Fast diet: the best menu for effective rapid weight loss

June 03, 2018 10:45 | Diets

Extra pounds, which are so quickly recruited, can not be eliminated in a couple of days. Our body with great difficulty gives the accumulated "good", and only a stressful situation can cause it to burn fat at an accelerated pace. It is such a stressful effect of express diet for weight loss. A rigid restriction of food forces the body to expend its internal fat reserves. We'll figure out how the fast diet works, and what options are most effective for losing weight.

  • Weight loss on express diet: how stable are the results
  • Opinion of dietitian about express diets
  • Options for express diets for all tastes
  • Three-day jockey diet for meat lovers
  • We deduce slag with express diet on cereals
  • Kefir and vegetable diet - seven-daymarathon
  • Orange-egg diet for 3-7 days
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Weight loss on the express diet: how stable the results of

Any losing weight expects that after a diet it will bounce back once and for all, so withIt is announced to suffer a couple

of weeks for future chic forms. With express diets, this number will not work. They give a short-term, temporary result, and after switching to normal nutrition, the "melted" kilograms return to their seats. The only way to stop the reverse process of gaining weight is to go after a rigid diet to a rational, long, which helps to lose weight not by reducing calories, but by completely changing the products and cooking methods. Gradually, you will get used to the new diet and stop perceiving it as a burden.

A fast diet - it's a kind of wand-zashchalochki in critical situations, when you need to come to form in just a week. They are not approved by dieticians and doctors, because a rigid low-calorie diet gives a high stress load on the body. But the effect of losing weight with full compliance with the rules of nutrition is very high, so no doctor's warnings can not reduce the flow of those who want to lose weight in this way. Approximately a day is dropped to a kilogram of excess weight, so that in 5-6 days, really lose 3-4 kilograms.

It should be noted that the main percentage of weight loss will be associated with a decrease in fluid in the body. With a hard supply of water from the cells is displayed at an accelerated pace, so in the waist and face, weight loss is particularly noticeable. The hips decrease in volume more slowly, but sometimes for a spectacular appearance it is sufficient and reduced waist.

If you need to throw a couple of centimeters on the hips, it is recommended to combine an express diet with a trip to the fitness room or daily jogs.

Opinion of a dietitian about express diets

Variants of express diets for every taste

It is always easier to withstand a hunger strike if the minimum set of products includes those that particularly like. Therefore, when choosing a diet option, give preference not so much to the most effective, as the one most suited to your taste preferences. After all, for example, losing weight with onion soup can not withstand every lady, because too specific a taste of this product. In addition, each person their own regimen and speed of weight loss, and to guarantee you the same effect of losing weight, which got your girlfriend, can not any diet.

Three-day jockey diet for meat lovers

Even the fastest diet can not last less than three days. This is the minimum during which the body is reconstructed into internal nutrition with its own fats and gives at least some visible result.

The jockey diet is designed specifically for three days. Her fans are meat eaters, for whom it is easier to give up fruit or vegetables in favor of a piece of chicken.

The essence of nutrition is that for the first two days a person eats meat baked without salt( the first day is a bird without skin, the second - veal or beef).The prepared dish is divided into three meals, and the maximum weight of meat per day is up to 400 g.

The third day is a complete refusal of food, so to speak, a day of unloading. To maintain the water balance, you can drink natural teas or ground coffee( without sugar).

If a day without food your body can not hold out, and you feel weak, then you are allowed to eat about 100 grams at dinner.low-fat meat.

We take out slags with an express diet on cereals

Those who are absolutely indifferent to meat, you can sit down on a vegetarian version of hard food. On the basis of cereals developed a fast and effective diet "Unloading".For three days a person can not only lose a couple of kilograms, but also cleanse the body of toxins. Cereals have the ability to adsorb waste that has accumulated in the intestines, and remove them. A prerequisite for this diet is a large intake of pure unboiled water( more than 2 liters per day) and complete exclusion of salt.

Power Mode:

  • 1 day: a glass of oatmeal. It is not boiled, but poured with boiling water and waited until it swells completely. Distribute to 3-4 reception.
  • Day 2: a glass of rice. Rice from the evening washed and left in the water to swell. In the morning cook at minimum heat. Distribute for 5 servings.
  • Day 3: a glass of buckwheat. In the evening, buckwheat sorted, washed and poured with water. In the morning they cook and divide into 5 receptions.

Kefir and vegetable diet - seven-day marathon

For 7 days kefir-vegetable diet is calculated. In its menu a richer assortment of products, so the feeling of hunger is felt only 1-2 days, when the main product is kefir.

Weekly power menu

1-2 days: liter of kefir + 2 slices of bread( or loaves).Distribute to 3 admission.

3-4 days.

  • Breakfast: natural coffee with milk + a piece of bread;
  • Lunch: broth + 100 gr.low-fat meat + coffee;
  • Dinner: a glass of yogurt.

5 day.

  • Breakfast: natural coffee with milk + a piece of bread;
  • Lunch: 2 boiled eggs + 100 gr.boiled chicken + 50 gr.cheese + a glass of kefir;
  • Dinner: tea / coffee.

6 day.

  • Breakfast: natural coffee with milk + a piece of bread;
  • Lunch: vegetable soup + a glass of kefir;
  • Dinner: tea.

Day 7.

  • Breakfast: tea with honey + a piece of bread;
  • Lunch: raw vegetables and fruits in any volume + coffee;
  • Dinner: a glass of yogurt.

Orange-egg diet for 3-7 days

Perhaps the most delicious is the diet on oranges, because very few people do not like citrus. But since within a week you will have to eat a large amount of oranges, then those who are prone to allergies, it is better not to use nutrition, so as not to provoke seizures.

Food every day is the same: 5 oranges + 5 boiled proteins. Eat them for 10 receptions, every hour, alternating an orange and an egg. On such a diet you can sit from three days to a week. It is allowed to drink in any quantity water, green tea.

As you can see, the range of short-term diets is rich, so choose for yourself the most profitable both in terms of products and in duration.

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