Apple diet for 3 days: all slimming options on apples

June 02, 2018 21:00 | Diets

Apple diet for 3 days in a short period of time can relieve everyone who wants to lose weight from three extra pounds. The diet is popular both among the stars of show business, and among ordinary women who follow their appearance. In addition to harmony, these miracle fruits can enrich the body with useful trace elements and vitamins, as well as purify it of toxins.


The advantages of the apple diet
  • Apple diet for 3 days and 7 days
  • Menu for three days
  • Doctor's opinion about the apple diet

    Pluses of the apple diet

    Among the main advantages of the apple diet, the availability of this fruit is on the first place. You can buy it at any time of the year, so there are no seasonal obstacles to weight loss. Of course, in the period from June to October, when apples ripen massively, it is more useful to lose weight on them. But in winter, too, you can. Simply peel before consumption is better to remove, in order to rid the fruit of preservatives, which ar

    e used for transportation of fruits and their long storage.

    Everyone knows from the childhood that apples are useful fruits. Scientists have long proven that lovers of these fruits have a "steel" cardiovascular system and on average live longer for 17 years than "non-lovers".The secret of such longevity lies in the unique chemical composition of the magic fruit. Natural antioxidants contained in apples, prevent cancer and prevent the aging process. Pectin does not allow the development of atherosclerosis and promotes the removal of cholesterol from the blood, and also protects from heart attacks and strokes. Catechin affects the increase of immunity, memory improvement and increased blood circulation.

    Regular use of apples ensures normal functioning of the intestines, supporting the microflora in it. A large amount of fiber and dietary fiber protects the entire body from many diseases. Like any vitamin fruit, apples help prevent oral diseases, improve the condition of hair, skin and nails.

    There are no contraindications for this diet. Reviews about her are always only positive. However, consulting a doctor would be helpful. The fact is that with any diet, the body gets a shake - the so-called stress, which can provoke an exacerbation of the slightest chronic disease. To avoid this, you need to undergo a preliminary examination. The doctor will be able to suggest how to properly eat apples for various diseases. For example, if a patient has gastritis, then it is better to eat apples in a liver form, if eaten raw, then only sweet varieties. With reduced acidity it is better to eat acid varieties, and people suffering from urolithiasis and colitis should eat apple puree better.

    Apple diet for 3 days and 7 days

    Modifications of the apple diet are so many that all can not be immediately counted. These are unloading days, mono-diets, and combinations of other products with apples. Most often in the dietary diet is introduced cottage cheese, honey, carrots, kefir, watermelons, buckwheat, meat, oatmeal and oranges. The most popular are the menu for 3 days and 7 days. Programs with different duration also exist, but you need to be careful with them.

    Do not recommend a doctor for more than seven days on an apple diet, especially if it's a mono-diet. Because the food in this case is not quite balanced, and this can lead to a metabolic disorder. In addition, according to dieticians, the main loss of excess weight occurs in the first three to four days. Further, the organism adapts and strenuously saves energy. The conclusion is one - there is no sense to torture yourself longer.

    The three-day diet option is considered the most stringent and effective. But not everyone can stand it because of the meager diet. There are only apples - not more than 1.5 kg, drinking only water.

    The apple diet for a week is also strict, but here the menu includes rye biscuits and green tea. True, all additions are introduced from the fifth day. Monodiet is not very simple( very strict), but every day it loses one kilogram of weight. If there is an incentive, then you can stand it.

    Menu for three days

    For fans of eating a mono-diet is not suitable. Therefore, nutritionists suggested a more balanced diet. In addition to apples, you can eat other foods, but you can lose weight by three and by two and a half kilograms. The difference is not great, the main thing is not to double portions.

    Day One:

    • Breakfast - boiled egg, one apple, a piece of black bread.
    • The second breakfast is one apple and a loaf.
    • Lunch - a bunch of celery, one orange, 150 grams of fish. You can all cut into a salad with lemon juice.
    • Dinner - three tablespoons of cottage cheese and one apple.

    Day Two:

    • Breakfast - 200 grams of milk powdered oatmeal, one apple and a spoonful of raisins.
    • The second breakfast is one big apple.
    • Lunch - pancake from one egg, seven spoonfuls of milk and thirty-five grams of flour, one apple( in case of lack of time, a pancake can be replaced with two loaves).
    • Snack - half a cup of yogurt and apple.
    • Dinner - salad from one apple, half a banana and 50-60 grams of rice.

    Day Three:

    • Breakfast - two tablespoons of cottage cheese, an apple and a slice of rye bread.
    • Second breakfast - 200 g of apple-kefir cocktail with cinnamon and lemon juice.
    • Lunch - 200 g of chicken and apple salad with salt and pepper.
    • Snack - an apple.
    • Dinner - salad of apples, carrots, raisins and cheese, dressed with yogurt( 200 g).

    The doctor's opinion about the apple diet

    This is an approximate menu for example, so you can change some ingredients in salads. For example, if you do not like carrots, put in place another vegetable with the same calorie content. The main thing is not to add oil to the dishes, but to use the most low-fat yogurt for refueling. Do not forget to drink water. Lose weight on health. Be beautiful and slim!

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