Ducane Diet - how to calculate the weight and duration of a diet

June 02, 2018 16:00 | Diets

Dyukan is often called a genius in the field of figure correction, as he is the author of the revolutionary method of weight loss, which unconditionally conquered much of the globe. Meanwhile, like any celebrity, Pierre has enemies. To those in the first place should be attributed to those who fail or lose health, losing weight on the French system. And all because they misuse the technique, skipping the main rule of the doctor and forgetting about what is absolutely necessary before the French Ducane diet begins, to calculate the weight, and, consequently, the duration of each stage.

  • Video acquaintance with the Dukan diet
  • Proper planning is half the success of the
  • Weight calculation method: initial data
  • Example of calculating an individual weight loss plan
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Video acquaintance with the Dukan diet

Proper planning is half the success

As in any case, which we want to perform well, planning is important. For example, building a house, you need to p

repare drawings, make estimates, determine the progress of work and start with the desired action. Imagine what will happen if you first build walls, and then dig a pit for a foundation, or make the building too narrow, but incredibly tall, or not calculate with a slope and build a "hollow" house? That's right, the whole construction will collapse, and if this does not happen, then it will be dangerous, at least, to live in such a building, do you agree?

No less important before the Ducane diet begins, calculate the ideal weight and duration of each phase on its way to achieving it. Only instead of the budget, you will have a line of diet Dyukana, which will show what and how to do, as well as how much it will take the whole process of returning the ideal figure. Remember: if you liked the Ducane diet, calculate the correct duration of its stages - half the success, because then you will move the right way, staying at each phase exactly as many days as you need specifically to you. And this means that the kilograms will melt rapidly, and your reflection in the mirror will improve day by day.

Worth paying attention! If you have any difficulties with how to calculate the weight of the Ducane diet, feedback from fans of this technique, generously laid out on the Internet, will help you to answer all your questions.

Weight calculation method: initial data

To calculate the weight of the Pierre Ducane diet, you do not even need a calculator. The doctor took care of the admirers of his technique and developed an automatic system for calculating both the ideal body weight for you and the duration of each phase: Attacks - the hardest stage, Alternation, which is easier to eat, Consolidation, which consolidates the achieved result. As for the final period of Stabilization, then, alas, it lasts for the rest of your life, but you will hardly regret the efforts you have made, you will see.

So, what data does the automatic table calculate the weight of the Ducane diet?

  • name( here you can enter at least your nickname, the main thing is that Pierre knew how to contact you in the future);
  • floor;
  • weight from which you begin to lose weight;
  • growth;
  • full date of birth;
  • to what body weight you aspire;
  • is your "heaviest" weight;
  • is your "lightest" weight, starting from the age of majority;
  • how much do you usually weigh;
  • whether the relatives had problems with excessive body weight;
  • which number of diets you have already tried;
  • how many times you gave birth;
  • is the type of your bone structure, which you can easily identify from the pictures contributed by Pierre to the table;
  • is your e-mail so that you will receive not only a personal calculation of the weight of the Ducane diet, but also special recommendations from the French genius in the field of weight loss.

Example of calculating an individual weight loss plan

If you are interested in calculating the diet of Dyukan for a specific example, you can take this into account. You are a young lady with a height of 1.7 m and weighing 90 kg, once weighing 55 kg, but after getting married more than a dozen kilos raising one heir who has never sat on any diet, born in a family of slender people. Your goal is to weigh 60 kg.

What can I do to make the marksman on the scales decrease to this level?

  1. To eat under the menu of Attacks of 6 days, owing to what to become easier almost on 2,5 kg.
  2. To adhere to the rules of the Cruise 184 days - in order to lose 24 kg.
  3. Stay at the fastening stage of 263 days, achieving a weight of 60 kg.
  4. Eat according to the laws of the phase Stabilizing the rest of your life to stay beautiful.

If everything is properly planned and then implemented, then you will not have to sit on diets any more.

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