How to choose a face cream and what you need to know about the composition of creams

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We, women, do not want to grow old at all. That's why we use various cosmetics for the face, body and hair. Sometimes we prepare magical means at home, but more often we buy them in the store, spending fabulous amounts. How to choose a face cream that will prolong our youth and protect against aging? After all, the first signs of wilting of the skin appear on the face and neck.

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How women choose a face cream

It would seem that women should understand cosmetics in the same way as most men in technology. After all, they are the main consumers of the entire variety of creams, masks, lotions and tonics. But in such a large number of proposed brands and species is not surprisingly confused. And advertising finally c

onfuses us.

Choose a good face cream - it means to get a cream that will "work" with your skin and give positive results. Let's remember how we choose creams and try to figure out whether we are doing it right.

Most women, choosing a face cream, focus on its external signs: like the smell, the consistency of the cream( the cream is very gentle or light), its ability to soak. And sometimes it happens that the design of packaging destroys us. And if the seller gets something to this package and calls it a gift? This once again reinforces our confidence in the correct choice of a face cream. And no matter what this gift is - cotton buds, disks or sponges for applying cosmetics. The main thing is for nothing. And advertising, which forms a positive image is not yet bought a jar of cream! It uses sophisticated phrases, promising phrases like "coenzymes Q10", "collagens."These magical substances supposedly prolong the youth of the skin of the face for a long time. ..

It turns out that the magic coenzyme is contained in every cell of our body regardless of age. And the new cosmetics on the market are the same creams in the new packaging. And do we look at the list of ingredients that make up the cream, and do we understand a lot about it?

Composition of face cream

Do you remember how the advertised products compare with the one you used before or which you use now? This is an "ordinary" cream / powder / cleanser. What is this usual face cream?

This is an emulsion consisting of oils and water, thoroughly mixed to a homogeneous mass. The ability to absorb is due to the fact that the oil particles are evenly distributed. Absorbed even the oil components, which during normal application( when not included in the cream) are very reluctant to penetrate the skin. Modern creams are absorbed equally well, and surprisingly, the ability to soak is not always an indicator of a good face cream. After all, the emulsification went to a very high technological level.

Thus, the active ingredients of the cream are contained in the emulsion. Let's try to break them into small groups.

Active Ingredients

These are the components that should improve the skin condition. But we note that by its nature the skin is not adapted for the intake of nutrients from it from the outside. They must come from within, through the system of blood vessels, provided that the person is eating properly, having enough physical activity and recovering during a night's sleep. Overcoming the barrier of skin permeability is one of the most complicated tasks of modern cosmetology. It is solved due to the finely dispersed emulsification. A significant number of active components is not simply absorbed into the skin, but penetrates into it to the level of the capillary vascular network.

Face creams from the world's best manufacturers allow 10 to 30% of active ingredients to pass to the capillary mesh. The remaining 90-70% do not have a significant effect on the skin condition, since they are distributed over its cellular layers lying higher. Therefore, in order to evaluate the effect of the cream, it takes a lot of time.

As active ingredients, modern manufacturers use essential oils and vegetable oils, plant extracts. The most effective are creams that contain these components in an amount of 2-5 titles. Carefully study the composition before choosing a face cream. It should bring in the skin vitamins, flavonoids, glycosides, coumarins, terpenes, trace elements and other substances that activate the metabolism in the skin cells. The more active ingredients, the more the cream nourishes the skin. If its composition is not rich in active ingredients, the cream will have a positive effect on the skin, but it will be inadequate.

If you use a cream that contains only 1-2 active ingredients, but the contents of the jar magically smoothes wrinkles, having an almost immediate effect, know that it is dangerous for the skin. It takes at least two weeks to normalize its functions.

Technologically necessary components of

These are the ingredients that neither manufacturers nor cosmetic sellers like to say. These components have nothing to do with natural ingredients that benefit the skin. Emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickeners, preservatives, flavors and coloring agents are added to the cream by technological necessity. They help the cream to get a uniform structure, light texture, pleasant color and aroma. Unfortunately, in all creams are substances of artificial origin, and they are completely foreign to the skin in terms of biochemical composition. And the longer the shelf life of the cream, the greater the amount of such substances in it.

The situation with creams is similar to the situation with food products that are made using high technologies. Technological additives are marked on the package by the "E" index. It is extremely difficult to prove their direct harm to health, but the fact that they do not benefit is for sure.

How to choose a good face cream?

Even if you are far from chemistry, you can distinguish the "chemical" sound of the term from the names of vegetable oils and extracts. The more vegetable and the less chemical, the cream is better.

Consider the order in which the ingredients are listed on the package. They are always listed in descending order by quantity. So, if water comes first, followed by a long list of chemical names( propylene glycol, butyl carbamate, methylparaben, sodium benzoate), followed by one or two names of vegetable extracts or oils, and then again with chemical names, refrain from buying such a product. And if natural components stand last in the general series, this cream is more harmful than useful. There are also clearly unhealthy creams. These are those that have no composition on the package. The manufacturer did not specify the components of the cream clearly not for forgetfulness.

The advantage of the cream is determined by the nature of the emulsion base - oil, which is used as a solvent carrier of other ingredients of the cream. Well, if it's olive, sesame oil or jojoba oil. Worse, if it's mineral oil. Simply put, this is a technical engine oil. Despite the fact that this product is the highest degree of purification, it is a product of the oil refining industry, and it is completely foreign to the skin in terms of its biochemical composition.

Should I believe in advertising?

This trading engine presents us with information that is inherently a myth. What are the statements about magic creams that affect the skin "at the cellular level," "at the molecular level," or "cell-molecular".Especially often women are deceived by empty promises of creams for wrinkles. Here, and collagen, and liposome creams, and hydration, giving an instant effect of smoothing the skin. But you should know that once appeared wrinkle, alas, will not disappear anywhere. The only thing we can do is to slow down its lengthening and deepening by adjusting the proper nourishment of the skin from the inside and out.

Thus, mineral oil, glycerin, petrolatum, propylene glycol when applied to the skin capture moisture from the environment and draw it from the cell layers that are below. Therefore, an oil-water film is instantly created on the surface of the skin. The necrotic cells swell, fine wrinkles disappear before the eyes, the microrelief of the skin is smoothed. It can not be unequivocally asserted that it is very harmful, but you should know that aging continues, but the woman does not see it, because the cream masks the true state of things.

Therefore, to draw conclusions about how to choose a face cream, each woman should herself. Some have abandoned store creams and are using a homemade face cream - the one that they prepared themselves. Some intuitively use different oils instead of creams. If you buy a cream in a store, pay attention not to the design of the package and the price of the products, but to the composition of the cream.

Video revealing the "naturalness" of

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