Ginger diet for weight loss and body cleansing: recipes of tea with ginger

June 04, 2018 09:15 | Diets

Ginger diet is a gentle method of weight loss, the result of which will be weight loss on average 1-2 kg per week. Its essence lies in the use of special tea, which can be prepared in several different versions. For example, add honey, mint or boil it on the basis of green tea. Another kind of ginger drink is prepared on kefir. Weight decreases due to improved metabolic processes and decreased appetite.

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Usage and diet of ginger diet
  • Preparation of ginger drink and contraindications to diet
  • Video of making ginger tea
  • Other slimming options with ginger and the need for adjusting the diet

    Benefit and diet of ginger diet

    Ginger diet for weight loss is popular due to the ability of spicyroot to accelerate metabolic processes. In addition, it delicately restores the defenses of the body( because of what is popular in the fight against colds), improves the processes of blood supply, digestion, removes toxins, etc. Ginger is rich in vitamins of group B

    , A, C, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, essential amino acids, antioxidants.

    Asking how fast to lose weight with ginger, it is necessary to understand that this type of diet is aimed at gradual smooth weight reduction due to the normalization of metabolic processes. It allows you to get rid of kilograms so that weight loss is not accompanied by a sagging skin. However, the results are fairly moderate. On average, a person drops about 1-2 kg during the week. Ginger diet is also attractive for another reason - the diet is quite diverse.

    You can consume the following set of food products:

    • vegetables and fruits;
    • cereals, cereals, bread products cooked on a coarse flour;
    • dairy and milk products( butter in limited quantities);
    • any grades of low-fat meat, fish;
    • seafood;
    • fungi;
    • eggs;
    • unrefined and refined vegetable oils.

    The recipe for a ginger diet for weight loss is quite simple. The essence is the use of tea with a spicy root and a small adjustment of the diet. Adhere to it should be 1-2 months

    Preparation of ginger drink and contraindications to the diet

    The drink is prepared both from fresh root, and from dried ginger powder. Tea can be brewed in the evening in a thermos or cooked before each meal. In a day you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of a drink. It takes 1 hour to prepare.finely ground root of ginger with 200 ml of water( approximately 20 grams per 1.5 liters of liquid).You can also add honey( 1 tablespoon per 1 glass), a slice of lemon, chopped mint leaves, lemon balm, cranberries, ground black or red pepper.

    Water can be replaced with green or black tea. If the tea is made using dry ginger powder, then the drink should be boiled before consumption for 20 minutes. In this case, the amount of the ingredient should be reduced by half. In the heat, it is advisable to switch to cold tea, adding ice cubes, mint and lemon juice to the cooled water with brewed ginger.

    There is a pattern of drinking ginger tea:

    • the first glass is drunk in small sips in the morning on an empty stomach;
    • the main part of the drink is consumed between meals( half an hour before meals and one hour after);
    • last glass before going to bed.

    A diet with ginger tea has certain contraindications:

    • individual intolerance to ginger or citrus fruit;
    • presence of gallstones( use of ginger may lead to an exacerbation of the disease);
    • stomach ulcers, duodenal ulcer;
    • tendency to bleeding;
    • period of lactation and pregnancy;
    • hypertensive disease.

    Video of making ginger tea

    The ginger diet is one of the simplest. It does not promise fast results, but the weight decreases smoothly due to the normalization of metabolic processes. It is this method of losing weight that is most sparing for the body, so you do not face the sagging of the skin.

    Other options for weight loss with ginger and the need for adjusting the diet

    There are a few other diet slimming with ginger. For example, you can prepare a drink on the basis of kefir. To do this, a small pinch of red pepper, a teaspoon of ginger and cinnamon, is taken per glass of fermented milk product. Drink should be drunk on an empty stomach.

    You can also use pickled ginger, which also contributes to weight loss. For cooking, you need to boil for 3 minutes previously peeled and cut into circles root. Then it is poured marinade for 3 days( 300 grams of ginger will need to dissolve 4 tablespoons water 1.5 tablespoons of sugar and a little salt, and then add 3 tablespoons ordinary red wine, 1 teaspoon of vinegar).They serve it to meat and fish.

    Generally ginger is a wonderful seasoning that can be added to different foods from protein dishes to desserts. This method of losing weight is even called lazy. People who sit on a ginger diet, note a decrease in appetite, which allows you to reduce portions and at the same time feel saturated after eating.

    However, it is necessary to make some adjustments to the diet in the direction of reducing the intake of fats and simple carbohydrates. In particular, it is necessary to reduce the amount of white bread, sweets, salt( 5-7 grams per day), give up smoking, alcohol. In addition, it is better to cook dishes for a couple, in the oven or cook, and fried foods to minimize.

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