Effective diet for 7 days: cabbage menu options

June 02, 2018 18:30 | Diets

If a girl complains that she does not manage to lose weight, then do not write off this for lack of willpower. In any case you need a strong motivation. As soon as the motive appears, for example, she falls in love, or a beloved man threatens with a rupture, then there will be both a will and a desire to bring his weight back to normal. And do it at a rooted pace. And then an effective diet for 7 days will come to the rescue.

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  • Cabbage diets: weight loss without body burden
  • Diet options: from very hard to balanced
  • Cabbage soup diet: relieves fat folds and constipation
  • Fresh cabbage diet: based on accurate calorie counting
  • Video: cabbage rules and menudiets

Cabbage diets: weight loss without stress on the body

Among the most useful and fast diets, I would like to emphasize cabbage. The healing properties of this vegetable were known even in ancient Greece. It has very rare vitamins( U and K), and the amount of fiber in the structure exceeds 9

0%.And foods rich in fiber are the most successful diet for low-calorie meals. Their friable structure fills the entire volume of the stomach, creating an imitation of satiety. Therefore, on the cabbage diet there is no constant feeling of hunger, because of which many losing weight breaks down and give themselves to the power of eating.

Variety of varieties allows you to alternate them in the menu, thereby making the richer richer and more boring. In dietary nutrition, fresh vegetables are used, stewed, boiled, steamed and sour. It is interesting that the way of processing affects the useful properties of cabbage. If you eat it fresh or slightly scalded, then get rid of constipation, and it is worth boil more than half an hour - and the effect changes to the opposite.

Sauerkraut not only keeps teeth healthy, but also relieves hangover syndrome. So dieting girl can with utretsa treat his beloved, if he "touched" the day before.

But the main trump card of cabbage in losing weight is its ability to split carbohydrate food, the excess of which is transformed into fat cells. This property of the vegetable, due to the presence of tartronic acid in its composition.

Variations of diets: from very hard to balanced

Depending on the amount of extra pounds, you can choose a diet with different calories. When you need to reset quickly and a lot( up to 10 kg), you will have to endure a week of tight restrictions. And if the goal - to slightly adjust the waistline and hips, to get up to 3 kg, then a balanced diet will do. Let's consider each in more detail.

Cabbage Soup Diet: Relieves Fatty Folds and Constipation

A cabbage soup diet is a very tough diet for 7 days. At the expense of low calorie burning of excess fats is intense, but there may be problems with the stool. Daily consumption of boiled cabbage is not recommended for people suffering from stomach disorders, because in the process of digesting food a large number of gases are formed. With weak secretion, gases provoke swelling, unpleasant eructations and diarrhea. So this food should be planted only for those who are absolutely healthy.

The basis of the daily menu is white cabbage soup. It is cooked right away for a whole day and consumed in small portions, but often.

Ingredients for cabbage soup:

  • medium head of cabbage( up to 600 grams);
  • boiled rice( half cup);
  • carrots, celery, onions, dill, tomatoes and other greens - in moderate doses( up to 100 gr.);

Cook for no more than half an hour. You can not add potatoes. Prisalivayut only when served on the table.

In addition to soup, every day eat certain foods that help make food more diverse. Choose from the list below, on which day you wish it is:

  • Fruit( up to half a kilogram);
  • Vegetable salads( on vegetable oil) - up to 450 gr.
  • Poultry meat( up to half a kilogram).
  • Braised fish with tomatoes - no more than 400 grams( 200 grams of fish + 200 grams of tomato).Carrot and apple juice( up to a liter).
  • Curd( up to 400 grams).Oatmeal porridge( up to 400 gr.).

To reduce gassing, drink green tea and mineral water.

Fresh cabbage diet: based on accurate calorie counting

Based on an accurate calorie count, a cabbage express diet was developed for 7 days, during which the vegetable is taken only raw. A kilogram of fresh cabbage contains only 280 kcal. And for a normal weight loss, the daily ration is limited to 1000 kcal. Accordingly, the remaining 710 kcal are given for other dishes. At the same time salt is stored in the food, but it is used no more than 10 gr.for a day.

Here's how the menu looks for the week:


  • Salad: 1 kg cabbage + 100 gr.natural yoghurt + 300 gr.fresh carrots = 431 kcal;
  • Buckwheat porridge: 100 gr.buckwheat( 330 kcal) + 10 gr.(75 kcal) = 405 kcal;
  • 300 gr.apples( 140 kcal);
  • cup of coffee or tea.


  • Salad: 1 kg of cabbage + 10 gr.gt;oil + 200 gr.cucumber + 200 gr.tomatoes = 438 kcal;
  • 300 gr.boiled chicken without skin( 495 kcal);
  • 2 cups of green tea.


  • Salad: 1 kg cabbage + 10 gr.gt;oil + 300 gr.salad leaves + 100 gr.green pea = 484 kcal;
  • 300 gr.baked in sour cream whiting( 231 kcal).For baking, you need 50 gr.10% sour cream( 58 kcal);
  • 300 gr.orange( 117 kcal);
  • a cup of black tea or coffee.


  • Salad: 1 kg cabbage + 100 gr.natural yoghurt + 200 gr.fresh carrots + 100 gr.apples = 473 kcal;
  • 250 gr.boiled turkey( 500 kcal);
  • 2 cups of tea.


  • Salad: 1 kg of cabbage + 10 gr.gt;oil + 300 gr.salad leaves + 100 gr.green pea = 484 kcal;
  • 300 gr.asparagus bean( 96 kcal), fried in 10 gr.gt;oil( 90 kcal);
  • 150 gr.processed cheese( 339 kcal).
  • coffee cup.


  • Salad: 1 kg of cabbage + 100 gr.natural yoghurt + 200 gr. Bulgarian pepper + 200 gr.tomatoes = 424 kcal;
  • casserole from 2 eggs( 290 kcal) and 300 gr.low-fat cottage cheese( 258 kcal);
  • a cup of tea or coffee.


  • Salad: 1 kg of cabbage + 100 gr.natural yoghurt + 200 gr.fresh carrots + 100 gr.apples = 473 kcal;
  • 200 gr.baked beef( 374 kcal) with 300 grams.eggplant( 73 kcal);
  • 300 gr.grapefruit( 105 kcal);
  • coffee cup.

If your stomach normally takes sauerkraut, then on some of the days you can make a salad, mixing half the fresh vegetable and sauerkraut. True, first scald the cabbage with boiling water to drive out excess salt.

This balanced menu allows you to lose up to 3 kg of weight, although you do not have to starve, as you can see.

Video: rules and menu cabbage diet

If after 2-3 days of a diet on cabbage you felt that gradually in the soul there is a growing hatred for this product, perhaps you need a different diet. But people who are prone to vegetarianism, about cabbage diets respond very positively.

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