Bread diet - how to lose weight with the help of an affordable product

June 02, 2018 08:30 | Diets

Why are many afraid of diets? Because they can not live without bread! Most of them reduce its use to a minimum. So nutritionists try to limit the amount of carbohydrates consumed. Now you are probably slightly surprised! It will be considered. .. a bread diet. The most amazing and pleasant thing is that by observing her recommendations, you can effectively lose weight. At the same time, you will not be tormented by feelings of hunger and self-pity. The fact is that every day in your diet will be present your favorite product. And its composition includes substances that have a positive effect on mood.

  • Secrets of bread starvation
  • The first stage of the
  • diet The bread preparation for the diet
  • The consolidation of the achieved results

The secrets of the bread starvation

The developer of the bread diet is the Israeli nutritionist Olga Raz-Kessner. She was born in Russia, where bread always took an honorable place on any table. Often it was the stap

le food of many families. But it is surprising that although it may seem rather scanty to some, it did not affect health. Maybe that's why it was the basis of the modern diet. The main place in it is given to whole wheat bread, baked from flour of coarse grinding.

This way of stabilizing the weight not only gives a good result, but it is easily transferred. Agree that losing weight with a feeling of full satiety is pleasant for everyone. How is this possible? It is unlikely that you will consider yourself a hungry person, eating up to 16 slices of bread a day. As a result, if there is no energy deficit, you will part with extra pounds.

An important role in his diet is given to the consumption of liquid, or rather, water. Men should drink in a day from 10 to 12 glasses( women 8-10).In addition to it you can eat other drinks. Still it is necessary to fill up a daily diet with polyvitamins and not to forget about calcium( 1 tablet a day).There are two stages of the bread diet, on which we will dwell in more detail.

The first stage of the

diet It lasts from 1 to 2 weeks. At this time, you should only eat the following foods.

  • The basis of nutrition will be the dietary whole-grain bread . It is eaten throughout the day. Women are enough 8-12 pieces, and for men 12-16.In the absence of a dietary product, you can use plain bread, but there are half as much.

How useful is whole wheat bread? First of all, it has a low caloric content( 35-45 kcal in one piece) and has a low glycemic index. This allows you to maintain a stable level of sugar in the blood of a person.

If it's hard for you to imagine your life without sweet buns, then the bread diet in this respect can be considered very democratic. Once in 3 days it allows you to make yourself such a holiday. In addition, you can eat something from complex carbohydrates - oats, pasta from useful wheat varieties, dark rice, etc., once a day instead of bread.

  • Sandwiches. You can eat them 2 times a day. Completely reject the mayonnaise, margarine, butter, sour cream. They are recommended to be replaced with a grated avocado, mustard, thina, hummus, cottage cheese. Once a day, put a small piece of salmon or tuna, smoked turkey or chicken on the bread, as well as vegetarian cheese.
  • Three times a week you can use protein food in the form of meat, fish, eggs( 3 pcs.), Which is better to eat with vegetables. Simultaneously, 3-4 slices reduce the consumption of bread.
  • Without restrictions and in any form( steamed, fried, in the form of soup or salad), you can supplement your diet with vegetables - any, except for starchy ones.
  • Fruit is limited to one reception per day. It can be one apple, pear or 3 plums. Avoid sweet fruit juices and fruits with a high sugar content.
  • During the day, eat 200 g yogurt .

Bread Preparation Recipe for the

Diet Strengthening the Results Achieved

The second phase of the diet needs to learn the rules of nutrition, which it is desirable not to forget until the end of life. What is their essence? You should gradually replace the two dietary units of the diet with other foods.

As such an equivalent is suitable:

  • 2/3 glasses of any porridge;
  • a glass of boiled pasta or legumes;
  • 1 boiled potatoes or corn cob;
  • 3-4 tbsp.l.flakes or 1-2 tbsp.l.muesli;
  • 2 dietary crackers.

Vegetables, fruits and yogurt can be eaten, as before. Food should be divided - up to 5 times a day.

We hope that your favorite product will help you acquire the desired shapes and increase your confidence! We wish you to achieve good results!

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