Mask for the face of honey: recipes for home cooking

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Professional cosmetologists, traditional healers and doctors agree in one: the unique properties of honey really help to maintain youth and well-being with proper use. Even our great-grandmothers knew that tea with lime honey soothes and gives a strong sleep, and honey-salt wipes in a Russian bath make the skin supple and healthy. A home face mask made from honey with fruit, milk and other ingredients will help to keep the skin fresh, make it smooth and rosy.

  • Healing power of honey
  • Recommendations and contraindications for use
  • Video from a fan of honey masks
  • Masks based on honey
  • Salt and soda for skin cleansing
  • Nourishing dairy and curd masks
  • Ginger for restoring the tone
  • Bleaching and matting with lemon juice

Healing powerhoney

Scrolling through the books and looking at the websites, which only recipes with honey you will not see! Here and sweet wraps, and magic scrubs, and quite painful, but effective massage, and descriptions of numerous too

ls to increase hair growth, face rejuvenation and the whole body. And it's not surprising: this natural product contains a record number of vitamins and minerals that our body needs. Calcium strengthens hair and nails, magnesium protects from early gray hair, iron provides the process of hematopoiesis - this list can be continued indefinitely.

The thick, viscous consistency of the product makes it possible to use it for simple preparation of facial masks from honey. Depending on the availability of additional products, they can produce a different effect on the upper layers of the skin:

  • to feed;
  • cleaning;
  • whitening;
  • moisturize;
  • recover.

Undoubtedly, both the base of the mixture and the other products must be of suitable quality. It would seem, how can you spoil honey? It turns out that its useful properties disappear when heated above 40 ° C.It turns out that the melted product is useless, as well as the purchased product, which is pasteurized at a temperature of 90 ° C.Therefore, to prepare a mask for a person from honey, only a natural, fresh product of beekeeping, purchased from trusted suppliers, is needed.

Recommendations and contraindications to the use of

Honey masks are universal, that is suitable if the skin on the face is dry, too greasy or has signs of both. For dry skin, moisturizing ingredients are added to the base - fruit or berry puree, kefir, excess fat is removed with lemon juice, vinegar. The normal skin reacts perfectly to the pure honey composition: it pulls up, aligns, acquires a pleasant natural color.

If previously honey as an ingredient for home cosmetology has not been applied, consultation with a specialist, dermatologist or cosmetologist will not prevent. Contraindications concern patients who have observed:

  • unwanted hair growth over the upper lip and chin;
  • is an allergy to foods with honey content;
  • capillary asterisks and dilated vessels;
  • diabetes, skin diseases, asthma.

Also, do not use the product if there is an individual intolerance to it - this applies to any components.

Video from a fan of honey masks

Masks based on honey

Consider several popular honey masks that you can prepare at home yourself from the available products. Before the procedure it is desirable to clean the skin with lotion, at the end - to wash off with warm water without detergents. Session time - about 20 minutes, recommended periodicity of honey sessions - 1-2 times a week.

Salt and soda for skin cleansing

Normal skin is easy to clean, but with greasy problems. Excess fat clogs the pores, causes the appearance of acne and acne, with which the face mask of honey and salt will cope. To the tablespoon of slightly warmed honey add a teaspoon of salt. It is not necessary that it dissolves to the very end. Gently apply to the problem areas, and after 20 minutes rinse alternately with warm and cool water.

Antiseptic and cleansing properties have a similar face mask made of soda and honey, which is prepared and used similarly to the previous one.

Nourishing dairy and curd masks

Mixtures with dairy products are recommended for any skin. Easy facial mask from honey and cottage cheese is safe and can be applied almost daily. For cooking only art.a spoonful of fresh, non-pressed cottage cheese and enough half a spoonful of honey.

Curd can be replaced with kefir or milk. There is a possibility that the mask for the face of honey and milk will be too liquid - a little flour will make the composition thick and easy to apply. Honey-milk mixture is a real elixir of youth, rich in nutrients, so it can replace both regenerating and nourishing products.

Ginger for restoring the tone

A warming face mask made from ginger and honey can be used by anyone who is concerned about the first wrinkles, mild irritations, painless acne eruptions. Ginger enhances the flow of blood to the surface of the skin, which activates the regenerative processes.

For preparation one spoon of honey and a half of a spoonful of grated ginger is required. If the pleasant warming effect is replaced by itching or burning, the mixture must be washed off immediately.

Bleaching and matting with lemon juice

Lemon juice is a known means for whitening and masking pigmented spots. In addition, it is suitable for fat removal. Part of honey, half of the juice - the mask is ready for use. Lemon can be replaced with table vinegar or kefir.

Light honey masks have advantages that are especially noticeable at home: the products are easy to prepare and use, all ingredients have a budget value. Despite the obvious ease of use, home-made mixtures of natural ingredients are effective enough and can replace industrial cosmetology products.

By the secret of

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