Cottage cheese diet muggy: menu for curd and egg version

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There are about 5 types of diets - low-calorie, low-fat, low-carb, mono-diet and protein. We offer you a protein diet, or rather one of its varieties. This is a mage's curd diet. The diet is designed for 4 weeks, for which, if you follow all the rules and conditions, you can significantly reduce the volume and lose from 10 to 20 kg. Before choosing a diet, the first thing to do is to familiarize yourself with the precautions andcontraindications, in the case of a protein diet, these are diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, abnormalities in the liver, kidneys, frequent constipation. It is strongly recommended that before starting any long-term diet consult specialists, namely with a therapist, endocrinologist and nutritionist.

Contents of the
  • Principle of the Maggie's curd diet
  • The recipe for making home-made curd
  • The menu for the curd diet of Maggi
  • The 1st week
  • The 2nd week
  • The third week of the diet
  • The fourth week
  • The egg and curd diets of Maggi
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The principle of the curd dietMaggi

The basis of this diet is the following mechanism - the creation of carbohydrate deficiency with a one-time increase in the level of protein in the body. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in the body, and if there is a deficiency in carbohydrates, then the body starts using other sources of energy, i.e.fats and proteins. When the body breaks down fats fatty deposits disappear, when the protein is split, the muscles, but since the protein diet presupposes an increased level of protein, you will not have muscle dystrophy, only fats will disappear.

From the above, the following conclusion follows: first of all, watch your volumes, not the numbers on the scales. Do not be in a hurry to get upset if in a week you have a small plumb line, small plumb lines often presume it is burning fatty deposits, i.e.decrease in volume.

This is worth paying special attention to! Protein diets do not accept any self-will! If you want to achieve the maximum result, then it is strictly forbidden to replace some products with others, skip meals, overeat or vice versa. Remember, you create an artificial shortage of carbohydrates, and as a result, a deficiency of essential amino acids, vitamins and other essential substances.

This diet is designed in such a way that this deficiency is not critical for the body, so compliance with the regime and the correctness of nutrition is a prerequisite.

And now let's move on to the diet itself. Below is the menu for 4 weeks.

Recipe for cooking cottage cheese

Menu for the cottage cheese diet Maggi

1st week

Breakfast for the first 7 days: 1/2 grapefruit;low-fat cottage cheese 200gr.


  • Lunch: Fruits to a sense of satiety.
  • Dinner: low-fat baked meat( not lamb) + green salad( cucumbers / tomatoes).


  • Lunch: boiled chicken( without skin).
  • Dinner: citrus, toast, salad without dressing( cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, carrots).


  • Lunch: toast, low-fat cheese, tomatoes.
  • Dinner: boiled meat.


  • Lunch: citrus fruits, apples, apricots, kiwi, pears, melons in unlimited quantity. Try not to be limited to some apples, eat as varied as possible!
  • Dinner: green salad without dressing + boiled meat.


  • Lunch: 200-300 g of cottage cheese, zucchini, carrots, beans.
  • Dinner: grapefruit, green salad, fish for a couple.


  • Lunch: fruit in unlimited quantities + citrus fruit.
  • Dinner: boiled meat, salad without dressing.


  • Lunch: grapefruit, boiled chicken, a variety of vegetables.
  • Dinner: green salad.

Pay special attention! Because of the addition of fruits and vegetables to the daily diet, thirst can fade, so do not forget to drink water. Remember that the more you drink water, the more pleasant the result!

The first stage has come to an end, and this is already 80% of all work! We go further:

2nd week

Breakfast for the second week is exactly the same as in the first.


  • Lunch: green salad without dressing and steamed meat( boiled meat);
  • Dinner: 200-300g of low-fat cottage cheese, grapefruit, green salad without dressing.


  • Lunch: salad( cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, lettuce, as usual, do not fill!) Boiled meat;
  • Dinner: grapefruit, 200g of cottage cheese.


  • Lunch: cucumbers, boiled meat.
  • Dinner: grapefruit, 200g of cottage cheese.


  • Lunch: low-fat salted cheese, carrots, beans.
  • Dinner: 200-300 g of cottage cheese.


  • Lunch: boiled fish without restrictions.
  • Dinner: 200-300 g of cottage cheese.


  • Lunch: citrus, boiled meat, tomatoes.
  • Dinner: fruit salad( tangerines, melon, peach, apple, orange).


  • Lunch: beans, zucchini, chicken, orange, tomatoes.
  • Dinner: grapefruit, beans and zucchini, chicken.

The third week of the

  • diet Monday: during the day, fruits are in unlimited quantities( except for dates, bananas, figs, mangoes and grapes).
  • Tuesday: vegetables in unlimited quantities( all except potatoes).
  • Wednesday: fruits and vegetables except for the above.
  • Thursday: Boiled fish or steamed fish, green salad with cabbage, boiled vegetables for dinner.
  • Friday: meat or chicken + vegetables boiled / steamed.
  • Saturday: All day fruit except for banned.
  • Sunday: fruit.


  • Monday: chicken braised / boiled( 200 grams), 2 cucumbers, 3 tomatoes, fruit, a slice of bread, a can of tuna, butter drained.
  • Tuesday: 2 cucumbers, 3 tomatoes, fruit, a piece of bread.
  • Wednesday: 400 g of low-fat cottage cheese, boiled / steamed vegetables, 2 cucumbers and 2 tomatoes, a slice of bread, fruit.
  • Thursday: chicken 500 grams, 1 cucumber, 3 tomatoes, fruit.
  • Friday: 300gr of low-fat cottage cheese, vegetables without dressing, three tomatoes, grapefruit.
  • Saturday: 2 chicken breasts, 2 tomatoes, 2 cucumbers, 100g brynza or cottage cheese, toast, 100-200ml curdled milk, orange / grapefruit.
  • Sunday: 250 grams of low-fat cottage cheese, tuna( butter drained), a pair of tomatoes, two cucumbers, cooked vegetables, citrus fruits, toast.

Egg and cottage cheese diet Maggi

Do not want to eat cottage cheese? Replace it with boiled eggs! You can at any time make a replacement, because the more varied the food, the better!

Here, actually, and the whole menu. There are several key points that will not only increase the effectiveness of your diet, but will benefit the entire body.

Little tricks:

  • Meat \ fish \ chicken is best baked in the oven. Eliminate the frying. Thus, the body will be cleared of toxins and in the third week you will feel an enigmatic ease.
  • The feeling of hunger in the first and second week of a diet is normal. At first you can have a snack with raw vegetables and fruits( apples, peaches, melon, watermelon, pears, apricots).
  • If you have trouble sleeping during a diet, it is strongly recommended to go in for sports - sleep will become stronger. In any case, go in for sports, becauseso you will not only be more effective in reducing weight, but you will also have a smart, proud figure.
  • After the 4th week, the body adapts to light food so much that you will not want to return to your previous diet. Try to keep this feeling as long as possible, so you will save your weight for a very long time.
  • Water, water and water again! Drink as much water as possible!

In conclusion, I want to remind you once again that it is very important to observe the regime, to eat at the same time, in no case to skip meals! Observe all these rules, do not forget about small physical exertion and in a month or two, the diet of the maggie curd option awaits you an amazing result!

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