Unloading days for weight loss: diet and rules for unloading on apples and yogurt

June 01, 2018 10:00 | Diets

Essentially, weight-loss days for weight loss have a certain similarity to a mono-diet. First, unloading involves the use of one type of product, and secondly, significantly limits the calorie content of food consumed. However, the restriction in the amount and composition of food for only one day is accompanied by a significantly lower psychological stress, and this means that the chances to fulfill the intended are much greater. If you are absolutely against diets, you can lose weight without dieting for a longer period, just do exercise and observe the principles of proper nutrition.

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Safe alternative to the hunger strike

The fact that the diet directly affects human health, scientists guessed in ancient times, although for sure these mechanisms have become known relatively recently. However, even with this valuable information, hardly any of us can boast of a lack of harmful eating habits and impeccable observance of the diet. Paying for illegibility in food accounts for excess kilograms, unhealthy complexion, and sometimes serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Once again recognizing its defeat in the fight against harmful products in its refrigerator, you can take drastic measures in the form of a hunger strike or a severe diet for the blood group( the effect of which is likely to be short-lived), or you can take the rule once a week to conductUnloading days. This useful habit will help to smoothly and forever get rid of extra pounds, raise the general tone of the body and improve health in general.

Principle and purpose of unloading

The basis of the practice of unloading days is the physiological aspect, namely that different groups of nutrients are digested in different parts of the digestive tract, at different rates and under the action of different enzymes. Unfortunately or fortunately, but our daily diet is very diverse, and it is almost impossible to constantly observe the principle of separate nutrition. As a result, the food is not digested properly, and digestion processes are to some extent violated. Unloading days, involving the use of only one type of food, help to restore the lost balance by reducing the load on the digestive tract. An additional positive effect of carrying out unloading days is to remove stagnant liquid from the body. Due to soft drainage, the scales the next morning after the discharge is shown at 1.5 to 2 kilograms less than the usual weight. Do not rejoice ahead of time - the loss of fat mass for a single fasting day does not exceed 100 grams, but if you resort to this procedure once a week for several months, the effect will be noticeable and long-term. However, if you are limited in time and need to lose weight as quickly as possible, we recommend that you pay attention to weight loss diets for a week for 10kg

Proven options for unloading days

Unloading on apples

Depending on which class of nutrients is the basis of the diet, the unloading days are divided into carbohydrate, protein and fat. Among the carbohydrate programs the most famous, of course, is the apple. During a fasting day on apples, the daily ration of five meals consists of one and a half kilograms of apples, and two portions should be eaten not in fresh, but in a liver form. During the day, you can without any restrictions drink clean water without gas or green tea.
Fresh apples are rich in vitamins, potassium and fiber, and in baked apples pectin is formed, which is an excellent adsorbent. The apple day of unloading has a unique but significant drawback: it can provoke an exacerbation of gastritis due to the high content of fruit acids. One way to solve this problem is baking apples, others - the choice for a day of fruit of sweet varieties. According to numerous reviews, the apple day is quite effective for unloading the digestive tract, but is accompanied by an obsessive sense of hunger.

To avoid feeling hungry, it is recommended to perform combined apple-kefir unloading days.5-6 times a day, it is recommended to eat on an apple and wash down with half a cup of kefir.

Generally, an apple unloading day exists in three versions: combined, strict, classical. Classic means the use of 1.5 kilograms of apples and liquid in any amount. If you decide on a strict apple-free day, you can not even drink. Only there are 1.5 kilograms of fresh apples. Strict apple fasting day categorically do not recommend doctors. A person should drink fluids in the amount required by the body, but not so much as recommends a strict apple diet.

Unloading day on watermelon

In addition to apples, watermelon can be used. Pulp of watermelon has a pronounced diuretic effect and does not provoke an increase in acidity in the digestive tract, but the short season of selling this melon significantly restricts its use for unloading.

Many spend on watermelons for several days in a row. This is a big mistake, because you can disrupt the urinary system. Some recommend adding watermelon on a fasting day with black bread, in this case, the day of reloading is easier than light. There are even "healers" who advise in this way to purify the body, in particular the kidneys. But nutritionists shout: no, no, and again no! Watermelons and melons are recommended to eat separately from other foods.

Buckwheat days for weight loss

Another type of carbohydrate unloading days are buckwheat days. They completely exclude the appearance of hunger and therefore are carried very easily. One cup of cereals in the evening you need to pour two cups of boiling water and wrap it with a towel;it can not be cooked, so as not to destroy vitamins and trace elements, add sugar, salt or oil, too, is prohibited. By morning the croup will absorb all the liquid and will increase significantly in volume. The resulting crumbly porridge should be divided into three or four servings and eaten during the day, washed down with low-fat kefir or green tea.

Actually, you can eat buckwheat as much as you want. But hardly you want a lot of unsalted and unsweetened porridge without butter. Pleases that it can be washed down with low-fat kefir. At least some taste.

Unloading days on kefir

Fat unloading days are based on fermented milk products - kefir or sour cream. Such a mono-diet activates the activity of enzymes that break down fats, and significantly reduces the burden on the pancreas. The diet these days is one and a half liters of kefir or 500 grams of 15% sour cream;the volume of food is divided into five equal portions. To maintain the water balance on this day, you can drink green tea or a rose hips broth without sugar. The unloading day on kefir is easily transferred. And to make it even easier, you can combine kefir with apples.

Curd and kefir and curd fast food days

During the day it is allowed to eat 250-300 grams of fat-free cottage cheese and drink 750-800 grams of low-fat kefir. Food should be divided into 5-6 receptions.

In the curd fast food day, it is suggested to eat 500-700 grams of curd( defatted), washed down with green tea without sugar or broth of rose hips.

Vegetable unloading days

During the day it is allowed to eat up to 1.5 kg of vegetables in fresh or boiled form( except potatoes).You can drink water, green tea, broth of wild rose and even coffee without sugar. Vegetable unloading days are carried very easily. You can boil beets, carrots, put out cabbage without oil, there are cucumbers and tomatoes.

Chocolate unloading day

It is not known what nutritionists say about this, but information about chocolate unloading days still occurs. Apparently, such an unloading was invented specially for sweet tooth. Than to think about, whether such unloading under itself the scientific basis, they simply try to live day on chocolate. It can be eaten very little - only 80 grams. It's not even a whole tile. Just a tiny amount for real sweet tooth. Of course, chocolate should be bitter black. You can drink coffee without sugar, but not earlier than three hours after the chocolate. In addition to coffee, you can have green tea, plain water. Repeat unloading day on chocolate can be no more than once every two weeks.

People who have already tried this unusual unloading day, say that working capacity is improving, the brain works great, finding new and completely unexpected solutions. If you are a creative person, perhaps you should also try to spend a day on chocolate?

Protein Unloading Days

For beginners, protein-free days are best suited for lean meats, chicken fillets, fish or cottage cheese. Protein days activate the metabolism and provide an excellent drainage effect. Contraindications to protein discharge are diseases of the liver, kidneys and blood vessels.

For this day, you need a half kilogram of meat, fish or cottage cheese, they should be divided into five portions and eaten during the day, washed down with water, green tea or a rose hip without sugar. Some nutritionists allow you to serve a light vegetable garnish of cucumbers and tomatoes, but this will be a deviation from the rigid scheme of the protein day. But a pleasant surprise for the slimming. If you have never spent weight-loss days for weight loss, it would be advisable to start with a protein-free day. With him you will get a minimal stress, and the feeling of hunger, most likely, you will not visit.

Cucumber Relaxing Days

Great for people who have problems with stools. Thanks to unloading days on cucumbers, you can perfectly clean the intestines, get rid of constipation. During the day, it is suggested to drink 2 cups of curdled milk and eat 1.5-2 kg of fresh cucumbers. It is desirable to divide the volume of food into 5-6 receptions and eat at regular intervals.

Practicing days of unloading only once a week, you can lose weight without too much effort and strict restrictions. After all, one day is not a hard week's diet, you can withstand. And if you approach the issue in a complex way - you will take salt baths, do gymnastics, you will be guaranteed weight loss.

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