Potato diet for 7 days: approximate menu for a week

June 04, 2018 16:45 | Diets

Probably, there is no woman in the world, who at least once did not go on a diet. The reason for this could be not only a few dozen extra kilos, but also literally a couple, which will not look good in the summer at a minimum of clothing. Therefore, there is hardly a girl who does not know the three main prohibitions in the diet: sweet, flour and potatoes. But as it turned out, you can lose weight and with the help of what was previously categorically excluded from the menu. So the potato diet for 7 days promises to save you from 4 to 6 kg of excess weight. In what the secret is hidden, we will consider further.

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  • The principle of action of this dietary food
  • Sample menu for one week of weight loss
  • Hard version of
  • Light version of
  • Advantages and disadvantages of losing weight with this root
  • Useful properties of potatoes

The principle of this dietary food

It should be noted that there are several variations of thisdietary nutrition, which differ from ea

ch other in their duration. Standard, the shorter the term, the stiffer the menu, and the longer the diet lasts, the more its diet is varied. The week we are considering can be attributed to the golden mean.

During this week, the slimming person will mainly eat only the root vegetables. In addition, he will consume a very small amount of vegetables and fermented milk products. Also, salt will be completely excluded from his diet.

According to the allowed list of products, as well as the duration of dietary nutrition, you can safely refer it to the category of express diets, and also consider it to mono-diets. The combination of the characteristics of these two groups will give us the opportunity to obtain a remarkable result, despite the high nutritional value of the consumed product.

With a sharp reduction in the amount of food eaten, and when switching to an unusual diet, the body experiences stress. Lacking the necessary amount of calories, he is forced to spend his "supplies".In addition, the exclusion from their dinner schedule entails short-term periods of fasting( from evening to morning).

The final result is also affected by the exclusion of salt from the diet. In its absence, the liquid being drunk does not stay in the body for a long time, which leads to a more significant loss in weight. But this fact can not be attributed to very weighty, as the lack of water will be filled very quickly after leaving the diet.

Despite the high nutritional value of the product, you will not gain weight. The diet is designed in such a way that the calories of potatoes are enough only to maintain the body in a tone. In general, the feeling of satiety and satiety will be tested only after eating. The rest of the time will constantly vex a slight feeling of hunger.

Sample menu for one week of weight loss

In the network, you can find two options for a weekly potato diet. One of them is very, very scanty, and the second is surprisingly rich and diverse. To say that one of them is true, and some not, it is impossible. But the final results after their passage, of course, will not be identical. Leaning toward a more rigid version, you can expect to lose at least 4-5 kg. Choosing an easier option, you should not even dream about that it will take more than 3 kg. Below are both types of menu.

Hard version of

In this case, during the week, the same procedure will be repeated daily:

  • in the morning, before breakfast, boil whole unrefined potatoes. Larger root crops can take 8-9 pieces. The total weight should not exceed 600 g;
  • for breakfast we eat a little less than a third of the total portion;
  • at lunch consumes slightly more than half of the remaining amount;
  • snack consists of the remaining potatoes;
  • in the evening( before 18 o'clock) we drink a glass of yogurt or kefir( necessarily with a low percentage of fat content).

In the first three meals you can add a small amount of greenery or very low-calorie vegetables. In addition, it is not necessary to reduce portions of potatoes. Also, to introduce at least some kind of variety, instead of boiled potatoes, baked( with a minimum of oil) is allowed.

Light version of

In this case, the order of consumption of some dishes is not given much importance. But there are other very important rules:

  • dinner is not complete( not even kefir and the like are allowed);
  • for a day not more than two meals( you can not divide breakfast or lunch twice);
  • for a day, drink at least 2 liters of clean water( no soda, tea, coffee and other).

During these seven days, you can prepare the following dishes: mashed potatoes, casserole with this root vegetable, various soups based on it, pancakes from it and even vareniki. Your menu can include almost any dish, including a large amount of potatoes or completely consisting of it. Also allowed the use of sour cream, chicken meat, vegetables, butter. But, of course, everything is limited and low in fat content.

Advantages and disadvantages of losing weight with the help of this root

The pluses include such facts.

  • Economic benefit of a diet. Potatoes never belonged to any exotic products. Find it on the shelves is simple and its cost is low.
  • The ability to carry out a diet at any time of the year. In winter, you can easily lose weight on the "old" potatoes, and in the summer to buy a young potato. The satiety of the product. Even with the most severe variant of food, the feeling of hunger will not be permanent. The risk of falling is somewhat reduced due to these periodic moments of full saturation sensation.

There are only two factors to disadvantages.

  • If you choose a more rigid option, you must take vitamin complexes.
  • Choosing the same light variation of a weekly diet does not promise impressive results.

Useful properties of potatoes

It should be prepared that all efforts can go wrong due to improper exit from the diet. But this is not a negative only potato option. This shortcoming is a sin all short-term diets aimed at dumping the maximum number of kilograms for a short period. Therefore, be sure to return to your usual diet gradually and for as long as possible.

By the secret of

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