Dukan Diet: Cruise - a list of products and a detailed menu of the second phase

June 01, 2018 07:30 | Diets

"To eat your fill - and not get better" is the cherished desire of many people who adore pampering themselves with delicious dishes. Is it possible? Yes, thanks to the French doctor - almost a wizard, whose name is Pierre Ducane. Moreover, eating on this system, you not only will not gain weight, but also lose weight to the ideal size for you. The first two stages are the most important, guaranteeing the success of the case. First comes the Attack, followed by the long phase of the Dukan-Cruise diet, which you will learn about in detail below. Then you will only need to fix the result.

Contents of
  • Video acquaintance with Pierre Ducant
  • Cruise - a journey into a beautiful life
  • Basic rules of the cruise phase
  • Approximate menu of

Video acquaintance with Pierre Dyukan

Cruise - a journey into a beautiful life

This stage in somesources are also called "alternation".Why? The point is this: Dukana diet cruise products fall into two categories: proteins and vegetables

. The diet at this stage implies the alternation of a strictly protein period with the nutrition of proteins and vegetables. For example, one day you sit on proteins, then the same - on their combination with vegetables. You can use other options for duration, take 2/2 or 3/3, but not more than 5 days, otherwise you will begin to feel weakness, groundless deterioration in mood, and such "experiments" can not benefit beauty.

What is the duration of this stage? There is no time limit - until you reach the ideal body weight or the mark on the scales to which you aspire. Use the Ducane diet cruise recipes even half a year - your business. Naturally, go to the process without fanaticism, because some users, carried away by rapid weight loss, abuse the diet and lose more than the mother-nature requires. Calculate your indicator of ideal body weight and avoid deviations in the smaller direction, because you are aiming for a beautiful and healthy life, and not anorexia and "rest" in the hospital under droppers, is not it? !

Before starting any diet, make a list of products and make a general purchase, then not to go for every little thing to the store, on the way "fighting off" from harmful but tempting temptations in colorful packs that come along the way on the shelves.

So, what will the list for purchase consist of?

  1. Meat( beef, chicken, veal, rabbit, horse meat, turkey).
  2. Fish
  3. By-products( liver, kidneys, heart), but not pigs.
  4. Eggs( given that you can not eat more than 2 yolks a day).
  5. Seafood.
  6. Ham( low fat - up to 4%).
  7. Canned fish, but without oil.
  8. Dairy products with a fat content of up to 2%.
  9. Vegetables and greens( tomatoes, radish, cabbage, cucumbers, eggplants, celery, zucchini, asparagus, pepper, fennel, salad).
  10. Garlic and onions.
  11. Lemon juice for refueling.
  12. Milk powder( low fat).
  13. Soy sauce and vinegar for marinade and dressing dishes.
  14. Sugar substitute.
  15. Gelatin.
  16. Baking powder, yeast.
  17. Paraffin oil.
  18. Tomato paste.
  19. Salt.
  20. Chewing gum.
  21. Dietary drinks.
  22. Coffee.
  23. Water.
  24. Tea.

Wisdom of cooking

Now that you know the products allowed by the Dukan Cruise diet, it's time to move on to the features of their cooking.

The French dietitian certainly welcomes a useful way of handling food, therefore recommends preferring cooked and stewed food, but Pierre is not against cooking dishes in the oven, grilling / grilling and even in a frying pan, the main thing is that no oil or grease is involved. Learn how to prepare foods in your own juice, seasoning them with useful herbs, believe me, you will be surprised at the extravaganza of new tastes that will open before you.

As you can see, the Dukana diet cruise menu includes paraffin oil. What to do with it and where to get it? Buy this product you can in the nearest pharmacy, but it should be used wisely, adding only to ready meals and not exposing to high temperatures. In a day you can eat 1 tablespoon of paraffin oil. By the way, on its basis you can prepare sauces, as well as favorite mayonnaise.

You also have the right to refill dishes with tomato paste( up to 1 tablespoon per day), pickle foods in vinegar, soy sauce, use yogurt to prepare gravy, from which you may find it difficult to get out. But Pierre recommends to salt dishes moderately, as an overabundance of salt in the body is fraught with swelling and slowing down weight loss.

In general, connect the fantasy, study the collection of recipes from Dr. Dukan and start to "create" useful dishes for the beauty of the body and your health.

Basic rules of the

Cruise phase Purchased products, realized how to prepare them? So, it's time to move on to realizing knowledge in practice. In addition, Dr. Duccan has developed for you a few more rules that will help lose weight quickly, without compromising on health and worsening mood.

These include:

  • Daily half-hour walks( preferably in the air).
  • Drinking regimen( the daily norm of water consumption is 2 liters).
  • Consumption of oat bran( 2 tablespoons every day).

Agree, the rules are not so difficult to return to the world of beautiful people?

Now about nutrition. As you remember, during the Cruise it is necessary to alternate the protein periods with the nutrition of proteins and vegetables. It's easy, because you probably already learned the Attack menu, so you know how to eat on protein days. And during the combined diet, you simply include the vegetables in the menu - the product group listed in item 9 of the list above. This means that you have the opportunity to prepare virtually full first courses, casseroles, ragout and a lot of other delicious dishes.

Indicative menu

Protein day is an example of a diet:

  • morning - scrambled eggs, coffee;
  • snack - cottage cheese;
  • dinner-ear, meatballs;
  • afternoon snack - yogurt;
  • evening - meat baked with cheese.

Protein-vegetable day - menu:

  • morning - pancake with meat;
  • snack - yogurt;
  • dinner - soup with vegetables, chicken roll;
  • afternoon snack - cottage cheese;
  • evening - vegetable stew, baked fish with herbs.

At your discretion, you can change the meat and fish in places, and in the form of snacks, use other products from the list of allowed.

Thanks to the Ducane diet Cruise, you can return to the ideal forms, a great mood and self-confidence. Dare!

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