How ballet dancers or a diet lose weight for graceful ballet dancers

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"As a dancer!" - how many girls dream that these cherished words were expressed precisely in their address. To fulfill the dream will help a diet of dancers who does not intend to eat strictly on schedule, and in which there is no rigid list of prohibited and necessary products. And in general every dancer has his own diet, but all these diets are based on the same principles or "golden rules" of nutrition, constant and unswerving observance of which will invariably give the ballet dancer's inherent lightness and airiness. Ballerinas are a standard of slenderness and grace, as well as physical endurance, because every day they have to spend six or seven hours at the machine, bringing to perfection the most complicated ballet pas, pirouettes, fouettes. .. Here the main thing is not to bend the stick: "do not eat"great Plisetskaya, but not to starve, but to eat balanced, so that for exhausting ballet exercises, strengths were found, and the figure remained airy and graceful. Switching to a diet of ballerina

s will help get rid of extra pounds, and further adherence to its principles will guarantee the stability of the results achieved.

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Volochkova about the diet of a ballerina
  • Preparation for a diet of ballet dancers
  • How ballet dancers lose weight: laws and regulations
  • Example of a ballerina for a day
  • Volochkova on the diet of a ballerina

    Preparing for a ballet dancer

    Before switching to "ballet nutrition"his body a couple of days off to start life with a clean slate, leaving all the extra behind.

    First day off: tomato

    • Breakfast: start the day with a glass of tomato juice.
    • Lunch: eat a piece of black bread with two glasses of tomato juice.
    • Dinner: we finish the day, as well as the beginning, with a glass of tomato juice.

    Second day off: milk-kefir

    • Breakfast: we drink a glass of low-fat kefir or milk.
    • Lunch: two glasses of kefir with a slice of black bread.
    • Dinner: as for breakfast, we drink a glass of yogurt or milk.

    How the Ballet Dancers Lose: Laws and Rules

    1. Eat little by little

    There is little better, but often. We divide our usual portion into two parts and eat it in two stages. The second portion of the portion is eaten no earlier than an hour later. From the table it is necessary to get up with a slight feeling of hunger. This simple, at first glance, rule in practice turns out to be an archetypal one for many, because the habit of gorging on to satiety and overeating goes back to childhood, when my mother begged my dear child not to leave strength in the plate, to eat another spoon for my mother, for dad, for my grandmotherwith the grandfather, for the beloved hamster, for the parakeet. .. It is very difficult to master such a legacy, and then the modern rhythm of life wedges in when it is much easier to refuel a couple of times than to find a minute for frequent "meals" and enjoying food. In fact, it will be difficult only at first, until the body is rebuilt to a new diet and will not be drawn into a given rhythm.

    2. Healthy Balance

    In the diet, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, necessary for the body to function properly all systems and organs, and for maintaining high physical activity must be present in the diet. If you consume them in reasonable proportions, then they will not harm the figure in any way. The main emphasis is on complex carbohydrates, which are a source of energy: different cereals, bread from wholemeal flour. Strong muscles need proteins, which can be found in meat, fish and low-fat dairy products. Preference should be given to dietary meats: turkey meat, rabbit meat, veal, beef. The least of all in the diet should be fat, but without them you can not do, because they are responsible for the elasticity of the ligaments and protect against injuries. The best source of fat is fatty sea fish.

    3. Do not mix the proteins

    It is highly undesirable to mix proteins of different origin in one go. For example, meat and fish, meat and eggs, fish and dairy products, etc. They must be consumed separately from each other. The interval between consumption of meat and fish dishes should be equal in the diet of dancers at least 18 hours, so eating fish and meat is not recommended in one day. This moment is important not only for the harmony of the figure, but also for healthy digestion.

    4. Soup - a separate dish

    In the understanding of most people, soup is the first dish, followed by a nutritious and tasty continuation. This "mnogolyubnoy" habit will also have to be weaned. From now on, soup is a full meal, an independent self-sufficient dish, for which nothing follows! And one more important point: we eat soup without bread! !!

    5. Dairy products

    Milk and dairy products in the diet of dancers should be with a minimum of fat or fat-free. Moreover, it is desirable to dilute dairy products and milk before consumption in the calculation of 20 milliliters of water or 1 cube of ice per 1 cup of beverage.

    6. Exclude mayonnaise

    From the diet, it is necessary to completely eliminate mayonnaise, which is a high-calorie and hard-digestible product. Salads are best seasoned with olive oil, sour cream or yogurt. If the love of mayonnaise is too great, you can prepare it yourself with a minimum amount of salt or half dilute the purchased mayonnaise with fat-free yogurt.

    7. Refuse sweet and salty

    With sugars and salt, the dancers do not particularly stand on ceremony. Salty dishes and sweets from the diet are ruthlessly expelled. Sugar leads to a fast set of weight, and salt detains fluid in the body, thereby also increasing the weight, making forget about lightness and airiness. The allowed useful sweetness is black chocolate, and in honey you can safely add honey. To the food was not fresh and tasteless, salt is replaced with spices, spices, seasonings, lemon juice, soy sauce.

    8. Drinking Drink

    Daily it is necessary to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of pure still water. It is important not only the amount of fluid consumed, but also the way it is taken: you should drink at least half an hour before meals and not earlier than an hour and a half after eating. Just one glass of clean water, drunk 30 minutes before eating, is able to create real miracles! Many are short of this simple manipulation to lose weight without dieting. But the liquid consumed during the meal, not only additionally stretches the stomach, but also dilutes the gastric juice necessary for the full digestion of food. In addition to water, you can drink tea, coffee and, necessarily, natural fruit and vegetable juices.

    Sample ballerina's menu for the day

    To make it easier to compose your own menu, we give a variant of the standard ballerina's menu for the day. Before each meal, do not forget to drink a glass of water or tea. Between meals, but not less than an hour after eating, we drink water, juices, tea, coffee and other drinks.

    • Breakfast: a quarter of a pack of low-fat cottage cheese with sour cream, raisins, fresh berries or honey. Portion of porridge on the water. A slice of black bread from wholemeal with a piece of hard cheese.
    • The second breakfast: we drink a glass of fresh fruit juice( preferably orange or grapefruit), after half an hour we eat an apple with a glass of "live" low-fat yogurt without additives.
    • Lunch: buckwheat or rice with a slice of fish and a salad of fresh vegetables, an apple, a slice of dark chocolate.
    • Snack: soup on vegetable, fish or light meat broth, without bread.
    • Dinner: baked fish with stewed vegetables, fresh vegetable salad and greens.

    That's all the secrets of the diet of dancers! Observing the ballet rules of nutrition, you can easily lose weight, normalize the metabolism and always remain in excellent form. Nevertheless, do not forget about physical activity, which is an indispensable component of life dancers. Nobody says that you need to exhaust yourself with hours of training. Quite enough will be moderate, but regular exercise.

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