Lose weight for the New Year: best diets for 1 month or 5 days

June 02, 2018 14:45 | Diets

Preparation for the New Year captures "with a head" any mistress. We need to make a list of dishes, learn the best recipes, buy all the products and decorations for the house, choose children costumes for pre-holiday celebrations and gifts to relatives. Finally, it remains to prepare a dress. And here the mood can sharply deteriorate, because the dress you like looks too "bumpy" on fat folds, lightning does not fasten. For some, this is the reason to choose a less attractive outfit, others decide to lose weight by the New Year, and are absolutely right.

  • Procedure for 30 days
  • Beautiful body contours for 2 weeks
  • Egg-orange diet for 6 days
  • Cleansing diet for 5 days
  • "Cheerful" diet for fast weight loss
  • Tips for an endocrinologist for weight loss by the New Year

Procedure for 30Days

There are many ways to get rid of extra pounds. If the idea of ​​fasting for a few days immediately comes up, this option should be deleted. The body will get a lot of stress, a

defensive reaction will work, and by slowing the metabolism, it will start to accumulate fats even "out of thin air."Unpleasant consequences are expected and during or immediately after the festive feast. If you do not grab the attack after tasting hearty dishes, then in a few days you will grow like a leap. Therefore, you just need to choose a suitable power system.

The more time remains before the celebration, the better the body will bear all the hardships. The ideal option is to discharge 5-7 kg per month. To do this, it is enough to revise your diet and calculate the calorie content of the dishes. It is more convenient to use special tables for making menus.

On the first day, the figure should not exceed 1800 kcal, then every day the indicator should be reduced by 100-150 units. The minimum limit at which the body feels more or less normal is 1200 kcal.

Important !In the last week, the calorie content of food gradually increases to 2,000 units.

The diet has a big advantage - you can eat everything, only the size of the portion will depend on the chosen dish. But you have to work hard, calculating the value of products every day. Do this from the evening.

To improve the effectiveness of the method will help the basic rules of weight loss for the month:

  • On an empty stomach and between meals to drink pure water, mineral without gases, broth of wild rose, green or white tea without sugar( 8-10 glasses per day).
  • Minimize salt, sweets, eliminate alcohol.
  • The size of portions should not exceed 250 g. For this purpose, kitchen scales are absolutely not needed. It is enough "by sight" to determine that it will fit in one glass.
  • The entire diet is divided into 5-6 parts and do approximately the same break.
  • Last meal at 7 pm.

The result may be more significant if you keep a strict account of calories and do not deviate from the planned plans.

Beautiful body contours for 2 weeks

If there are 14 days left before the New Year, you can lose weight by the Hollywood diet. Many stars survive such a power system without changing the busy schedule. The menu is very meager, but the reward is weight loss of up to 10 kg - it's worth it.

Important !At this time, you need to reduce the physical and mental load, stock up on the vitamin complex.

You can drink only water in the morning. Preference is best given to the broth of the dog rose. Fruits contain the maximum amount of vitamin C, which will allow the body to resist viral infections in the cold season.

All dishes are prepared without salt and sugar.

First day:

  • For lunch - salad from boiled egg and tomato, for dessert an orange.
  • Dinner - salad from eggs, cucumbers and cabbage.

Second day:

  • You can cook boiled chicken meat( 200 g) for lunch with salad leaves and greens. Dinner - egg and grapefruit.

The third day:

  • At lunchtime, a portion of boiled beef with cucumbers is allowed.
  • For dinner - an egg, braised cabbage with greens.

The fourth day:

  • Lunch - an egg, a salad of fresh cabbage, cucumbers and greens, an orange.
  • For supper put stewed vegetables, 100 grams of cottage cheese with tea.

The fifth day:

  • The dinner consists of stewed fish( 200 g) with vegetables, decorated with greenery. For dinner - an egg, a tomato.

Sixth day:

  • For lunch - boiled rabbit meat with cucumber.
  • For dinner, you can treat yourself to a fruit salad of apple, orange and grapefruit, seasoned with 150 grams of natural yogurt.

The seventh day:

  • For lunch it is necessary to cook vegetable soup on chicken broth, 200 g of meat, grapefruit.
  • For dinner, put fruit salad.

The food for the second week is no different from the one presented. But many will get the desired result in just 7 days. They should not continue the diet, because everything is good in moderation.

Egg-orange diet for 6 days

For an early loss of weight, the egg-and-orange procedure of Margarita Koroleva, a Moscow nutritionist who develops nutrition systems for Russian famous personalities, is suitable.

It lasts 6 days, for which you can lose weight by 5 kg. The daily diet includes 6 oranges and 6 boiled chicken eggs. At the beginning of each hour, you must eat 1 product by alternation. It turns out 12 meals a day. First breakfast - no later than 7-8 am. Between meals - water in an unchanged amount.

Cleansing diet for 5 days

The diet consists only of vegetable salad, the ingredients of which carry out "general cleaning" of the intestine. Gradually, the internal walls accumulate the products of metabolism, forming stool stones. Their total weight can be several kilograms. And simple products help to completely clean it without resorting to medical procedures.

To prepare a salad you need white cabbage, beets and carrots in equal quantities. All vegetables are used in raw form. They must be crushed in any way "straw".The size of one serving should not be more than 1 cup.

For 5 days, takes 5 kg of excess weight. This diet is supported by Elena Malysheva - the most famous doctor of the country. But the procedure can not be prolonged.

"Cheerful" diet for fast weight loss

To shed 5 kg for 5 days helps cheese diet "5 cheerful melted cheese".The diet is very poor, but it is supplemented with a glass of white wine. Apparently, thanks to the drink, the corresponding name was obtained.

It's better to stock up on products the day before, so that you do not want to eat something forbidden when you visit the store.

  • 500 g of cheese. Do not choose low-calorie varieties - diet and so tough.100 grams are put on the day, so you can take this into account when buying, so that you do not want to size out the right portion at home. Or buy processed cheese.
  • 5 tomatoes.
  • 5 cucumbers. You can dilute them with sweet pepper( for example,( 1 + 4) or( 2 + 3)).
  • 5 apples.
  • 5 chicken eggs.
  • 1 kg of cottage cheese.
  • Any amount of greens.
  • White table wine( 0,7 l).

You can drink tea and coffee.

Important !The break between meals should not be more than 3 hours.

  • Breakfast.100 g of cottage cheese with tea.
  • Second breakfast. Chopped melted cheese, sprinkled with herbs.
  • Lunch. Salad from boiled egg and tomato. You can fill it with 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil or sour cream.
  • Snack.100 g cottage cheese with grated apple.
  • Dinner. Salad from cucumber and greens.

After 4 hours, reward yourself with a glass( 120 ml) of wine, so that not only melted cheese, but also tomato with cucumber became "cheerful".

This is interesting !Wine can be replaced with kefir. Use it as a second dinner a couple of hours after the first. The diet will become a little "sad", but the benefits will increase significantly.

Tips for an endocrinologist for weight loss by the New Year

Bringing your parameters to the desired, do not get too involved. After all, beauty is, first of all, health. Well, let it depend on the dress you bought, not in size, "until better times."You have to shine from within, give everyone a good mood, prepare a royal treat. But the hair, make-up and manicure must be given time necessarily.

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