The diet of Dr. Bormental: how to lose weight counting calories

June 05, 2018 02:45 | Diets

To adjust the weight does not end with exhaustion or stress, you need to look for the right approaches to your body. The diet of Dr. Bormental makes it possible to achieve significant results in this matter. You can indulge in your favorite dishes, sweets and cocktails. Understand the secret of this method is not difficult at all. The main thing - patience.

  • What is the essence of the
  • What is there and what can not be
  • Bormental diet and sport
  • Pros and cons of the food system
  • Reviews about the diet
  • The basic rules of successful weight loss

What is the essence of the

diet In fact, Bormental did not invent any diet. The name of the famous doctor, this method of losing weight was due to a psychological approach to eating. In specialized clinics with patients, work is constantly carried out, which are aimed at correcting the eating behavior. Everyone who wants to lose weight is shown on examples that hunger is not the cause of overeating and obesity. This is

facilitated by other factors.

After the patient discovers the causes of overeating, they are given the opportunity to make a diet for themselves. And the magazine ready menu is not recommended to use, it is better to use the usual products from your own refrigerator.

Authors of the methodology claim that for weight loss there will be enough conventional dietary restrictions. To start to lose weight, you must consider the calories consumed. Their number should not exceed 1200 kcal per day. That's what a person needs for a normal life for a day. But to lose weight you will be dependent on the wasted calories, therefore physical work and playing sports are very much welcomed.

In general, the essence of the diet is that there should be no prohibitions in food. If you remove your favorite foods from the diet and tell your body that he is on a diet, you can get a backlash. You will constantly receive signals about the desire to eat and be on the verge of failure, which can lead to mental disorders. It is better to tune in to the fact that you start to lose weight, grow slim and become beautiful.

What you can and can not do

The book "Doctor Bormental's Diet" was written by Alexander Kondrashov - a wonderful physician and psychologist in one person. The author says a lot about the psychological characteristics of fat people and their dependence on food. He also explains in detail that sitting on strict diets is very harmful to health. Because, having dropped 7 kg for a month on some mono-diet, in the next 30 days you will gain 8 kg. And this is stress for the body. Therefore the word "diet" Alexander Kondrashov uses in the book not in the sense of "a set of products" or "ration", but in the sense of "restriction in food".

It's clear that you'll still have to limit yourself a little, but making up the menu, in any case, do not give up your favorite products. In order to correctly write out the diet, you will have to use the caloric content table of the products. By the way, this is a very useful thing. Also you will need to purchase kitchen scales( better electronic ones - they are more accurate) and have enough patience.

So, calculate and weigh the products that are used daily for cooking breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Try very fatty and high-calorie ingredients replaced with lighter ones. For example, change mayonnaise for low-fat sour cream, and fried pork for boiled chicken fillets. In general, boiled meat, egg white and low-fat cottage cheese should be in the diet necessarily. Not very much, of course, but without them it is impossible - the body needs proteins. Balance can be maintained with the help of salads from vegetables and fruits.

You can eat floury, smoked and fatty, but not much. Note that the one-hundredth piece of the cake for caloric content equals 800 g of mussels or 400 g of low-fat cottage cheese. The diet of Dr. Bormental menu does not limit, decide for yourself what is more important for you - a little dessert or a lot of seafood. By the way, you can eat many times a day, most importantly - do not eat four hours before bedtime.

Bormental Diet and Sport

For those who actively attend gyms or work a lot physically, this method of weight correction may seem difficult. And it's true, after spending half a day in the pool or in the fitness center, you can not eat 1200 cals a day. And until exhaustion is not far away.

Specialists recommend such people to add to the diet another 200-300 kcal. At high physical loads, they will not affect the rate of metabolic processes in the body. Generally, the number of additional calories is calculated individually. When the sport is limited to a morning run, it will be enough to add even 70-100 calories. If you do not imagine your life without gyms, perhaps you do not need to be infringed by diets. In any case, count calories correctly, so as not to harm yourself.

Ideally, with such a diet, limit yourself to morning exercises, relaxing massages or physiotherapy. Especially this applies to those who were not engaged in sports before the diet, but suddenly decided. If you think that this way you will lose weight faster, you are definitely mistaken. So you just deplete your body in all senses of the word.

Advantages and disadvantages of the

power system The main advantage and achievement of this method is that everyone who has a desire loses weight. Someone loses more kilograms, some less, but there are no such people who do not lose weight at all. It is clear that all these people strictly and seriously treat the goals set and do not violate the rules of this method.

Another plus is that in addition to the figure, we develop mental faculties. How? We read the book "Doctor Bormental's Diet", count calories and immediately kill several rabbits: we rest for reading and, most importantly, we exercise in the account( excellent brain training).In the beginning it will be a little difficult, but you peek into the table, which should hang at you in a conspicuous place. In time, after learning all the "math", you will count automatically, even far from your kitchen."Control over the situation" will continue for a long time after the end of the diet.

Vulnerabilities in the Bormental diet, as in any other technique, is also there. The first disadvantage is the incomprehensible "friendship" with the sport, which has already been mentioned above. Physical loads like and are needed, but if you overdo it, you can hurt yourself. Therefore, calorie counting should be done very carefully.

For those who do not sit at home, but are in constant travel, there are also some inconveniences. To adhere to certain rules, being on a business trip, to put it mildly, is not easy. The easiest way to go on a diet is for a holiday, when you can cook for yourself and control the menu, based on your own wishes.

Another minor drawback is that during bans on certain products, the body, in protest, begins to want exactly what is undesirable. But this method of losing weight is so good that you can eat everything. The question is only in quantity. In such cases, you need to try to "knock off the edge", but do not get excited and do not overeat.

Reviews about the diet

Among those who brought their figure in order, counting calories, there are practically no dissatisfied people.95% of people achieved excellent results. And the remaining 5% either did not want to lose weight, or they wanted everything at once. For example, Daria from Rostov tells us that all the holidays and birthdays of friends, which coincided with the beginning of her diet, prevented her from growing thin. And when after a week the result was not visible, she concluded that the system of counting calories does not suit her.

And Polina, seeing on the clinic an advertising sign with the inscription "Bormental's diet - to lose weight simply", she decided that in a week she would be helped to get rid of thirty extra pounds. But, listening to the first lecture and figuring in her mind that she would have to eat five times less than usual - she refused to venture to lose weight at all. And he lives with his hundred and twenty kilograms. She should have listened to the lecture course to the end.

About positive to speak nicer. Nadia from Moscow eats on the recommendations from the book of Alexander Kondrashov for the third month and got rid of 12 kg for this time. The girl admits that on holidays sometimes exceeds the number of calories, but then makes herself a day of unloading on vegetables or kefir. Feels Hope itself is wonderful, although in the early days it seemed that it would be hard to eat so poorly.

Sergei from St. Petersburg says that it was difficult for him to count before the first results. The guy weighed 212 kg, and in the first four days dropped 5 kilograms. After that, he no longer thought about the complex "mathematics", only dreamed of getting rid of fat. For a month, Sergei lost 17 kilograms, he does not intend to stop at this.

The basic rules of successful weight loss

The conclusion can be made one: if a person wants to lose weight, he will not weigh the minuses and pluses of the diet, but he will follow the rules and achieve results. The diet of Dr. Bormental gives such an opportunity to everyone. Lose weight on health and be beautiful!

By the secret of

Have you ever tried to get rid of excess weight? Judging by the fact that you read these lines - the victory was not on your side.

The agonizing diets did not bring the desired result, and going to the gym is uncomfortable and constantly lacks time? It's understandable, in the home-work-house mode, there simply is not enough nerves and forces to comply with the diet and grueling workouts

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