Diet cabbage for weight loss: 10 days - minus 10 kg

June 02, 2018 02:15 | Diets

"Cabbage grows breast!" - an inspirational belief based on the increased content of phytoestrogens in this vegetable has little to do with reality. Alas: like pineapple bromelain, they are very quickly split in the stomach, long before they can get sucked into the blood. However, bad news goes hand in hand with good: white cabbage is an excellent basis for most diets, useful and effective. And a cabbage diet for weight loss is very economical!

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  • Miracle diet "minus 10 kg in 10 days"
  • "Three days light" diet
  • Cabbage and potato-based diet
  • Diet and sport
  • Why cabbage is useful and why it is so popular with dieticians
  • Video: why white cabbage helps to lose weight

Miracle diet "minus 10 kg for 10 days"

For 10 days cabbage diet allows you to lose up to 10 kg: a very real figure if you survive it without failures. It is best to plan it for the first half of the summer. Firstly, in the heat and there is especially not want, and secondly - it is in June and July i

n the market appears young cabbage, tender and easily digestible.

  • Breakfast: a cup of tea or coffee without sugar.
  • Lunch: boiled egg and cabbage salad( it can be filled with a spoon of sour cream or vegetable oil).
  • Dinner: 150 g of boiled meat or fish, or a glass of yogurt.

And, of course, a simple cabbage: it can be eaten in unlimited quantities( without salt and oil) in the intervals between modest meals. It is also necessary to drink 1.5-2 liters of water every day without gas. The result is fantastic, although to reach it you will need to strain all available internal reserves and prepare to tolerate weakness and headaches( the cabbage diet menu for slimming does not contain carbohydrates, which means that the brain will have to wait for the body to separate them from the fissile fat cells).


From a 10-day cabbage diet will have to be abandoned in the presence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Naturally, it is prohibited during pregnancy. And to get out of it must be very carefully: the first week of fat, spicy and fried is strictly prohibited.

Diet "Three days light"

The previous version is not for your willpower, and you do not have ten "extra" kilograms?"I would throw 3-4 kg, and chudnenko!"?Then it is worth trying a three-day modification: two approaches with an interval of 2 weeks will help you without much effort to bring the figure to an ideal state.

Three Day Diet Menu:

  • Breakfast: a cup of tea or coffee. A spoonful of honey is allowed.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup without salt, the main component of which is cabbage. Instead of potatoes, put a handful of "wild" rice in it. Decorate the dish with sweet pepper, carrots, eggplant slices and flavor with spices. Add the finely chopped greens;
  • Dinner: a piece of boiled meat( 150 g.) Or baked salmon. Instead of salt, use spices again. Add in 200 g of the braised heroine of our review, or replace it with a glass of kefir.

Not enough cabbage in the diet? And here you are: in the intervals between meals you can crunch it in unlimited quantities! It will be ideal if in several receptions you eat 1.5 kg of this vegetable.

There is no contraindication for such a menu: it is equated to the usual discharge. Try to timed it to the post-holiday days - this will help to quickly bring the tired of the gluttony body back to normal and get rid of the fat deposits around the waist.

Diet based on cabbage and potatoes

It is designed for a week. Two-component potato-cabbage diet involves 5 meals a day: at each meal you need to eat baked potatoes and 200-300 g of fresh cabbage( once you can instead eat fresh stews with greens and carrots).

It's hard to endure it: it's very monotonous. And people engaged in manual labor, and is completely contraindicated. Like the so-called cabbage diet 7 days - a truncated version of the 10-day diet, discussed above. How much will you earn on such a meager menu?

Diet and sport

Physical exercise helps to get rid of the creases that formed after losing weight, tighten sagging skin and "sharpen" the figure under the proportions of young mannequins. However, be careful: accompanying to rigid diets dizziness and weakness do not contribute to success in the gym.

Avoid complex exercises that require coordination and strain of all forces. Turn on the revolutions by returning to the usual power mode!

How useful cabbage is and why it is so loved by nutritionists

"One hundred clothes" contains the famous vitamin B1( thiamin, it is he who actively breaks down fats and carbohydrates, contributing to losing weight).B2( riboflavin) prevents skin rashes and along with β-carotene( although it is not so much here as in carrots) is responsible for visual acuity. Vitamin C supports immunity. A methylmethionine( vitamin U, contained only in fresh cabbage) is a truly magical antiulcer.

Video: why white cabbage helps to lose weight

And finally a few words about the sauerkraut "queen of fields": it is the most vitamin C in winter( in comparison with the cabbage stored in the cellar).And it is her many recommend for weight loss. But for a mono-diet it does not fit: it really irritates the gastric mucosa! Instead of a slender figure, you risk acquiring a ulcer - and methylmethionine does not help. But sauerkraut is ideal as an addition to the fried potatoes, which is so drawn after jogging through the frost. And nutritionists recommend it to lovers of high-calorie chops and roasted meat: this combination is beneficial for the rapid digestion of the eaten.

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