Diet for 14 days: how to lose weight in two weeks

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10 kg of excess weight - a temporary problem or a terrible problem? Depends on how to look. If you are used to your magnificent forms from childhood, you are quite happy and healthy, but strive to improve your appearance - this is one thing. And what if this ten kilo of fat worries you so much that vacation plans are crumbling, your screen tests are threatened, and the young man is about to find a more elegant passion? Then it's a tragedy! But it is quite solvable. You just need an effective and proven diet for 14 days, which will transform not only the body, but also heal the trauma of the soul.

  • Basics of proper nutrition for a beautiful figure
  • Skinny diet - emergency help
  • Fast diet - for all occasions
  • Beach diet - long live the sea
  • Acting diet - star path
  • An ancient diet - secrets of grandmothers
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Fundamentals of proper nutrition forbeautiful figure

Skinny diet - emergency help

If you need to get rid of a large amount of fat swiftly,

and, with a guarantee, you will have to resort to strict measures - lean diet. But in the form of a reward in 2 weeks you will receive an impeccable figure with a thin waist and tightened buttocks. This technique is very popular in Europe, in our country about this miracle system of weight correction know only a few, but you can be among them. Ready? Then study the menu, where the days of the diet correspond to the ordinal number of the item:

  1. Green tea in unlimited volume( naturally, without sugar).
  2. Kefir not exceeding the fat content threshold of 1%( liter package).Mineral( non-carbonated).
  3. Apple( you can choose the largest, but certainly green).
  4. Milk with a fat content of up to 1.5%( liter).
  5. Menu of the day № 1.
  6. Food according to the rules of the 5th day.
  7. Double portion of day number 4.
  8. Menu of the second day. Fresh cucumbers( pair).
  9. Menu of the day № 1.
  10. Food according to the rules of the 5th day.
  11. Triple portion of day number 4.
  12. Only mineral water, without gas, but in unlimited volume.

This effective diet for 14 days can make you lighter by 10-20 kg, depending on how much you weighed before the start.

This is important to know! During the lean diet it is recommended not to get involved in active sports or hard work, as the strength of the body will be primarily aimed at fighting fat. And you can work on muscles or at the dacha after the end of the diet.

Urgent diet - for all occasions

Your case is urgent, but still - not of an emergency nature? In addition, you can not afford to lie down when you get dizzy or work physically, and leave to lose weight on a lean diet, no one gives you? Do not worry, there is an alternative food system - an urgent 14-day diet, which will save you from 10 kg without affecting your well-being. But a little to limit their appetites. But the urgent diet is diverse, as well as the availability of carbohydrates in the diet, which makes the technique satiety, and its fans - cheerful.

The basic rules of an urgent diet:

  • drink water( minimum one and a half liters daily);
  • eat slowly;
  • to breathe air;
  • is not before going to bed;
  • move.

Diet for urgent weight loss, where products are indicated by the days of the week, which you can divide into any number of meals:

  1. 5 medium-sized potatoes, cooked without cleaning, or 3 hard-boiled eggs( to choose from).
  2. A cup of yogurt( better to 1% fat content), a half-roll of cottage cheese, 15 g of sour cream.
  3. Fruit fresh( liter), low-fat kefir( 2 cups), a pair of apples.
  4. A pound of boiled meat( lean), a cup of yogurt.
  5. A pound of pears / apples( to choose from), mineral water.
  6. 3 medium-sized potatoes in uniform, one and a half cups of kefir.
  7. 3 cups kefir, mineral water.
  8. Egg, a piece( 200 g) of boiled beef, a pair of tomatoes.
  9. Salad( tomatoes, boiled veal, cucumber), a couple of apples, tea.
  10. A piece( 100 g) of beef in boiled form, rye bread( 70 g).
  11. A pair of eggs, rye bread( 150 g), beef( 100 g), kefir( half a liter).
  12. 3 medium-sized potatoes in uniform, 3 apples, 2.5 cups of kefir.
  13. Chicken without skin( 300 g), a pair of cucumbers and eggs, tea( naturally, without sugar).
  14. 4 medium sized potatoes in a uniform, a pair of apples, and a half cup of kefir.

Thanks to this technique, you can get rid of a good ten extra pounds and do not lose the attraction, but, you see, this is very important if you are preparing, for example, a wedding, a date with a guy of your dreams or a meeting of graduates,unearthly beauty? !

Beach diet - long live the sea

Your sadness - a saggy waist, "ears" on the hips, saggy buttocks? And on the horizon "looms" the vacation that you dreamed of devoting to the sea? Pay attention to a special food system - called "beach diet".This technique will not only allow you to part with 7-10 kilos of fat, but also protect your skin from stretch marks or the appearance of sagging areas. The body will not only lose weight, but it will be tightened, the figure will become lean, the skin - elastic. Meanwhile, to achieve this effect, you will have to "sweat".

What on your table 14 days should not appear at all?

  • fast food;
  • chips;
  • sweets( from sweets to cakes);
  • baking from unhealthy flour of the highest grade;
  • soda;
  • fatty meat;
  • fat;
  • mayonnaise;
  • sugar;
  • white rice;
  • fat;
  • potatoes;
  • fried foods;
  • ice cream;
  • pizza;
  • flour dishes( dumplings, noodles, vareniki, manti);
  • spirits.

And what kind of provision is given the "green light"?

  • lean meat( turkey, veal, rabbit, chicken, beef);
  • beans;
  • fish of all kinds;
  • vegetables( ideally - green);
  • soy products;
  • eggs;
  • low-fat dairy products;
  • nuts;
  • fungi;
  • water;
  • tea( herbal, rose hips, green);
  • fruits, excluding high-calorie figs, glucose-rich grapes, and bananas;
  • cocoa;
  • black chocolate.

For two weeks you eat three meals a day, moreover, breakfast is strictly forbidden to pass, as this meal activates the metabolism and does not allow you to overeat during the day. But with dinner you need to be cautious, sitting down at the table a few hours before a night's sleep. Fruits and chocolate are best consumed in the morning. If you really want a sweet at night, since you used to pamper yourself with something in the evening, the most that you are allowed to afford a beach diet is a cup of cocoa with a sugar substitute and low-fat milk.

An example of a diet of a beach diet for a day:

  • morning - whole wheat bread, hard boiled egg, cottage cheese with dill( 100 g), a pair of apricots;
  • the middle of the day - chicken fillet with beans, vegetable soup, rye bread, kiwi steam;
  • salmon, grilled, a handful of brown rice, vegetables( can be in the form of salad, but without oil).

You can safely vary the choice of meat, fish, dairy products and other proteins, because it is important that you still have a delicious meal, and the menu of meals "fit" into the rhythm of life.

The minimum that you accurately dump during the period of the beach diet is 3 kg, meanwhile with the addition of physical activities you can not count on the scales and all 6 kg. Of course, those victims of excess weight, which have large deposits of fat, lose weight more. For example, your body weight is 110 kg, which means that you can definitely forget about 10 of them after the beach diet expires.

This is important to know! Regardless of which method will be used to correct the figure, remember that drinking mode is the basis for the rapid burning of fatty ballast. Try to consume daily from one and a half liters of a useful liquid( water without gas, broths of grasses, green tea, drinks from chicory replacing coffee).

Acting diet - a star path

Going to screen tests and are afraid that overweight will play with you a cruel joke? Just love movies and rarely spend an evening without a TV?Then choose an actor's diet, tested by a lot of celebrities, which you admire on the screens. Of course, the technique is quite strict, but you can say goodbye to 10 kilos of hated overweight.

Menu actor's diet by day( if not indicated the number, then you can eat as much as you want - until you are satisfied):

  1. Boiled rice( black, brown varieties).
  2. Kefir, not exceeding in fat content of 2,5%.Fish prepared in a dietary way( boiled, steam).
  3. Black grape.
  4. Boiled rice( black, brown varieties).
  5. Kefir, not exceeding in fat content of 2,5%.
  6. Shrimp in boiled form.
  7. Watermelon.
  8. Cooked rice( black, brown varieties).
  9. Kefir, not exceeding in fat content of 2,5%.Beef / veal, preferably in a boiled form, but can also be cooked in a double boiler / multivark.
  10. Apples.
  11. Bottle of wine( recommended to give preference to red dry).
  12. Cottage cheese, kefir( skimmed products).

However, for a couple of hours before you go to bed, you should close your mouth "to the castle," and pass the morning meal - just a crime. A hearty breakfast is a guarantee that you will not break and endure to the finish. Consumption of salt during the actor's diet should be cut, because this product tends to slow the withdrawal of water from the body, which means that each weighing for you can end in hysteria.

An ancient diet - secrets of grandmothers

Do not trust modern methods of losing weight, because they are harmful and "hungry", and also force one to eat a few days? Do you use "grandmother's" advice for both beauty and treatment? Then you should continue this tradition and choose for the correction of forms proven age-old diet, on which our grandmothers and grandmothers lost their grandmothers. Will we take advantage of their wisdom?

An example of a daily diet for losing weight according to old recipes:

  • morning is a drink that you love( tea, cocoa, rose hips, coffee), and you can add a spoonful of sugar / honey;
  • second breakfast - a bar( 40 g) of cheese;
  • lunch - portion( 150 g) of meat baked under low-fat cheese, egg;
  • snack - sweet coffee;
  • evening - salad of fresh vegetables, flavored with olive oil, lean meat( 120 g);
  • before going to bed a cup of mint tea, which will calm the nerves and provide a restful sleep.

Cheese our grandmothers sometimes replaced with cottage cheese, meat - fish, and coffee - chicory. Instead of sugar, it is permissible to use honey or fructose, which are more useful for the body.

An ancient diet welcomes a plentiful drink. Cook broths of herbs, fruit drinks, compotes, but only without sugar. However, do not forget about life - giving water.

It is worth noting that the old diet will not make you lighter by 10 kilos, although here everything depends on the starting weight. But the minimum fat loss of about 4 kg you are provided. In addition, after 2 weeks you can repeat the course.

Your grandmothers also were beautiful in their youth, ask them how they did it. How to know, perhaps, the experience of the older generation will help you more than scientific methods? !

Interesting diets with which you have become acquainted, will open for you a door to the world of graceful and happy people. Good luck!

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