Unloading day on kefir: 17 options for every taste

June 04, 2018 01:45 | Diets

Today, a variety of unloading days are extremely popular - apple, vegetable, fruit. But, perhaps, none of them can compare in popularity with kefir. What is a day of unloading on kefir and why is it so loved by fans of various diets? Perhaps you have already tried all day eating only kefir, then you know how great its effectiveness - in one day, "kefir" unloading can lose weight to 800 grams! And for those who are only going to feel the full benefits of a day off on kefir, today we will give, as always, useful recommendations and several recipes for kefir unloading days!

  • Pluses of unloading days on kefir
  • 17 variants of "kefir unloading" for every taste
  • Video about the performance of fasting days

Pluses of days of unloading on kefir

  • Unlike other, often intricate diets and fasting days, kefir day is very simpleand attractive for your budget - as the main( or even the only) product is used kefir - inexpensive and affordable for everyo
  • Restricting your daily ration only with kefir, you immediately reduce the number of calories consumed per day, and this reduction can be twofold, and threefold.
  • Ordinary kefir can be supplemented with a wide variety of products, of course, also low-calorie. Such a large number of variants of kefir unloading days makes this method of one-day diet extremely attractive - you just have to choose the most suitable for you!
  • Diets that last several days, weeks or even months, may be completely inappropriate for your body - they can disrupt acid, water-salt, alkaline or other balances. The short-term unloading day on kefir is more harmless: for one day the supply of nutrients to the body is not disturbed, the body is freed from the slags and perfectly rests from the usual food load.

17 variants of "kefir unloading" for every taste.

  • Pure kefir unloading day.

. In the morning it is required to drink an ordinary glass of kefir( hereinafter we will mean a glass - about 0.2 liters).Next, your task - for the whole day to drink a half liter of kefir. We recommend doing this, keeping breaks at three hours, for a total of five receptions. Kefir can be drunk any, and usual, and with bifidobavkami, and fruit.

  • Kefir-salad

You will need about a kilogram of any fruit or vegetables( you can have a little more).Divide this amount into five receptions, each time pouring the prepared salad with kefir.

  • Rice-kefir

For the daily ration, you need to prepare six glasses of kefir and a glass of boiled rice( rice boil without oil, salt and sugar).Kefir is drunk throughout the day, and the rice is divided into three meals.

  • Kefir and egg

The daily ration is a liter of kefir and one boiled egg. Divide these products into five receptions.

  • Apple-kefir

The first option. For breakfast, eat one apple, grated and drenched in two spoons of kefir. You can add a spoonful of honey. In an hour you need to drink kefir again, for dinner - only two apples. In the afternoon snack - again kefir, for dinner - two apples( you can bake in the oven).Kefir can be drunk before bedtime.

Option of the second .In the morning - kefir with bifidobuvkami and one apple, baked with honey. After 2,5-3 hours, eat another apple. For dinner - kefir with a spoon of jam. Snack - kefir and one apple, grated. To the apple, you can add a bit of grinded walnuts and honey - for taste. For dinner - two baked apples, for taste after baking a little sprinkle them with powdered sugar. Bifidokefir must also be drunk before bedtime.

  • Kefir-fruit

For breakfast - fruit can be as much as you want, kefir - one glass. The second breakfast - apples, one or two, lunch - make a fruit salad from your favorite fruit, pour it with kefir, you can sprinkle a little nuts. For a snack - any fruit, you can take berries, and again kefir. Supper - two apples, and more kefir do not forget to drink before going to bed.

  • Kefir-curd

Option one: honey. For breakfast - cottage cheese 100 grams, kefir and a spoonful of honey. Breakfast number 2 for you is only kefir, and for lunch - a pack of cottage cheese, filled with yogurt and sprinkled with fresh berries. Afternoon snack should consist only of yogurt, and dinner - from cottage cheese( half-cup), filled with yogurt with a spoonful of honey. Before you go to bed - already familiar to you kefir.

Option two: with rose hips. Before breakfast, cook and drink a broth from the hips. For breakfast, eat six spoons of cottage cheese filled with kefir, you can add a little honey. The second breakfast will be only kefir, and lunch - half a pack of cottage cheese and a glass of tea on the herbs. Snack limit one kefir, dinner - kefir, cottage cheese and honey. You can drink tea with herbs. And again - traditional kefir at night.

The third option. For breakfast, drink green tea. The second breakfast is one pack of cottage cheese filled with yogurt. For lunch - 150 grams of cottage cheese fill with yogurt, you can drink it with a broth of wild rose. Afternoon snack - kefir, during the dinner you need to eat half a pack of cottage cheese with yogurt and again drink a broth of dogrose. A glass of kefir can be drunk before going to bed.

  • Kefir-protein

In the morning - kefir, the second breakfast - green tea and two pieces of cheese. For lunch - a piece( about 100 grams) of cooked lean meat, a salad made from fresh vegetables and a boiled egg. Egg can be eaten at noon if you feel that there is enough salad and meat. Also for a mid-morning snack you need to drink all the same kefir, and for dinner you can make tea with herbs and eat two pieces of cheese. A glass of yogurt do not forget to drink before going to bed.

  • Cucumber-kefir

For a daily diet, we will need cucumbers - one kilogram, let them be crispy and juicy. Divide the entire amount into five receptions. For breakfast - from the first part of the cucumber prepare a salad, sprinkle with herbs. Salad is not salted. Also, for breakfast, have a prepared yogurt. The second breakfast - the next part of cucumbers, they can not be cut, but eat just like that, pleasantly crunching. For lunch, prepare a salad of cucumber, greens and cheese( pick salty cheese, grams 50).Lunch - kefir, snack - one cucumber. For dinner - you need to eat the remaining cucumbers, from them make a salad with herbs, you can season with vegetable oil. Before going to bed, do not forget to drink a glass of kefir!

  • Kefir Oatmeal

Take care of the unloading day on the eve - soak a few oatmeal in the water( as much as you can eat at the same time).For breakfast, eat cooked flakes with honey and a glass of yogurt with bifid additives. Breakfast № 2 for you will consist of kefir, and for lunch you can eat two apples and yogurt, also drink kefir and a snack. For dinner, eat a couple of rusks and drink tea with soothing herbs, it's good to add a little honey and lemon juice. Before going to bed, do not forget to drink yogurt! This unloading day will help you improve the appearance of your facial skin. If you have an important event and you need to look good, this day on the eve of you will definitely help!

  • Kefir and Juice

Here is your daily diet - you will have to drink a liter of juice( any) and a liter of kefir. For breakfast - juice, Breakfast № 2 for you is a usual kefir. Lunch consists of juice, afternoon tea - from kefir, dinner - again from juice. The habitual kefir before going to bed, will help you to drown out a small feeling of hunger. Especially this unloading day is recommended for kidney diseases.

  • Kefir-fruit and vegetable

Prepare and keep in the fridge fresh carrots, tomatoes, apples, cucumbers, cheese( it can be soaked beforehand that it was not very salty), cabbage and kefir. For breakfast, prepare a salad of grated carrots, slightly add a good fragrant vegetable oil. Have a drink with yogurt. Breakfast number 2 for you - two apples. For lunch, you need to prepare a salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage and cheese. Drink a salad with a glass of kefir. You can eat two apples for a snack. For dinner make a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers, you can also eat a piece of dry bread. Next - your traditional kefir at night.

  • Kefir and dried fruits

Prepare dried fruits( prunes, dried apricots, raisins, dried apples and others) and soak them overnight in water. Your breakfast will consist of kefir, prunes and dried apricots, the second breakfast - from kefir and raisins. Your food for dinner - kefir, prunes, apples, raisins. Limit kefir dinner, dinner - kefir with apples, prunes and dried apricots. And before going to bed - a bit of the usual kefir. The day of unloading from yogurt and various dried fruits is recommended for all who suffer from hypertension and swelling.

  • Kefir-chocolate

For breakfast - a cocoa drink or your favorite grade of coffee. For your second breakfast, take kefir, for lunch - a glass of tea and 50 grams of the type of chocolate you prefer. Afternoon snack - again a cocoa drink, dinner consists of a cup of tea on herbs and 50 grams of chocolate. Remember the yogurt that precedes your dream? Do not forget to drink it!

  • Kefir-watermelon

Buy a watermelon in advance( weighing about three kilograms), you need to eat it for three meals. For breakfast - the first watermelon part. Breakfast № 2 for you will consist only of yogurt with bifid additives. For lunch, eat the next watermelon portion, and for a mid-morning snack you need to drink only kefir. For dinner, leave the remaining watermelon and the same kefir that you need to drink before you go to bed.

  • Kefir and potato

Prepare a kilogram of potatoes in advance - cook it "in a uniform" or bake in the oven. For breakfast - kefir and one medium-sized potato. For the second breakfast - a cracker and tea with herbs. For lunch - kefir and two potatoes, a snack will consist only of yogurt, and dinner - from herbal tea and two potatoes. All the same kefir we drink before going to bed.

  • Kefir-fish

Have a kilogram of any lean fish and boil it beforehand. For breakfast, eat one piece of fish and drink tea, cooked on herbs. At the second breakfast, drink kefir. At the dinner of your food will be boiled fish, you can also eat a salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and a few spoons of fragrant vegetable oil. Snack consists only of yogurt, and during the dinner you need to eat the remaining fish, eat one tomato or drink juice. Before you go to sleep, do not forget to drink a traditional glass of kefir.

Regularly arranging a day of unloading on kefir, you contribute to the fact that the body is cleaned of unnecessary wastes, the gastrointestinal tract works better, the liver functions normalize, the work of the cardiovascular system improves. In addition, you can achieve the effect of losing weight - and all this is only one day a week!

Video about the performance of fasting days

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