Masks for the face for the bath: the principle of action and special recipes

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No one will dispute the fact that "a bath is a useful thing".There we go not so much to wash, how much to strengthen health and to improve well-being. Many lovers of hot steam combine it with the procedures that are usually done in beauty salons. To this end, special mask for the face for the bath. Most of them were invented by the people themselves, and also successfully tested in practice. From this article you will learn their recipes and rules of application.

  • How to operate the sauna masks
  • How to avoid problems with the skin
  • Honey and salt scrub
  • Compositions for use in the bath
  • Special masks
  • Bleaching mixtures
  • Mask preparation in place
  • Video recipe for face masks after bath

The principle of action of sauna masks

High temperature and water vapor create the conditions under which the masks give a striking result. In what way is this expressed?

  • The pores expand, and the beneficial substances penetrate the layers of the skin better - 2 tim
    es deeper than it does under normal conditions.
  • Skin cleansing is performed more intensively. The first time it makes steam and water, the second - a cosmetic mask.
  • As high temperatures do not allow the pores to contract, the skin is maximally moistened and saturated with nutrients.
  • Face masks in the bath help get rid of ugly black dots and blackheads.
  • Nutritious substances that the skin receives during "bath" masks, lasts almost a week.

It is worth remembering that when proceeding to bath and cosmetic procedures it is necessary to take into account their features and observe some rules.

How to avoid problems with the skin

Before setting up a bath beauty salon, you need to know its features and take into account possible complications. When you go to the bath, the face mask should be special, and not the same as that used in everyday life. What else do you need to know about this procedure?

  1. Prepare a face pack in advance and take it with you, place it in a clean container.
  2. Use folk cosmetics after completing all the bath procedures.
  3. Never apply the mixture on your face while in a therma. Sweat secretions can come into contact with medical substances and cause harm to the skin.
  4. Special attention should be paid to the sterility of the process, as the pores at this time are enlarged and various dirt can get into them.
  5. Do not think that by extending the exposure time of the mask, you will get the best result. Stop at 10 minutes.
  6. Use masks with caution when the face is close to the blood vessels and there are inflamed skin areas.

Applying the above tips, you can improve your complexion and look much younger than your years. And now we turn to the description of the recipes of health-improving compounds.

Honey and salt scrub

This composition is used not only for the face - even before entering the steam room they process the entire body. It is necessary to mix 200 g of honey and 250 g of sea salt. We warm the body for 10 minutes, rubbing the mixture into the skin with circular massaging movements. After leaving the steam room, carefully rinse off the remaining scrub and soak yourself with a soft towel. We rest for 20 minutes, and then we can do rejuvenating face masks in the bath.

Compositions for use in the sauna

Special masks

Each of these formulations solves one or more problems and has a positive effect on the skin.

  • Cleansing

Pre-soaked in warm water oatmeal, and then add to them the same amount of sour cream. The mixture is applied to the face for 15 minutes, after which it is washed off with warm water. So you get rid of the black spots, improve the complexion and smooth the skin.

  • Anti-inflammatory

Mix in equal proportions honey and propolis and apply to places with black dots and acne. This mask is best used immediately after washing off the salt scrub.

  • Nutritional

Take 1 egg yolk, add sunflower or olive oil( 1 tsp) and brewer's yeast( 1 tbsp) to it. The mixture is left for 15 minutes and then rinsed off with warm water. In addition to nutritional properties, it perfectly tightens the skin.

Bleaching mixtures

Citric acid has a universal effect. Salt is used when there are small black dots near the lips and nose. Cucumber will help to remove a slight irritation.

  • With algae

Mix cottage cheese( 1 tablespoon) and dried seaweed( 1 tablespoon).The resulting mixture is applied to the face and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. This mask for the face, made in the bath smooths the age-related changes in the skin and whitens the pigment spots.

  • With cucumber

Scrub the fresh cucumber on a grater and put it on the steamed face. Wash it off before entering the steam room for the next time.

  • With salt

Salt is mixed with soda in a ratio of 1: 2.The resulting powder is applied after leaving the steam room on a damp face. We do it carefully and gently. After 3 minutes, gently wipe the composition. Then you need to take the baby oil after bathing, lubricate the skin and leave on the face until the next stop in the steam room. Baby oil can be replaced with honey

  • With lemon

Cut a slice of lemon and face it. Be careful not to get the juice in your eyes. After 10 minutes the composition can be washed off.

Preparation of masks in place

Masks in the face bath can be taken from home, or can be prepared on site. Regulars and baths are particularly sensitive to folk recipes - honey wraps, black bread masks and coffee scrubs. High humidity and high temperature create ideal conditions for absorbing these products and obtaining a great effect.

During a bath visit, as a rule, they soar and rest at least 6 times. In between sessions, you can prepare health masks. The main thing is not to forget to take with you all the necessary components, so it's better to make their list in advance. With fresh products you can make the following masks.

  • Moisturizing

This mask is made from fat cream, sour cream and a mixture made from olive oil and honey( 1: 1).It is better to do the procedure at the end of a bath day so that after washing off, there is no longer any need to use the cream.

  • Nourishing

Prepare a mixture of propolis and honey, then warm up the body well in the steam room. Purify the pores of the face with a bleaching salt mask. After it is washed off, we apply the honey compound, which nourishes the skin well.

All face masks in the bath are useful - they improve the complexion, make the skin supple, smooth and velvety. We hope that this article will help you make them right. We wish to get the most out of visiting your favorite institution.

Video prescription for face mask after bath

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