Effective diet for a week: how to lose weight without a hunger strike

June 01, 2018 16:15 | Diets

Fast dieting is considered ineffective by dieticians, because short diets give exactly such a short-term result. Once your favorite effective diet for a week is over, the body will try to regain its former position by restoring the water balance. It is water that leaves the body first, and not fat, which many of the slimming people simply do not know. To force the body to burn fat, you must sit on diets with high fluid intake. Then the effect will be much longer.

  • Recommended amount of fluid intake during the
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  • Ayurvedic diet: Nutrition culture of the Indian people
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Recommended amount of fluid intake during the

diet Beforeto sound the menu of the most successful weekly diets, we will understand why it is so important to consume a lot of liquid. Water is a part of all tissues and cells of the body, and when you limit yourself to nutrition, then the fluid come

s in much less. The blood begins to move more slowly, thickens, which slows down the metabolism and leads to elementary dehydration.

You noticed that during diets there is dryness in the mouth, the hair becomes dull, the nails begin to break. All this is the consequence of a lack of moisture. To maintain normal blood circulation, our body takes the liquid out of the cells, thereby reducing their total mass. Therefore, in the first week kilograms melt so intensely. But as soon as the food again becomes normal, the cells begin to replenish the lost fluid, and the weight inexorably grows.

To avoid this effect, remember one rule: in the exchange of substances only pure water participates. Therefore, it is necessary to drink water, and not boiled or distilled, in which all the necessary trace elements are killed, but the usual one from a tap or shop bottled.

Teas, juices, coffee and other drinks have the opposite effect: they expel water from the body. It's easy to prove this by counting how many times you run "on the pot" with a large consumption of these liquids. Replace them with an equivalent volume of water - and the toilet doors will open much less often.

Ideally, every person, not only losing weight, should drink more than 1.5 liters of water per day. The exception is painful people who are prescribed a special diet. And already if you sit on a rigid diet - this rule becomes mandatory.

Popular diet 1 for a week: "Bonn soup"

"Bonn soup" is the leader in the list of the most effective and safe weekly diets. The main advantage of this diet - there are no strict servings and diet.

The whole week you can eat unlimited quantities of vegetable miracle soup, called Bonn. The composition of the dish is simple: it includes a maximum of vegetables and greens. Do not use only potatoes and fruits of the legume family.

Most often in the "Bonn soup" add:

  • carrots;
  • asparagus;
  • celery;
  • onion;
  • cabbage;
  • Bulgarian pepper;
  • tomatoes.

It turns out very rich and aromatic soup, in which there is a lot of fiber and no fat. The dish is cooked in two versions: on ordinary water( 15 minutes) or in tomato juice( 10 minutes on high heat + 10 minutes of languor).

It is proven that soup has the ability to destroy fat cells, and the more you eat it, the more you lose weight. Approximate figures - 8 kg per week.

In addition to the soup, the weekly menu is added:

  • 1 day - raw vegetables;
  • Day 2 - unsweetened fruit;
  • Day 3 - a liter of kefir;
  • Day 4 - stewed fish with tomatoes( 200 g of fish + 0.5 kg of tomato);
  • Day 5 - boiled rice( a glass of grain soaked overnight, and boiled in the morning until cooked);
  • Day 6 - 300 g.baked rabbit or poultry;Day 7 - vegetable salads.

And, of course, do not forget about the water. She is drunk one hour after eating or one hour before meals.

Ayurvedic Diet: Nutrition Culture of the Indian People

The Indian people have a unique method of healthy eating ayurveda. It is based on her most effective diet for a week, which is called - Ayurvedic. It is classified as a balanced diet, in which not a lot of kilograms goes away, but forever.

Ayurveda rules

There are certain rules in Indian food that must be followed during the diet:

  • To eat strictly by the hour, and between breakfast and lunch should take exactly three hours, and between lunch and dinner - five.
  • Be sure to drink half a glass of water for half an hour before meals, to adjust the stomach to work and avoid overeating.
  • To eat only in a calm state of mind, slowly, disconnecting from all affairs and under quiet music. Snacks and chewing on the go - is prohibited.
  • Portions should be such that after a meal there was a slight hunger.


In terms of choosing a diet, Indians do not have too strict prohibitions. They eat everything, but in different doses. Fish is the basis of the whole menu. She is eaten more than anything else.

In terms of usefulness, the products are arranged as follows:

Fish → nuts → vegetables → fruits → fermented milk products → whole grains

In the menu, these foods are combined in such a way that in one dish there are all possible tastes: bitter, sweet, salty, sour and sharp. Indians believe that only a diverse taste of food is fully absorbed by the body and not delayed in the form of fat on the sides. In this case, the whole dinner should be of the same temperature: either warm or cold.

The temperature of the dishes is better coordinated with the season, during which you sit on a diet. In winter, hot dishes are served, in the spring and autumn - warm, and in the summer - cool.

To balance all five flavors of the dish, you need to flavor it with a mixture of curry, which includes coriander, tumerik and cumin.

According to the Ayurvedic method, the most useful products are foods( especially vegetables and fruits!) That have grown in your area. So do not lean on foreign bananas, but eat carrots and apples. Vegetables, according to the Indians, must be cooked, not eaten raw. This facilitates the digestion of food and does not burden the stomach.

The final result. If you follow all the rules of nutrition, then within seven days the body will part with 3-4 kilograms, and you do not get mad from hunger, because you can choose your favorite foods for yourself.

Review of soups for weight loss

As you can see, a week of restrictions can be quite easy, if you choose a diet that is not rigid, but balanced, built on the principles of separate food and healthy foods.

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