skin. For this, a teaspoon of oatmeal is added to the composition, and sour cream is replaced with skimmed milk.

  • Citrus crusts and hydrogen peroxide

Citrus peel should be well dried and ground in a coffee grinder. The resulting citrus flour is mixed with natural yoghurt, kefir, whey, other fermented milk products.

  • Coffee grounds help to cleanse the skin

The main component of the scrub is the coffee grounds. If the skin is dry or normal, you can dilute the cream with cream, sour cream or vegetable oil. For oily skin, use milk whey, kefir or curdled milk. Apply to the face in the same way as oatmeal. The procedure is similar.

  • Classic peeling with hydrogen peroxide

Bodygang is a freshwater sponge that can be purchased at a pharmacy. It should be grinded into powder, and mixed with hydrogen peroxide. Add 2 tables.spoon, add 3% hydrogen peroxide. The mixture should be creamy and at the same time intensively foaming. Immediately need to apply it on the face with a cotton swab or fingertips. Do light circular movements, gently rubbing the composition into the skin. Keep the mask on your face until it dries - 15-20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

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