Ducane Diet by Day - French slimming menu for a week and a month

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Diets - a great many, but really effective, safe, but with a satisfying - only a few. Among them, for more than one year, the branch of the championship is held by the French method of losing weight, bearing the name of its creator - Pierre Ducane. What is the secret of this miracle catering system? It's simple: Pierre created something more than a diet, it's rather a useful food culture and a new way of life. To all this the doctor sums up smoothly, carefully, with the motivation of his fans for another feat, a victory over fat and addictions. Meet Ducan's diet on days and valuable advice from Pierre.

  • Attack ration - declare war on excess weight
  • Menu for Cruise - take fat by cunning
  • Consolidation - buy insurance
  • Stabilization - protect beauty
  • Culinary master class of baking bread according to Dukan

Attack Diet - declare war on excess weight

The first phase is the mostcomplex, because in a moment you have to give up a lot of favorite foods, from chips to ca

ndy. This stage Pierre advises to hold on the eve of the weekend or during the holiday period, however, make sure that these days do not coincide with any celebration, otherwise there is a risk that, having started losing weight, you will immediately quit.

On what products is the Ducane diet based on the days of Attacks, which can be from 1 to 10 - depending on which fatty ballast do you plan to dispose of?

  • Dairy products with zero fat content;
  • fish and canned food from it( in its own juice);
  • lean meat( beef, chicken, horse meat, rabbit, veal, turkey);
  • ham from lean meat, the fat content of which should not exceed 4%;
  • by-products( poultry, rabbit, calf);
  • eggs( per day up to 2 yolks);
  • crab sticks( daily up to 8);
  • lemon juice;
  • spices from herbs;
  • soy sauce;
  • mustard;
  • vinegar;
  • gelatin;
  • drinks without sugar and alcohol;
  • tomato paste( up to 2 tbsp per day);
  • paraffin oil( up to 1 tbsp per day);
  • oat bran( daily 1.5 tablespoons);
  • vanillin;
  • sugar substitutes.

Now you know which products are based on Ducane diet recipes by the days of Attack. For true meat eaters, this period is a real paradise, but the rest will than profit, because Pierre allows you to eat eggs, dairy products, as well as bran, from which you can prepare pancakes, bread or casserole.

So, the Ducane diet is a menu for the week for the first phase by day:


  • morning - fried eggs with a slice of ham, green tea;
  • dinner - soup with dumplings;
  • snack - cottage cheese, coffee;
  • evening - fish( a way of cooking to choose from), tea.


  • morning - pancake made from oat bran, cottage cheese, and also a drink to choose from( without sugar);
  • lunch - ear, egg;
  • snack - yogurt;
  • evening - meatballs made of veal, yogurt.


  • morning - omelet, tuna, tea;
  • lunch - chicken shish kebabs;
  • snack - curd casserole, coffee;
  • evening - seafood.


  • morning - chicken cutlets, coffee;
  • dinner - soup with veal and egg;
  • afternoon snack - yogurt / kefir;
  • dinner - fish casserole.


  • morning - boiled eggs, milk;
  • lunch - borsch;
  • snack - cottage cheese, yoghurt;
  • dinner - meatballs from turkey, broth of herbs.


  • morning - a slice of ham, omelet, tea( herbal);
  • dinner - soup with meatballs, bran;
  • afternoon snack - a dairy dish;
  • evening - seafood, yogurt.


  • morning - curd casserole, a drink to choose from;
  • lunch - rabbit under cheese;
  • snack - yogurt;
  • evening - chicken roll, kefir.

This is important to know! Dr. Pierre's method involves not only changes in nutrition, but also the observance of a proper drinking regimen with a daily norm of 2 liters, as well as an increase in motor activity in the form of 20-minute daily promenades.

Menu for Cruise - we take fat by cunning

At the second stage the list of permitted products is enriched with 28 vegetables and other useful foods. These include eggplants, tomatoes, zucchini, radish, cabbage, peppers, cucumbers. You can also eat beets and carrots, but moderately, as these foods are rich in glucose. Add to the salads can be onions, celery, spinach. During the Cruise it is allowed to include mushrooms, pumpkin, one spoonful of cornstarch and vegetable oil in the diet.

Cruise Duration - until you reach the weight that you dream about. Some users are in this phase and six months - it all depends on the amount of excess fat. The main rule of the Ducane diet menu on the days of the Cruise: the alternation of the diet of Attack and Nutrition with the expanded list of products listed above.

Which dishes include the Ducane diet for the week for the second stage?


  • morning - pancake, yogurt, rose hips;
  • in the afternoon - whey on whey;
  • snack - curd casserole, coffee;
  • evening - chicken shashlik, salad from the allowed vegetables.


  • morning - scrambled eggs, ham, favorite drink;
  • lunch - borsch;
  • snack - syrniki with bran, kefir;
  • evening - fish, yogurt.


  • morning - eggs, bread with a block of low-fat cheese, coffee;
  • lunch - cutlets from veal, vegetable stew;
  • snack - curd casserole, broth of herbs;
  • dinner - greens, fish( the way of cooking to choose from).


  • morning - sour cream, tea;
  • dinner-ear;
  • snack - sandwiches( whole grain bread) with salmon( slightly salted);
  • evening - braised rabbit, yogurt.


  • morning - scrambled eggs, yogurt;
  • dinner - meatballs, slicing vegetable / salad( to choose from);
  • snack - syrniki;
  • evening - vegetables( grill), seafood.


  • morning - pancake, coffee;
  • lunch - chicken shish kebabs;
  • snack - curd casserole;
  • evening - salad with tuna.


  • morning - eggs( cooking method to choose from), broth of rose hips;
  • lunch - vegetables, cutlets from veal;
  • snack - kefir with cottage cheese and bran;
  • evening - offal, salad.

The same menu is used to compose the Ducane diet menu for the month for the Cruise phase. However, a variant of the alternation of proteins with a mixed diet( carbohydrates, proteins) in the 1/1 system recommended by Pierre with minor weight changes is presented above. Do you have a huge supply of fat? Then alternate between periods with longer terms, for example, 3/3, and even 5/5.

Consolidation - buy insurance

The third phase is a kind of consolidation of the achieved successes. After all, you are aware that it is much easier to get rid of fat reserves than to protect yourself from their return? So Pierre offers his fans "insurance" - the phase of consolidation, lasting depending on how much you dropped. Focus on this calculation: for each kilogram of fat should stay in the third stage 10 days. That is, you, for example, dropped 10 kg during the Attack and Cruise, then you need to hold out on Consolidation for 100 days, then you get a guarantee from Pierre that the fat will not return, certainly if you follow the rules of the final - the fourth phase.

What is the Ducane diet for each day under the menu of Consolidation? This is the cruise ration( but only its mixed days) enriched with such products:

  • cheese( 40% fat content) - up to 40 g daily;
  • fruit / berries - every day up to 200 g;
  • bread from whole grains - up to 2 pieces per day;
  • fatty meat( a couple of times a week);
  • starchy foods( potatoes, lentils, pasta, couscous, rice) - 2 servings for 7 days( first half of Consolidation - one).

The third stage has its own characteristics. Every week 1 day( the doctor recommends Thursday) must be fed according to the rules of Attack - the first phase. But once a week you have the right to arrange a feast by eating a portion of your favorite food( even harmful).And in the second half of the third stage, Pierre gives good and 2 "holiday belly."

Stabilization - guarding the beauty of

The final stage has no deadlines. If you want to keep the result, stay beautiful and stay healthy, then eat as recommended by the famous French nutritionist. In fact, you can eat everything, but limiting yourself to the number of meals consumed per day:

  • fruit / berries - up to 200 g;
  • bread - up to 2 pieces;
  • cheese - up to 40 g;
  • starchy foods - 2 servings.

Protein and vegetable dishes can be eaten until you are satisfied, and such news, you see, can not but rejoice? However, throughout his life day in the week, Pierre recommends arranging an express diet for the Ataka diet, that is, consuming only proteins. And do not forget about oat bran, which helps the digestive system work together and remove toxins from the intestine.

Culinary master class of bread baking by Dyukan

Have you learned the details of the Ducane diet in days? So, it's time to stock up on products and patience and start fighting fat, spoiling your beautiful forms and mood. Good luck!

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