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Can a mono-diet be diverse?"Of course not!" - you will answer, based on the knowledge that nutrition on the "mono" system is a diet from the same product, which eventually becomes so boring that there is a desire to stop eating altogether, just not to see the boring dish. Yes, it was, until the nutritionists came up with a new technique called the diet Favorite - a kind of "mix" from the mono-system of weight correction and low-calorie useful menu. And you did not know? Then get acquainted!

  • Why - Favorite
  • Features of the
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Why - Favorite

Many people ask themselves: why does the technique bear such a name? And how can it be called in another way when this food system is a kind of "no limit", albeit with small restrictions, but they make the diet so popular, so that the victims of excess weight happily pass all the tests.

So, why this weight correction

technology is loved by many?

  • The menu is based on delicious products.
  • The diet is diverse.
  • Food is allowed to eat in unlimited quantities.
  • The preparation of food takes a minimum of time.
  • The diet is financially affordable for everyone.
  • The organism is cleaned during the period of feeding on this system.
  • The menu is balanced with vitamins and trace elements, so during weight relief, the fans of the technique feel great without experiencing dizziness, fatigue or lethargy.
  • Lose weight on such a system is easy and simple.
  • The weight goes fast( a week, some users lose up to 10 kilos).
  • The prescribed duration( week) passes unnoticed, because you never experience hunger.

As you can see, the beloved diet, the results of which may exceed your expectations, is a "wand stick" for fans of abundant food, who need to lose weight urgently without prejudice to their preferences. It's tempting, is not it? !

Features of the

procedure As you understand, the duration of the weight correction system is a week. However, this technology should not be resorted to more often than once a couple of months, because the body is still stressed during a diet, and frequent repetitions can adversely affect well-being.

The effectiveness of the technique will be maximum only if you persistently survive all 7 days. Meanwhile, starting from the third day, on the contrary, you will feel a surge of strength and lightness in the body.

It should be noted that the Favorite diet, the menu of which, as you remember, is based on the "mono" technology, is recommended for healthy people who are not engaged in the period of weight correction with heavy work or writing scientific work. But some interested techniques will have to postpone their plans and begin to lose weight a little later, when health problems or other troubles will be resolved.

These persons include:

  • people suffering from diseases of the digestive system;
  • women expecting the birth of a toddler;
  • lactating new mums;
  • victims of diseases associated with the liver or kidneys;
  • people with heart disease;
  • are those who have recently suffered a poisoning, an operation or an exacerbation of a disease.

In addition, it is impossible to feed on this system to diabetics and hypertensives, such people should prefer other, more sparing methods.

This is important to know !Did not you find the disease in the list that you are suffering from? It is better to ask your doctor if you can lose weight on the diet. And do not be afraid to do it, because it can be so, that, on the contrary, this nutrition system will help you to recover.

If you have problems with stool( constipation), dieticians are advised to cleanse the intestines before starting weight loss by making an enema and drinking at night before the first day of a new laxative nutrition. Then the body will be cleansed. Otherwise, there is a risk that accumulated deposits will slowly poison the body, causing dizziness, weakness, and an unpleasant headache.

Detailed diet

It's time to move on to the basic - what and how can you eat? So, Favorite diet - menu for the week:

  • Monday - drinking. And this means that throughout the day you can drink, how much "the soul wills" and anything, except for alcoholic drinks, soda and liquid containing sugar. The number of drinks consumed per day should not be less than two liters. Especially welcome drink such as tea( herbal or green), broths( not very rich and without salt), sour-milk products with low fat content and unsalted. It is also allowed to drink milk, whey, and they can be diluted with water.
  • Tuesday - vegetables yes! You can eat any vegetables, in addition, refueling them with vegetable oil. What do nutritionists recommend to include in the menu of this day? Salads( cabbage, beet, carrot), zucchini ragout, tomatoes, cucumbers.
  • The ration medium repeats day No. 1.
  • Thursday will be sweet, as this day you can eat fruit, and "from the belly" until you get enough. Try to make a menu useful for the process of fighting fat with grapefruit, but do not concentrate only on it, because you need energy to reach the end and defeat fat, do not you? !The only restriction on caloric grapes and nutritious bananas - with these fruits you need to be careful. Friday - Hail the squirrels! And this means that you can afford meat( naturally, lean and not fried), seafood, eggs, fish dishes and cottage cheese( fat-free).
  • Saturday on the menu repeats Monday. Drink to health and lose weight, because you have already significantly changed, and this means that it will be easier to endure hardship, however, you will see everything yourself.
  • Sunday is a combination of the diet of the previous days. In fact, this is a return to normal nutrition - smooth and competent. Have breakfast with a couple of eggs, then have a bite of fruit. In the afternoon, please yourself with a broth with several slices of low-fat meat. The next two meals: lunch and dinner will be held under the motto: vegetables and fruits. At your discretion, one of these techniques is a salad, the second is a fruit.

It is worth paying attention to !On days that are not drinking, you should also consume from 2 liters of water, although for other drinks - taboo, except that you can afford a cup of broth of wild rose that will charge you with energy.

Useful tips from users of the

Some on the first day experience weakness, especially those who ate before, not limiting themselves in anything. Therefore, wise fans of this technique advise during the first day to reduce activity, not to go to training, not to go on a business trip and not to appoint important meetings.

During drinking days, do not neglect the broth, which dieticians strongly recommend to include in the menu. It is he who gives strength, saturating the body better than other drinks. These days you can not drink shop juices. If you do not already know, there is an overabundance of sugar in them, which will quickly turn into another ugly crease at your waist.

When you eat vegetable food( fruit / vegetable day), then you should eat every couple of hours, otherwise you risk hunger and get out of the diet.

And, finally, the most important thing is what the result depends on, and also your appearance at the end of the diet - the way out of it. You can not snatch at the food, as if you spent a month in the desert without food. Otherwise lost pounds instantly will return to their places, and even faster than they melted. You are very upset, believe me, and, perhaps, you will be disappointed in all diets. To avoid this, return to normal nutrition smoothly - without jerking, gradually expanding the menu, adding a couple of new products every day.

And do not start with harmful, fatty, fried foods, such "experiments" can result in diseases of the digestive tract, and you, perhaps, will begin to vomit from the food that was absent in the diet for a week. However, not always this news is bad, because that's how it is - after a diet and the subsequent aversion to a particular food, people completely rebuild their food culture, permanently exclude from the menu the unhealthy foods and alcohol.

And how do we go back to normal diet? Here is an example of a couple of days menu at the end of a diet:

  • morning - 2 eggs;
  • snack - fruit;
  • dinner - soup on broth;
  • snack - kefir;
  • evening - salad with a slice of lean meat.

7 products for women's beauty

Now you understand why the diet Favorite is such a name? Because it is impossible not to fall in love, because it implies a tasty and plentiful food, as well as a stunning result.

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