Diet of 7 petals: a daisy for growing thin for a week

June 01, 2018 05:00 | Diets

Who does not choose for himself how to lose extra pounds, he either has an ideal figure, or does not care about his appearance. If you do not belong to either, pay attention to the method described below. The diet of 7 petals in its popularity has broken all records. Many European women have already experienced this technique and remained faithful to it. What is the essence of this diet and why did it make so much noise? Let's figure it out.


How to use

How to use

How to use
  • The secret of rapid weight loss
  • The game "Tsvetik-Semitsvetik"
  • What you need is
  • The recipe for cooking baked apples

    The principle of action

    Monotony in nutrition is the basis of the European way to combat excess fat. The process of losing weight lasts seven days. And every day you need to eat different foods. Simply put, every day you need to change to a new mono-diet. Longer than the appointed time, it is impossible to lose weight in this way. This can lead to

    a deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body. If there is such a need, then in a month or two you can go through the course again.

    The essence of the diet is to artificially develop an aversion to certain foods. A girl who decided to lose weight, either will overpower herself and eat an unloved product, or refuse it altogether. Although the diet of each of the days is pretty good, there are still people who can not tolerate fish, cottage cheese or buckwheat. For fastidious, these days become hungry or unloading. Those who eat any food, do not feel hungry themselves, and the monotony of the menu leads to the fact that in the evening the appetite disappears.

    The diet of 7 petals describes its own description of the results. For a week you should lose 5-6 kilograms. To such a weight loss is not reflected negatively on the condition of the skin, you need to drink water. There are people who can not drink ordinary water, in which case it is recommended to use decoctions of herbs. Thyme, chamomile, linden and mint to help you. Thanks to such herbs you can sneak unnoticed by yourself two liters of liquid a day. Only need to drink them in a warm form and without sugar.

    The secret of rapid weight loss

    Monotonous nutrition provides a quick loss of kilograms. Nutritionists say that mono-diet, which lasts no more than a day, affects the fat deposits most actively. With the help of the liver in the human body there are processes that scientists usually explain in abstruse and not all understandable words. From remembering these terms slimmer until no one became, so it will be easier to understand everything with the help of human language.

    The liver always stores a certain amount of fat in it - on a "black" day. Sitting on this diet, you every day will use any one product, for example, fish. During breakfast, the liver will be filled with the flesh of the fish, and for lunch it will wait for something new, which is different in chemical composition from the one eaten in the morning. And you do not present any surprises to her and again you eat fish. The organism, of course, will digest the fish, but will not receive the energy values. As a result, he will have to use previously deferred fat as an energy source. The so-called "black" day has come.

    Game "Tsvetik-Semitsvetik"

    Why the game? And why not another flower? Yes please, let there be a camomile. The essence of this does not change, the main thing is that the number of petals is seven. The conditions of this diet give rise to feelings of excitement and satisfaction. Suffice it to recall your experiences during the card game and the excitement of winning, to understand why the game. It is these emotional processes that occur during a diet when you win over your excess weight.

    The first game was offered by the famous Swedish skier, Anna Johansson. An enterprising girl, based on her own experience, laid out such conditions. Everyone, before going on a diet, must cut out a flower from paper with seven petals. That there was no confusion, all the petals must be signed by the day and attached to the camomile in a conspicuous place. When one day of the diet was successful - a certain petal comes off, like a calendar page. This game develops the ability to control their desires for culinary temptations and increases their own self-esteem.

    In her recommendations, Anna Johansson spoke only about six petals. The daisy diet for 7 days appeared a little later, when the girls entered into courage decided that the seventh petal is needed for fixing the result and unloading the stomach. This day only drink water, there is nothing you need.

    What you need is

    The diet of 7 petals menu recommends making up of the available products. Meals can be as many as you like, so there will not be a schedule for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Allowed products can be consumed in any quantity. No one falls into a swoon from hunger, but this does not mean that you need to overeat. For a day it is undesirable to eat more than one kilogram of food. It will be more correct to drink tea. If you are used to starting important business on Monday, then your daisy will look something like this.

    • Fish Monday

    How you will cook fish depends on your culinary abilities and imagination. The main thing - do not use fat. The best options are to cook the fillets, bake or bring to the ready for a couple with a minimum amount of spices. If you cook fish on the fire, then spices can not be used at all, the aroma of the haze will be enough. Very gentle you get a fish in a microwave or multivark. For lovers of liquid food recommended to prepare a broth, consisting of water, greens and low-fat fish fillets. Salt use at a minimum.

    • Vegetable Tuesday

    On this day you need to eat any vegetables except potatoes and beans. The first thing that comes to your mind is the fear of being hungry. You will not feel anything like that. But to develop in your culinary skills this day will help. Those vegetables that you can eat raw, eat as you want. Delicious meat can be baked eggplant, zucchini, celery root and broccoli. Salad pepper turns magical in aerogrill. Dressing for salads can serve vegetable fresh, they are also not forbidden to drink.

    • Meat medium

    This day, eat chicken in any form: steamed, boiled, in the form of shish kebab and chops. Opinion polls show that all those who lose weight stop on boiled or baked fillets. It even without salt is quite tasty. You can drink broth, but not fatty and without salt.

    • Cereal Thursday

    This is just the case when some people have a day of unloading. You need to eat porridge, but not everyone loves them. Therefore, the seeds of sunflower and pumpkin, bran and grain loaves come to the rescue. Wheat, soy and oats in a sprouted form can be eaten in any quantities, washed down with kvass, instead of water. Only kvass should be not very sweet, it is better to buy it from a barrel or cook with your own hands. Whoever has birch kvass in stock without sugar is lucky. Drink and lose weight.

    • Cottage cheese Friday

    Low-fat dairy products are Friday food. Just do not try to buy store cheese curd desserts - they are more harmful than useful. Better to eat cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt and homemade yogurt. If you love serum, it's great - you can drink it instead of water.

    • Sweet Saturday

    Sweet - it does not mean that you will eat sweets and cakes, washing them with condensed milk. Sugar will be obtained from fruits. They can also be eaten in any form. In general, the diet of 7 petals recipes of dishes does not lead even for an example. The following recommendation is rather "hello" from fans of this technique, taken from the reviews. Fruits such as pears, sweet apples and bananas season with lemon peel, cinnamon or vanilla, bake and get a hearty and tasty dish. Roasted fruit vitamins not only preserve, but also increase. You can drink fresh, compotes, teas and broth of wild rose.

    • Water Sunday

    This is the seventh petal that fans of this power system added to the courage. In addition to water, you can not drink anything. In extreme cases, you can deceive yourself with a glass of mint tea. At the end of the day, weigh, tear off the seventh petal of chamomile and relax. The diet is over, the scales will surely please you, your friends will envy the new slim figure and ask for a prescription.

    Recipe for cooking baked apples

    Experts recommend to sit down a diet of 7 petals together with colleagues and friends. If you work in the office, then this can be an interesting topic for discussion and a fun game. Lose weight on health and be beautiful!

    By the secret of

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