Diet for men: how to lose weight on meat with beer

June 02, 2018 19:45 | Diets

Despite the propaganda of an active lifestyle, the male population follows this rule only until the moment of marriage. As soon as the wife and home kitchen appear, the desire to go to the gym melts like ice cream in the heat. Married muzhiks do not consider it shameful to have a beer abdomen, although from the wife they often demand the preservation of a slender figure. One thing remains - to feed them on a special menu. Let's consider, what sparing diet for men will help to remove an overhanging belly, not having offended thus their taste preferences.

  • How to make a diet invisible to a man
  • Caloric content of a male diet: how many kilocalories are allowed per day
  • Meat diet: we feed a man nourishing and often
  • Beer diet for men: a menu for fans of a foamy drink
  • Proper nutrition for men

How to make a diet invisible formen

If there is a desire to bring the figure of a beloved man into the proper form, then a woman will easily be able to put her husband on a di

et without even informing him about it. After all, in the kitchen - she is a mistress, and the cooking process depends only on her. However, it is necessary to switch to a new diet regime, so that it looks natural, as if you are mastering recipes for new dishes. You can even tell your beloved that every week it is waited by a taste surprise - the cuisine of different people, and under this brand create those dishes that will help to reduce weight.

But the male gender has a completely different taste preferences than the female one. And if ladies love sweets and confectionery, then men's favorite products are meat, beer, salted fish, smoked foods and other high-calorie "delicacies" that give a feeling of satiety for a long time. If they are immediately removed from the diet - substitution will be very noticeable, and your idea of ​​a diet will end with a "pshikom".

Therefore, make a list of your spouse's favorite foods and try on its basis to create a diet menu. This is only at first glance the idea seems absurd. And if you understand, today there are so many diets that it is not difficult to find more or less suitable. For example, a husband does not have a day without meat - a protein diet will do. If he is a fan of a beer mug - use the diet of a beer diet. Loves smoked fish - transfer to seafood. Of them, he certainly will not refuse.

Caloric content of the male diet: how many kilocalories are allowed per day

Male organism is able to process food more than female, so the total daily caloric content of dishes can reach 1700/1800 kcal( in women, the ceiling is 1200 kcal!).In addition, carbohydrate food is not to be feared: it is practically not processed by male cells into fat.

You just have to avoid empty calories, which do not do any good. They are in sugar, alcohol, fried foods and fast food. All the rest - you can serve on the table, correcting the volume and options of dressings, sauces and marinades. Let's look at this in more detail on examples of the most popular and easy diets.

Meat diet: we feed a man nourishing and often

The main advantage of the protein menu is all kinds of meat and fish. They can be eaten for a day to a half a kilogram, and if your husband is very large, then more. Combine protein products with vegetables( except potatoes), calculating the proportion 1: 1.So stewed cabbage with chicken is unlikely to seem like a favorite fresh and non-Mongolian dish.

That's only if he is accustomed to eat with bread, will have to give up. Simple carbohydrates with a meat diet are not included in the diet. Replace the baked goods with bread. From dairy products only kefir and yogurt are allowed. On their basis it is possible to prepare excellent salads from fresh greens with cucumbers, etc.

Salt is also included in the number of excluded products. The most effective diet for men in general without salt, but to such nutrition the spouse should come deliberately. And first start to add food not in the process of cooking, but before serving. With this method, the consumption of salt is much less, and the taste remains the same. Ideally, if you slightly add salt to the finished dish, do not stir it. And with each time to reduce the dose of salt. By the way, marine fish species, even without podsalivaniya have a slightly salty aftertaste, as they lived in such an environment, especially mackerel, herring. So these products can be cooked without salt at all, filling only with lemon juice.

On the meat diet the rules of cooking also change: food can not be fried. An excellent option - stewed or baked dishes. There is an occasion to learn cooking in a double boiler, multivark or aerogrill, which are perfectly prepared without the use of oils and retain almost the entire arsenal of nutrients in both meat and vegetables.

In a word, feed your husband with juicy veal, rabbit, chicken, alternating them with pollack, pangasius, hake. For ten days of such a regime, the belly's pudgy abdomen will noticeably diminish.

By the way, neither alcohol nor sugar in the menu should be present!

Beer diet for men: a menu for fans of a foamy drink

The bias of many men to beer can be used for the benefit of their figure. But in this case, to translate a loved one to another food will not work out imperceptibly, since the dishes with which he is accustomed to seize a foamy drink are changing. Instead of high-calorie crackers, chips, dried roach and smoked ribs, he will have to have a snack of buckwheat, chicken and other products, in which there is no excess salt and preservatives. By the way, beer snacks provoke an uncontrolled growth of the stomach.

In itself, beer does not harm the figure, if it is "alive", i.e.barrel, not bottled and canned with various chemical additives. Therefore, when transferring her husband to a beer diet, the drink should be bought exactly as a barrel. The female norm for a day is a liter of beer, the male one is one and a half. Be sure to drink it cold, so that the body spends a certain amount of calories on the warming up of the liquid.

And now about the main thing - what will we have a snack. This is how the menu for men looks like for 10 days of "hanging out" on beer.

  • Monday: 150 g of buckwheat, boiled on water;
  • Tuesday: 150 g of baked beef;
  • medium: 150 g of boiled poultry;
  • Thursday: 200 g of baked fish;
  • Friday: fresh vegetables / fruits without restrictions;
  • Saturday: 100 g of bitter chocolate;
  • Sunday: 200 g of cheese;
  • Monday: 200 g of muesli;
  • Tuesday: 4 chicken boiled eggs;
  • Wednesday: a day without food and beer - only mineral water.

Proper nutrition for men

If your husband sustains this diet, then it will not only decrease in size, but the beer will cease to love so passionately.

A slim man always looks younger than his age, and for this it is worth to suffer the complexity of the dietary menu a week or two.

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