Ducant Diet for Breastfeeding and Pregnancy

June 03, 2018 12:00 | Diets

How not to turn into a "kolobok" during pregnancy and breastfeeding? This question is tormented by millions of women's pretty heads, and this is natural, since any future or newly mummy wants to stay in shape, rejoice at her reflection in the mirror and do not stop "swimming" in the compliments of the beloved man. Pierre Duccan - a talented nutritionist from France - decided to take part in women's fates, thanks to which the popular Ducane diet was born during breastfeeding and pregnancy.

  • How to lose weight in future and lactating mothers
  • Grocery basket
  • Wisdom of making ration and sample menu
  • How to find time for walking

How to lose weight in future and lactating mothers

The method of weight correction for Dukan is based on protein nutrition that for pregnant beautiesand breastfeeding women is very useful, because it is the proteins that provide growth and renewal of cells, which means that the crumbs developing under the heart will receive valu

able substances. However, new or future mothers can not deprive themselves of other useful products, since the presence of proteins in the menu is not the only rule in feeding women in such vital situations.

In this regard, Dr. Dukan does not recommend pregnant, breastfeeding young ladies to lose weight under the menu of Attack or Cruise. To correct the weight in such cases, Pierre advises using the Consolidation phase, but with an expanded list of allowed products, as well as some changes in the diet regime.

Which ones? Instead of the daily 1 serving( 200 g) of berries / fruits, Dr. Dukan allows future or newly mums to consume 2 portions. The protein day, which is present weekly in the Consolidation menu, must be canceled, because the body of a woman in such a situation should not be subjected to such harsh "experiments" with the diet.

You can lose weight on this technique without any restrictions on the duration - until you reach the ideal body weight, but keep in mind that the weight gain of 10-13 kg during pregnancy is considered natural, and the lack of body weight harms not only your health, but the development of crumbs.

Now you realize that Dukan's diet and pregnancy or the period of breastfeeding of your child are quite compatible, the main thing is to use the technique wisely, without deviating from the recommendations of the French dietician.

Worth paying attention! One of the main rules of losing weight in the French system Dyukana: walk daily, dressed for the weather, at least 20 minutes.

Grocery Basket

What should I buy to lose weight by the Ducane technique? Focus on the following list of products allowed by Pierre.

  1. Dairy products that do not exceed 2% in fat content.
  2. Lean meat without skin.
  3. Fruit / berries.
  4. Eggs.
  5. Fish / Seafood.
  6. Vegetables / greens.
  7. Macaroni made from solid grain.
  8. Potatoes that should be consumed moderately.
  9. Fig.
  10. Legumes.
  11. Cheese( very moderately).
  12. Bread( whole grain).
  13. Water.
  14. Useful tea.
  15. Gelatin.
  16. Lemon juice.
  17. Yeast.
  18. Oat bran.
  19. Useful condiments.
  20. Salt.

This is important to know! The daily water norm for a lady in position or during lactation is 2 liters, and oat bran is 2.5 tablespoons. Bran is not necessarily to be eaten dry, you can use them as an ingredient for preparing dishes allowed by Pierre.

Rationality Writing and Menu Example

First about the features of nutrition for expectant kids or breastfeeding women. In the list of allowed products, there is starchy food( pasta, beans, rice).It should be remembered that this kind of food is allowed only twice a week.

Exactly the same number of times you can eat on the menu "gluttons", that is, eat something from your favorite dishes, even if they are not on the authorized list. Every day, women who lose weight by the method of Dyukan, you can consume a bar( 40 grams) of cheese and a couple of pieces of healthy bread.

And now about the approximate menu for the day. In the form of a sample, you can focus on such a diet:

  • morning - pancakes with meat, yogurt;
  • snack - fruit;
  • dinner - soup with meatballs, fish fillets( grilled), salad;
  • afternoon snack - casserole( cottage cheese, berries), tea;
  • dinner - lentils with meat and stewed vegetables;
  • before going to bed - kefir.

How to find time for walking

Pierre Duccan is a brilliant nutritionist, caring for the figure and health of all, even pregnant women or breast-feeding new moms.

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