California diet: different menus and real responses about the diet

June 02, 2018 13:30 | Diets

It is known that in the world there are more than 28 thousand diets, and this number is constantly increasing. According to statistics, 65% of Americans every year sit down on another "fashionable" diet. One of them is the Californian diet. Who invented it, the sources are silent, but they say that it adheres to the stars of Hollywood, it is this fact that the diet owes its name. There is information that Julia Roberts is sitting on her. She is a famous fan of Dr. Perricone, who developed a healthy diet for skin rejuvenation. The basis of the diet is salmon and olive oil. It is also known that salmon is one of the main components of the Victoria Beckham diet - the "five handful" diets.

With the Californian diet, Whitney Houston is also associated. However, she uses the nutrition system, which was developed by the California Institute of Beauty. This diet is different from the diet, which is simply called Californian. Consider the options for both, and another diet.

  • California Diet from the Beauty Institute
  • First Diet
  • Second Diet
  • Third Diet
  • Just the Californian Diet
  • California Diet's Diet from Tuesday to Saturday
  • Is the Californian Diet Rational?
  • The opinion of Californian scientists about the diets
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California diet from the beauty institute

It includes three different diets. They are applied consistently for three days each.

First ration

Breakfast: 150 grams of buckwheat porridge, tea with lemon. The second breakfast can be eaten 2-3 hours after the first. This is 100 grams of grated carrots with the addition of a teaspoon of vegetable oil. For lunch, a choice of 250 grams of vegetable soup or 150 grams of millet porridge with dried apricots is offered. To drink with mineral water. For a snack - 100 grams of fresh fruit juice. For dinner you can eat curd souffle and tea with lemon. Before a dream any fruit is allowed - in a solid form or in the form of juice. To eat so it follows three days, and after that to pass to the second diet.

Second ration

First breakfast - milk oatmeal( 250 g.), Tea with lemon. The second breakfast is 50 grams of soaked prunes. For lunch, you can eat 250 grams of vegetable soup and a piece of boiled meat stewed with beets in vegetable oil( 50 grams of meat, 160 grams of beets, 10 grams of butter).At mid-afternoon, 100 grams of carrot and apple salad, mineral water and green tea are offered. For dinner - cottage cheese souffle 150 g, apple-carrot cutlets - 200 g., Green tea. At night you can drink half a glass of tomato juice. During the day you can eat 125 grams of bread with bran. After three days of such a diet, you need to switch to diet 3.

Third ration

Breakfast - dry carrots, millet porridge( 150 and 250 g.), Tea with lemon. The second breakfast - 100 grams of soaked dried apricots, any juice of citrus. For lunch, 250 grams of soup with vegetables are offered, boiled chicken and cutlets from cabbage( 200 g.), Mineral water. For dinner - 150 g curd souffle and 200 g. Cutlets from carrots and apples, green tea. At night - half a glass of tomato juice. During the day you can eat 250 grams of bread with bran.30 grams of sugar can be added to the tea during the day.

Whitney Houston, who practices this diet, looks pretty good, despite all her life's troubles. The diet was developed by doctors, which means that it will not bring harm to health. It has limitations. For example, such useful products as fish, nuts are excluded. But the diet as a whole is very decent, and, probably, it will help to lose weight and cleanse the body. Any diet can be used as a day-off menu.

Just Californian diet

The diet, which is called Californian, without mentioning the institution of beauty, is much stricter. The creator of the diet is unknown, while the distributors recommend sitting on it for 1-3 days. The maximum duration is 15 days. The diet also recommends a very strict diet on Mondays. Probably, it is necessary to make sure that Monday is a really hard day.

Menu Monday: Breakfast - a glass of water, acidified with lemon. Lunch is one apple and one dry toast. Dinner - one egg, one tomato, one dry toast.

California diet diet from Tuesday to Saturday

  • Breakfast is the same every day - two dry toast, a cup of coffee or tea without sugar( but a sugar substitute is allowed), one orange.
  • Tuesday. Lunch - an orange, an egg, a glass of yogurt or natural yoghurt, two dry toast, tea or coffee without sugar, one cup. Dinner - two tomatoes, half a head of lettuce, two eggs,?a glass of yogurt or kefir, a cup of tea or coffee without sugar.
  • Wednesday. Lunch is the same as on Tuesday, only without tea or coffee( it's unclear why).For dinner, 60 grams of cooked meat, one dry toast, one tomato, half a cup of kefir or yogurt, one orange, a cup of tea or coffee without sugar is offered.
  • Thursday. For lunch it is suggested to eat one orange, one egg, a whole head of lettuce. For dinner - three whole pieces of boiled sausage( a feast of the soul), one toast, one orange,?a glass of yogurt or kefir, a cup of tea or coffee without sugar.
  • Friday. For lunch, you can eat 125 grams of cottage cheese, one tomato, one pickled cucumber, one dry toast. For dinner - 60 grams of boiled meat, one apple, two tomatoes, one dry toast.
  • Saturday. For lunch, it is suggested to eat 200 grams of ham, one toast dry, one tomato. For dinner - 250 grams of cooked vegetables, one tomato, one egg.

What to do on Sunday - is unclear. Whether there is nothing at all, whether to arrange a feast for your belly, because Monday, as you know, is a hard day. And for life, and for the Californian diet. And it is unclear how, while sitting on such a diet, you can withstand intense filming days, and do not fall regularly into a swoon.

Is the Californian diet rational?

Dieticians have a lot of question to the creators of these rations. For example, why should curd be eaten for lunch, and meat for dinner? Or why combine cottage cheese with salted cucumber? But it is not possible to identify the creators. Therefore, doctors say: the Californian diet is not rational and not balanced. Why? First, the calorie content is reduced to 800 kcal per day, and the daily requirement of an adult organism to maintain normal life is from 2500 to 3000 kcal( the exact amount depends on sex, age, and build).

Secondly, the proposed diet is almost salt-free. And this means that the first of the body leaves the water, and not fat, and when you stop self-torture with a Californian diet, the extra pounds will safely return to the place.

Thirdly, such frequent consumption of eggs can cause an increase in the level of cholesterol in the blood of a losing one. In addition, according to experts, the diet leads to a violation of metabolism, which in turn causes an increased coagulability of blood and the formation of thrombi.

Fourthly, 15 days is quite a long time. It is doubtful that one can sit on such a diet for so long, it is fraught with further failures of health. In addition, the restrictions provoke the eating of fatty, high-calorie and salty foods in unlimited quantities after convergence with the diet.

A positive moment in the California diet is the only one. The formation of habits takes an average of two weeks time. If you survive a 15-day cycle, you can try to keep your eating habits in small portions. In addition, your stomach during this time will decrease, and after returning to your normal diet, you will eat less. The main thing is not to let your stomach stretch again. In the rest the diet is irrational.

Therefore, if you want to look like Hollywood stars, pay attention to the physical exercises offered by glamorous divas. They are much more rational. And in order to cleanse your body, choose a more sparing and safe diet.

The opinion of the Californian scientists about the diets

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