Beer Diet: Belly from beer does not grow - on the contrary it decreases

June 03, 2018 22:00 | Diets

The opinion that beer is only getting fat( they are eating a beer belly) is wrong. You can lose weight from it with no less success. This idea, however, is more readily introduced into life by men - girls, who are attracted to beer diet in all seriousness, much less. Nevertheless, in the environment of the fair sex supporters of this method to lose an extra kilo are detected.

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  • The reasons for the "slender" effect of
  • To whom the "menu" is contraindicated
  • How to properly organize the
  • mode How to correctly choose the

beer The reasons for the "slender" effect of

  • The first place is the pronounced diuretic properties of beer, in which no one doubts.
  • The next factor - the drink is drunk cold, which requires "burning" more calories for digestion.
  • In this fermentation product, the amount of carbon dioxide that stimulates metabolic processes is enormous.
  • Hops can reduce cholesterol, and this is a wonderful "message" to achieve the desired harmony.
  • "Beer" relaxes, it tends to sleep - it means, instead of hours of gluttony, you calmly get enough sleep.

Among other things, the content of vitamins B, PP and trace elements in low-alcohol drink is high, so that you will not have to suffer from hunger with such a diet program. In addition, it acts soothing and disinfectant.

Of course, it can only be about a product that is natural, quality, free of preservatives. The fortress is not higher than 3-5%.That is, domestic production, and not Bavarian-Czech, from "strong" varieties.

It's worth recalling : they do not get fat at all from beer, but from what they take for "the company".That is, from chips, fish, crawfish, cheese, all bagels-sheep-nuts and other "from the soul" salted( and therefore harmful) snacks.

To whom such a "menu" is contraindicated

  • For children, adolescents, pregnant women and nursing mothers, the beer diet for weight loss is absolutely inapplicable.
  • It is not suitable for those who have serious problems with the stomach-intestines and not everything is in order with the cardiovascular organs.
  • Passing the course of treatment should carefully study the instructions for medicines: most drugs with alcohol are incompatible.

There is a general recommendation-warning: do not use this diet for more than a week - so that the craving for a pleasant "medicine" is not developed. It should also be reminded that persons professionally engaged in mental work or forced to drive often lose weight better without the help of alcohol-containing ingredients, even somehow inconvenient. They themselves must know about this.

How to properly organize the

mode Note at once: the diet control is not built solely on its main "component".That is, a small amount of other food will be present without fail. The additional list will include meat and fish( lean ones only), fruit vegetables( preferably unsweetened and non-starchy), buckwheat plus dairy products( preferably fat-free).Whole-grain bread and olive oil are also acceptable. If the hunger still begins to torment, once a week you are allowed to eat a quarter of the chocolate bar( bitter) or a piece of bread.

All of the above fits into the concept of "common software settings."About sugar, salt, burning spices and spices will have to be forgotten for a while. Food should be divided into 5 daily receptions - approximately equal in volume. The approximate description of the weekly menu follows:

  • Day 1: boiled buckwheat( grams 100) + liter of beer.
  • Day 2: chicken / turkey / rabbit meat( boiled, grams 100) + the same serving of beer.
  • Day 3: low-fat fish( boil 100 grams) + repeat the beer norm.
  • Day 4: boiled meat fillet( grams 100) + liter of beer.
  • Day 5: Repeat a beer portion + assorted "vegetables-fruit-berries"( a spoonful of oil is allowed).
  • Day 6: One and a half beer standards( ie 1.5 liters) - and nothing more.
  • Day 7( unloading): A liter of one and a half to two mineral or simple drinking water. Clean, without gas.

How to choose the right beer

Someone thinks that a couple of cups of coffee during a week's "diet plan" also does not hurt. There are dieticians who allow this "diet" to stretch for 2 weeks( the second - a complete copy of the first).You decide. If you are sure that you will not become an alcoholic - try it. But we would not do so. In general, the feedback on such an attractive way to change the weight category is mostly positive, so it's worth the risk. We can only wish you a successful outcome. Slim down!

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