Diet for the stomach and sides: the specificity of rapid weight loss at the waist

June 01, 2018 20:00 | Diets

Your ideal parameters are in the past, and reflection in the mirror causes anguish and despair? Diet for the stomach and sides will help in the fight against fat deposits in problem areas. Use it in combination with reasonable physical loads and get 100% result in the shortest possible time.

  • Diet for the waist: the basic rules of losing weight
  • Fast diet for the stomach on the basis of kefir
  • Diet "Aspen waist"
  • How to quickly lose weight at the waist: the secrets of the Chinese diet
  • Complex exercises for the thin waist

Diet for the waist: the basic rulesweight loss

  • Give up fatty and high-calorie dishes.

Enter in your daily ration:

  1. beef, chicken, rabbit or nutria meat;
  2. fish and seafood;
  3. dietary dairy products.

In addition, sweet tooth will forever forget about chocolate, baking and various confectionery products. They are recommended to replace them with fresh fruits, berries and nuts.

  • Diversify your menu with p
    roducts prepared in a multi-bar or grill.

For cooking, use the minimum amount of solder and salt. Do not include in the composition of dishes mayonnaise and heavy for the gastrointestinal tract sauces.

  • Keep a food diary.

Record everything that gets into your mouth. Analyze your records: observe the schedule of food intake, exclude snacks.

  1. Drink plenty of fluids.

With moderate physical activity, a person needs 1.5-2 liters of water per day, with heavy loads and unfavorable climatic conditions, the need for liquid can increase to 4-4.5 liters.

Drink non-carbonated water, green tea and herbal decoctions.

  • Do exercises to strengthen the press. Combine them with active aerobic exercise.

Buy a subscription to the fitness center, swimming pool. Improve your physical fitness at home.

  • During weight loss use additional cosmetics to care for problem skin, visit a masseur or beautician.

These measures will prevent the appearance of stretch marks, reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The diet for the abdomen and waist will not make your body ideal in the shortest time. For the return of harmony you will need perseverance and great willpower. Forget about laziness - use all the possibilities to fight excess weight.

Fast abdominal diet based on kefir

Everyone knows that sour-milk products are very useful for the intestines. It is widely used in the fight against obesity, promotes skin rejuvenation and healing. However, not everyone can withstand kefir diet. Specialists in the field of dietetics consider it very rigid and extreme.

For weight loss, it is necessary to eat one kefir for three days. All the rest( except water) for the duration of the diet under strict prohibition.

Important !Kefir diet is absolutely contraindicated in diseases of the digestive tract, during pregnancy and lactation. Relative contraindications are acute and chronic inflammatory processes in the human body.

Lose weight with kefir help unloading days on this product. Kefir diet program can be used regularly( 1 time per week).It is permissible to alternate with other mono-foods: apple, buckwheat or rice.

Unloading day on kefir is able to save you from 0.5 to 1 kg of excess weight. Smooth completion of the diet allows you to consolidate the results of weight loss, prevents the subsequent return of discarded kilograms.

Diet "Aspen waist"

Duration: 1 week

Performance: 3-5 kg ​​

During weight loss it is forbidden to use:

  • chocolate and confectionery;
  • baking;
  • sweet fizzy drinks;
  • alcohol.


  • fresh fruit and berries;
  • vegetable dishes;
  • sour-milk products;
  • low-fat varieties of fish and meat, seafood;
  • green tea and coffee without sugar;
  • unsweetened herbal decoctions;
  • dried fruits.

Sample diet menu:

Variant No. 1

  • For the first breakfast, unsweetened oatmeal porridge without salt and spices with a glass of green tea is ideally suited.
  • The second breakfast should consist of one glass of low-fat yogurt or homemade yogurt.
  • For lunch, give preference to vegetable broth( 250 g), boiled fish( 100 g) and a glass of juice. Cottage cheese with fruit or dried fruit is suitable for a snack. For dinner - vegetable salad.

Option No. 2

During the first breakfast, drink a cup of coffee with oat flakes. After a few hours you can eat a small melon and a piece of cheese. For a lunch meal, grill fish or chicken fillet( 150 g), vegetable salad with cheese and tea. It is allowed to use 1 piece of bread from wholemeal flour. The snack should consist of fruits or berries. For dinner, low-fat boiled meat( 150 g), a salad of carrots and cabbage, a glass of juice will do.

During the diet, perform simple physical exercises to strengthen the muscles of the press, make pedestrian and bike walks in the fresh air.

How to quickly lose weight at the waist: the secrets of the Chinese diet

Duration: 2 weeks to 3 months

Effectiveness: 5-10 kg

This long-term diet has eastern roots. It is very tough. The main companions of Chinese weight loss are stress and limitations, which often lead to breakdowns and early termination of the diet.

Fighting overweight and problem areas by the Chinese method is hard to tolerate the human body. During the course of weight loss excessive physical activity is prohibited. It is recommended to carefully monitor your health and health status, if necessary - seek help from specialists.

Please note !Before starting a Chinese diet, you must visit a therapist or family doctor. Take elementary examinations and select a multivitamin complex to prevent the occurrence of vitamin deficiency.

Sample diet menu:

  • First week:

At breakfast, drink a cup of green tea or natural coffee without sugar. Lunch can consist of a light vegetable salad, 2 soft-boiled eggs and a glass of fresh juice. For dinner - a small piece of boiled fish or meat with salad and tea.

  • Second week:

Boiled vegetables and bread are added to the breakfast menu in a small amount. You can drink tea or coffee with honey. Lunch - porridge on the water without salt and seasonings, vegetable salad with eggs or seafood, juice. Evening meal is similar to the supper of the first seven-day week.

  • Third week:

Fruits and berries are introduced into the diet, the assortment and quantity of dishes from meat and fish is increased. Alcohol, sweet and salty foods are still prohibited.

Complex of exercises for a thin waist

Choosing a diet for the waist, be guided by common sense and personal taste preferences. Successful weight loss!

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