Mask from aloe: recipes and contraindications

May 20, 2018 16:45 | Face

The healing properties of aloe have long been known to people, therefore the plant is used in medicine as a healing agent. Do you know that it is also used in cosmetology? If not, then the aloe mask will be a pleasant discovery for you. After it, the skin becomes not just young, but radiant. One of the legends says that such compositions were enjoyed by the unsurpassed queen Cleopatra. If you regularly use these masks at home, you will get an absolutely amazing effect. The benefits of this plant and how to prepare medicinal and anti-aging mixtures based on it will be discussed in our article.

  • Special properties of the plant
  • Special treatment of leaves
  • Effective cosmetic formulations
  • Antibacterial mask
  • For dry problem skin
  • Anti-wrinkle masks
  • Small cautions

Special properties of the plant

Strikingly, but a common houseplant can almost replace the pharmacy. It is used in the treatment of many diseases. In the leaves, antioxidants and amino acids, esse

ntial oils and minerals, phytoncides and allantoin, beta-carotene and various vitamins were found. It is not surprising that this natural fountain is widely used by professional cosmetologists.

You can also prepare masks from aloe vera at home and get at least as good:

  • First, they contain a high percentage of allantoin, which promotes good nutrition and moisturizing of the skin. Due to this enzyme, there is a deeper penetration of vitamins and microelements into it.
  • Secondly, the antioxidants present in the plant slow the oxidation processes in the cells and promote the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen. As a result, the skin becomes elastic and elastic, and signs of aging are pushed back indefinitely.
  • Third, the juice and pulp of aloe contain special enzymes. They have a beneficial effect on the skin, protecting it from inflammation, penetration of harmful bacteria and sunburn. That's why masks with aloe are used for fungal diseases of the skin, healing of scratches and cuts, to reduce swelling and itching after mosquito bites.

The combined effect of such therapeutic mixtures can greatly benefit your appearance. Only before you start preparing them, you must specially prepare the plant for later use.

Special treatment of leaves

The medicinal features of this unique green assistant lie in its ability to isolate biogenic stimulants. They have a stimulating effect on metabolic processes and activate the protective and restorative functions of the body.

To start the mechanism of formation of these biologically active substances, you need to do the following. It is necessary to cut off several lower leaves of a three-year-old plant, wash them with boiled water, wrap it in a linen and place it in a refrigerator for 12 days. After such an unusual treatment, the leaves can be used to prepare medicinal mixtures.

Effective Cosmetic Compositions

Antibacterial mask

The mask of aloe from acne, acne, fungal lesions and other skin defects is prepared in such a sequence. Take the pulp of the leaves of aloe( 100 g) t and mix it with honey( 50 g), wheat germ oil( 2 tablespoons) and vodka( 1 tablespoon).At the end, add cosmetic clay to make a creamy mass. It should be applied to the face for 20 minutes, and then washed off with warm water. This mask has a good nutritional effect and saturates the cells with useful substances.

For dry, problematic skin

If the skin on your face is peeling off and sometimes red spots appear on it, then the soothing aloe mask can help you. It is prepared from the pulp of aloe( 2 tbsp.), Cottage cheese( 2 tbsp.) And lemon juice( 1 tsp).All components are thoroughly mixed until a uniform mass is formed, which is applied to the face for 20 minutes. Flush it alternately alternating warm and cold water, and then lubricate the skin with a nutritious or moisturizing cream.

Anti-wrinkle masks

  • With greasy cream

Prepare a mixture of the pulp of aloe and fatty cream( enough to take them 1 tablespoon).Apply it to a clean face and wash it off after 15 minutes.

  • With milk and yolk

Mix together 1 yolk, 2 tbsp.spoons of the pulp of aloe and 2 tbsp.spoons of milk. Apply to face and leave for 20 minutes. For too dry skin, cream can be used instead of milk. This mask with aloe from wrinkles is suitable for any type of skin and has a rejuvenating, nutritional and moisturizing effect. It can be done 2 times a week.

  • With expanded pores

The combination of components such as oat flakes and aloe helps fight the appearance of acne, eliminates excess fat on the face and significantly narrows the enlarged pores.

Grate on a grater or chop the small cucumber in a blender, after cleaning it from the peel. Add to it 3 tbsp. Spoon the pulp of scarlet, 2 teaspoons of oatmeal and mix everything thoroughly. In the resulting mass, gradually enter the egg white, constantly whipping the contents with a whisk. The mixture is applied to the face and left for 20 minutes, after which it is rinsed off with cold water.

  • To improve the complexion of

If you have a dark complexion or have pigmented spots, you can prepare aloe masks with grated fresh potatoes. One tablespoon of gruel from the pulp of leaves is mixed with 2 tbsp.spoons of aloe juice, and then bred yogurt. The resulting mixture should be applied for 20 minutes. It perfectly refreshes, cleans, whitens and improves complexion. It should be applied 2 times a week.

You can make masks with aloe at home using other ingredients. Do not be afraid to experiment! This medicinal plant is well combined with sour-milk products, vegetable and essential oils, cosmetic clays and herbal medicinal herbs. It can be any products and substances that you use, caring for your face. Just do not forget about some security measures.

Small cautions

For all its merits, masks with aloe are not advised to apply:

  • during menstruation;
  • during pregnancy;
  • for diseases such as couperose and hypertrichosis;
  • when the active components of the plant cause allergies.

If you follow all the above recommendations, you will see a positive result after several sessions. The miraculous properties of this amazing plant will make you younger, more attractive and more confident. We wish you joy and good mood!

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