5/2 Michael Mosley's diet: a fast and effective way to lose weight

June 03, 2018 03:15 | Diets

Exhausting diets and training, miracle pills and plastic surgery - just do not go to the fair sex for the sake of being slim and beautiful. Who of the women does not dream about this method of losing weight, which would be both effective and easy at the same time? And just recently this method appeared - this is the 5/2 diet, authored by a graduate doctor, Michael Mosley. Let's find out all the details about him.

  • What is the Michael Mosley diet
  • The advantages of the diet 5/2
  • How to make a diet for fasting days
  • Important points of the Michael Mosley diet
  • Calculating the daily calorie rate

What is Michael Mosley's diet

Recently the Western world is literally ready to worship the wayslimming, which was coined by a British doctor. What is so like a diet for Europeans, and why should we meet with her? First of all, it is worthy of all praise, if only because it practically does not exhaust the body. As you know, many effective, but difficult techniques that are

very difficult to sustain because of large restrictions in nutrition, are harmful to human health.

The diet, which is called 5/2, in this sense is much more pleasant - it suggests that ladies need only a few days a week to slightly restrict their diet, at the rest of the time they will not have to deprive themselves of delicious. Yes, and in fasting days you can eat almost anything, not exceeding only the limit on calories - for men, 600 kcal are allowed per day, and for women - 500 kcal.

On average, this technique allows you to lose up to 3 kilograms per one call. But doctors recommend not to set records, but to act moderately. Then there is the opportunity to get rid of 10 kilograms for six months without harm to the body.

Advantages of diet 5/2

In addition, that the method of losing weight from Michael Mosley sparing in terms of psychological, experts, having studied it, came to the conclusion that it is also useful for health. After all, the diet resembles the usual unloading days, the benefits of which have long been known to doctors, only with a caloric restriction menu.

According to Dr. Walter Longo of the Institute of Longevity of the University of Southern California, due to a brief partial withdrawal of food significantly reduces the risk of heart disease, heart attack and diabetes. It also stimulates the work of the restoration gene - the body seems to be activating its activity to get rid of the old cells.

Such assumptions are confirmed by experience. For example, a whole football team of Tanzania was tested, which adhered to the Muslim fast of Ramadan. It turned out that during the limited diet athletes were able to achieve much greater success.

How to make a ration for fasting days

Now let's make a diet for the 5/2 menu, recommended by dieticians to achieve maximum effect. This is only an indicative option, since experts claim that you can eat anything, the main thing is not to exceed the caloric threshold. But of course, it is better to think about the diet in such a way that all necessary trace elements enter the body.

So, for breakfast on the first day you can eat an apple with yogurt or a boiled egg with tea or oatmeal cooked on the water.

If you can not do without snacks, you should eat some non-starchy fruit, drink a cup of tea, sugar bases or eat a little fat-free yogurt.

As a lunch, a great option is a Bulgarian pepper stuffed with vegetables or lentil or vegetable soup.

We finish the day with a light dinner. You can cook two eggs and eat them with tomatoes and a small slice of ham. Another option is boiled rice and tomatoes. Another is tea with toast.

However, some nutritionists recommend on such days off to minimize the number of meals. Surprisingly, there are reasons to believe that some GI diseases are provoked by almost continuous work: a modern person has got used to chewing something almost all the time.

Important points of the Michael Mosley diet

It is important to know that this relatively gentle method of losing weight still has its contraindications. The fast diet of 5/2 is contraindicated in people who have digestive tract disorders. With her, you can not experiment with such diagnoses as colitis and gastritis. Also, it's too early to think about this technique if you are under 18.Because until the end of the growth of the body does not need to introduce such restrictions in nutrition.

Like any other diet, this also fits well with sports training. However, experts recommend doing physical exercises in those five days, when a person eats fully. Otherwise, there is a risk of loading provoking an outbreak of hunger. And they will not be useful for the simple reason that the body is weakened, and he needs peace.

It is logical to choose not to work for slimming, but for days off to afford to rest. It will be possible to make a diet menu in such a way that it is most useful. After all, nutritionists do not recommend eating semi-finished products: let them be simple dishes made from natural products.

Daily Calorie Counting

Michael Mosley's diet is also convenient because in the case of a breakdown, you do not have to start all over again: you can simply transfer the unloading day. Yes, and are very rare with it: experience shows that people who eat regularly, as they wish, are more likely to withstand temporary restrictions.

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