Dukan Diet: Contraindications - Does the diet have side effects?

June 04, 2018 14:15 | Diets

The Ducane diet, gaining popularity, conquered almost the entire planet. Many people can not imagine how they would lose fat reserves without the miracle method from a French nutritionist. However, fashion and efficiency are not always the right landmarks, because not only the result is important, but also the "price", which it will cost you specifically. Therefore, any method of correcting the weight should be carefully studied for safety for your body. Not an exception is the illustrious Ducane diet, contra-indications to which, alas, will force some people to look for an alternative. Lose weight wisely!

  • Contraindications to the Dukan system
  • French methods and maternity
  • Holidays and diet Dyukan
  • Threat to the well-being of healthy people: what to be afraid of each
  • Opinions of doctors about the Dukan technique

Contraindications to the Dukan system

As with any other techniquecorrection of body weight, the French diet has direct contraindicati

ons. Alas, not all people suffering from not only obesity, but also other ailments, can lose weight, following the advice of Dr. Pierre.

Please carefully review the list below and make sure that you are not prohibited from using the Ducane diet.

Direct contraindications:

  • kidney problems,
  • cholecystitis,
  • presence of gallstones,
  • elevated pressure,
  • gout,
  • duodenal ulcer / stomach.

In what other diseases is not recommended by doctors to adjust weight according to the French method?

  • Chronic constipation,
  • intestinal atony,
  • allergic reaction,
  • diabetes,
  • gastroduodenitis / gastritis.

It is worth paying attention! What harm from the Ducane diet, not mentioned above, can be observed in the presence of other ailments? It all depends on the diagnosis and severity of the disease, so it's better not to experiment, but consult a specialized doctor who is completely trusted.

French technique and maternity

Many breastfeeding new moms and beauties in the state are naturally interested in whether Ducane's diet is harmful for growing crumbs. Partly, for Pierre does not recommend such a lady to lose weight, adhering to the first two phases: Attacks and Cruise. But Consolidation, but enriched with fruits and freed from protein days, is the very thing. Naturally, it is worth remembering that doctors in general are not advised to consume, and to exclude these foods from the diet recommended by Pierre, for example, the same garlic during lactation.

People at times experience the consequences of Dukan's diet not because the technique is harmful, but because of their own carelessness or stupidity. Advice of doctors during pregnancy and at the stage of breastfeeding has not been canceled yet. Just make a diet, taking into account both recommendations of Pierre, and the information received from your doctor, and then you will save not only the ideality of forms, but health, not only to yourself, but also to the heir.

Holidays and diet Dyukan

Who has ever sat on a diet, regardless of its rules, probably agree that she often wants to give up or hunger, or because of the holidays, when there is a temptation to give up everything, the table breaks with tastyFood, alcohol drinks flow the river, and friends persuade to make an exception - to drink only one glass or a cocktail. So everything begins, or rather, the project of modeling your figure ends.

Meanwhile, it can not be said that Ducane's diet and alcohol are things that are not compatible. Pierre is a true Parisian, after all, he moved to the heart of France yet, being a baby, so a renowned nutritionist can not imagine a festive menu without an amazing nectar - wine.

So, you liked the Ducane diet, is it possible to include alcohol in the menu? You will be surprised, but in spite of the fact that almost all the methods of nutrition prohibit the consumption of alcoholic beverages, the French diet allows itself occasionally to spoil inebriated goodies. However, Pierre allows this only from the third stage - Consolidation and, not exceeding the norm of 2 glasses of wine per week, preferably red. This portion is enough to enjoy, without losing control over yourself, which is fraught with a breakdown in the diet as a whole.

Threat to well-being of healthy people: what should be feared by each

What surprises and shortcomings of the Ducane diet can lie in wait for relatively healthy people? What do the doctors say?

First, the block of the "Ducane Diet and Kidney Diet" is worthy of discussion, as many people say that the French weight correction technique "kills" the kidneys. This is looking at how to use it, because a conventional plug can become a weapon if it is used not for food, but for stupid things. Just some ardent fans of weight loss by the system of Dr. Dukan abuse the technique and sit, for example, at the first stage over the norm( sometimes even a month) or deviate from the rules, eating only one single product, more often - only meat, provoking such steps of the problemwith kidneys.

Secondly, difficulties with the stool. Such side effects of the Ducane diet are familiar to many. Why? The reason is simple: users of the technique do not consume the recommended oat bran recommended by Pierre, or deviate from the daily rate. The body reacts instantly, causing you to pay for hours of torture in the toilet.

Third, a bad smell from the mouth. If you do not want to know what Dukan's diet is dangerous on a personal level, when even a loved one during communication will frown at the unpleasant odor coming from your mouth, then observe the drinking regimen. You must remember that the norm of a useful liquid per day is 2 liters.

Fourth, of course, the deterioration of well-being. As during weight loss under the rules of other food systems, the French technique can provoke dizziness, weakness, decreased efficiency, bad mood and other "pobochki", which appear due to a sharp restriction in nutrition and / or a decrease in the amount of carbohydrates consumed.

The organism, of course, needs time to get out of the "horse" doses of glucose, which got into the stomach along with sweets, alcohol, flour dishes. Of course, at first he protests, tests your determination, shows that he is ill. But such a reaction is quite normal, as drug addicts, weaning from the "potion", and fat people, refusing to eat harmful food, go through a kind of "breaking", and Dr. Pierre has nothing to do with such side effects. You, in fact, brought your body "up to the handle", increased fat reserves, disfiguring the figure, so now you have to "disentangle" all this, but how else?

Opinions of doctors about Dyukan's method

If you have read the contraindications and disadvantages of Dr. Pierre's diet, then you will now return harmony and beauty with intelligence. Good luck!

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