Detox-diet for 10 days and the express-method menu

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Have you ever thought that overweight is not just fat? Do you think it's enough to jump into the gym and your figure will be perfect? You are mistaken! Since some excess kilograms are only advantageously "masked" for fat, in fact, it is all sort of "garbage" that can not be expelled, sweating. To achieve the ideal result, and, most importantly - to keep him, you will help the famous detox diet, a fan of which is the famous beauty and mistress Julia Vysotskaya.

  • Features of the detox diet
  • Introduction to the
  • procedure The preparatory phase is the key to successfully completing the
  • cleansing course Ten-day detox menu
  • Express method from Julia Vysotskaya
  • Detox program from Julia Vysotskaya
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Detox diet options

How could youunderstand from the name of the diet, its main goal - the removal of toxins, toxins and other substances that are unnecessary for well-being. As a result, people not only acquire ideal forms, but also receive reliable "insura

nce" from new unwanted "guests" in the form of folds of fat. The technique is a "general cleaning" of the body, which relieves not only toxins and other "garbage", but also problems that have resulted from intoxication of the body, for example, hated cellulite.

Agree, it is pleasant not only to become lighter, but also more beautiful, to find the ideal skin - smooth, elastic, having a healthy color? !In addition, using the detox diet can improve immunity, get rid of migraines, improve metabolism, increase efficiency, normalize cholesterol, reduce blood pressure. As you can see, the miracle system of nutrition is still a medical home course aimed at getting rid of some ailments.

Due to what is achieved such an excellent result, how many should adhere to the purification technique? Properly composed detox diet for 10 days will adjust the work of many internal organs, purify the lymphatic and circulatory system, enrich all tissues with oxygen, so that you will open a "second wind", improve mood and well-being, fatigue will disappear, and a desire to "fold mountains" will appear. Undoubtedly, not counting the dazzling transformation of appearance.

Acquaintance with the technique of

Nutritionists recommend "making friends" with the technique in the spring when the first tender rays of the bright sun "awaken" the body from the winter "hibernation", charge positive and cause the desire to work on their appearance. You can sit down on a detox diet in the winter, but in the cold season the body needs more nourishing, fatty, hot food, so do not torture it with "experiments", better wait for spring.

So, the basic rules of the technique:

  • prepare the body for a diet( this will be discussed in more detail below);
  • daily on an empty stomach to drink a glass of water( you can with a couple drops of lemon juice - for taste and variety);
  • to increase motor activity, making a choice in favor of walking or yoga;
  • it is possible to undergo a massage course or to do procedures alone;
  • not to abuse the technique( it is not recommended to clean more than 10 days);
  • daily consume from one and a half liters of useful liquid( water, herbal tea, rosehip broth);
  • later than 20.00 to food not to touch;
  • till the noon to lean on fruit / berries( except for excessively high-calorie bananas), fresh vegetables;
  • from lunch to eat only vegetables, but cooked in your favorite way, of course, excluding the frying.

It is important to know the !The technique, unfortunately, has contraindications, but they are of a temporary nature. It is worthwhile to wait with the "general cleaning" of the body for those who are expecting the birth of a baby, breastfeeding or suffering from exacerbation of chronic diseases. In the latter case, you should certainly pay a visit to the doctor who will give you a "verdict".However, do not be in a hurry to get upset if you are sick, because, on the contrary, the technique can help you to be cured, but the "last word" is for the doctor.

Preparatory stage - the key to successful completion of the course of cleansing

Regardless of how long the detox diet lasts: 7 days, 10 or only 3, you need to prepare thoroughly for it. Starting to do this is recommended for a month. Scared? In vain, because everything is relatively easy, the main thing is to get used to it. In the form of a bonus, you will get new - healthy habits that will probably change your food culture in general, which means that you will not have to follow any diet. This explains the miraculous influence of the technique. After all, it is not enough to achieve an ideal result, the most important thing is not to lose it, do you agree?

So, what is included in the training package?

  1. Stop drinking alcohol.
  2. Forget about sweets and flour foods.
  3. Gradually remove from the diet fatty foods, fast food, fried foods and convenience foods.
  4. Reduce the consumption of salt, marinades and sugar, as well as all dishes where these products are present.
  5. The final 10 days of the monthly training period, eat only vegetable food( useful cereal, unsweetened fruit, fresh greens, vegetables in any form).
  6. Lean meat, fish, low-fat cheese eat once a week.
  7. Include in the diet( if you have not already done) sea kale, asparagus, broccoli, beetroot, apples, pomegranate, plums, which are extremely useful for purifying the body.
  8. Go to a split meal( eat a little, but often).
  9. During preparation, too, you can not eat after 8 pm.

It is worth paying attention! Before going to bed all the days of a diet you can drink a healthy decoction of prunes, you do remember how beneficial it is to the body during the purification of the plum.

10-day detox menu

If the preparatory stage was successful, then get acquainted with the diet, buy the products and go forward - to meet the ideal appearance!

Menu( ordinal number indicates the day of the detox diet on the account):

  1. Morning start with a cup of warm water with a drop of lemon juice. For breakfast, spoil yourself with ginger tea and one whole-grain bread, smeared with pulp halves of avocado. In the afternoon, eat a portion of rice( 200 g), adding a little vegetables to the dish. For an afternoon snack - an apple. Dinner consists of several vegetables and a couple of eggs( ideally - hard-boiled).
  2. After waking up - traditional water, but today you can add a little honey. Breakfast - a salad of healthy vegetables, a slice of bread with bran and mint tea. Lunch is modest, consisting only of soup-mashed potatoes. In the form of a snack, an orange is allowed. In the evening, eat the salad, adding a little cheese, an egg.
  3. Again water, but with orange juice. Then eat cottage cheese( 150 g), apple and drink herbal tea. In the afternoon - a plate of green borsch. For a snack - grapefruit. Supper is fish, 200 grams of salad can be added to a piece of fish.
  4. The day starts again with a cup of water with a drop of lemon juice. Then cheer yourself up with a handful of nuts and a fruit salad. Lunch is soup-puree. Snack - 6 cores of almonds. And in the evening, allow yourself a serving of chicken with a salad.
  5. This morning you can drink a mixture of water with two juices: lemon and orange. For breakfast - cottage cheese( 150 g), half a grapefruit. In the afternoon you can eat pumpkin soup, and for a snack a couple of kiwi. In the evening - salad and fish.
  6. Again water with a lemon. Breakfast sweet - fruity. A portion of rice and vegetables are allowed for lunch. Afternoon snack - a cup of yogurt. Dinner consists of a slice of chicken fillet and salad.
  7. After waking up, make juice from carrots and apples and add water, drink a glass - this will cheer you up. For breakfast, a loaf, half tomato and avocado is required. In the afternoon you will find a bowl of borscht. In the form of a snack, allow yourself to bake apples, and for dinner - vegetable stew( 350 g).
  8. Morning begins with water with juice from the menu of the previous day. Then eat a cabbage-carrot salad. In the afternoon - a bowl of broccoli soup. Snack - fruit smoothie. Dinner - on the menu of day number 7.
  9. Drink a traditional cup of water with lemon juice, then eat an unusual salad( cottage cheese, cucumbers, greens).In the daytime a bowl of borsch is supposed, and in the form of a snack - grapefruit. In the evening, eat a slice of chicken fillet, salad.
  10. The final day, eat on the menu of day number 1.

To get out of the detox diet should be gradually, you can adhere to the diet of the preparatory phase.

Express-method from Julia Vysotskaya

Julia Vysotskaya's famous diet became thanks to a useful book called "I'm running, I'm living".In it, the famous TV presenter of the project "Eat at Home" shares with his fans an accelerated system of cleansing, which should be repeated every month, then you will look great.

So, Yulia Vysotskaya's detox diet is a three-day menu:

  1. Breakfast is fresh from fruit. A snack is similar, only fruits take others. In the afternoon you can eat a bowl of soup and a vegetable stew cooked in a double boiler. Snack - again fresh juice. For dinner, a cup( 300 ml) of soup and several leaves of lettuce are supposed.
  2. Breakfast, snacks and afternoon snacks - on the menu of day number 1. Lunch is strict - a portion of soup, and for dinner - 2 such servings.
  3. Morning start with baked apples, which can also be eaten as a snack. Lunch and dinner according to the diet of the first day.

During the diet, exclude alcoholic beverages, coffee, salt, black tea, excess medicines, sugar.

Detox program from Julia Vysotskaya

After several courses, how do you know, perhaps you will outstrip the beauty of even Yulia herself? !

With the help of detox diet you will regain harmony, wonderful mood, excellent state of health and become the "Beauty Queen".

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